When Demons Scratch You

I’ve heard numerous accounts of demons literally scratching people – in many cases, young seers. Sometimes, people scratch themselves while fighting them off.

One day a teen in my youth ministry visited me, and I noticed a bad cut on her upper arm. It was about 3 inches long and maybe a centimeter wide, as if a fingernail had dug deeply into her flesh, breaking the skin.

This teen is a seer (and since this story, has graduated from my youth group).  I asked what happened to her arm.

She looked at her cut, and chuckled. “Oh,” she said. “I did that in my sleep while tearing a demon off my arm.”

Wow. I knew this student had many nightmares and had demonic encounters when she slept. She was well versed in how to pray and make them go away. Other adults and I had prayed with her, and these nightmares would go away for a time, but always they’d come back.

It’s like she had a magnet on her for demonic attacks. You could make them leave for a time, but as a boomerang, they’d come back.

Instantly, the thought popped in my head that her obsession with Harry Potter had created a spiritual doorway which attracted these entities to attack her. When I say obsession, I’m probably being extreme. She wasn’t obsessed, but she was a very strong fan of the Harry Potter franchise. I knew in my heart that this was the doorway, but I also knew I couldn’t tell her to stop the Harry Potter stuff.

Well, I could tell her, and she might have obeyed, but doing so would be an authoritarian, legalistic move, creating resentment and confusion in her, inspiring a desire to rebel. The better advisor would be God, who would know how to bring truth to her with love.

So I leaned back in my chair, and I said, “Ok. This has to stop. You have an open doorway in your life. These things are being invited by you to attack.  You need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what it is.” She nodded and said ok.

I didn’t see her again for several days, when she dropped by the house again. We chatted some, and she said softly, “So I found the open doorway.”

I looked at her. “Oh?”

“Harry Potter.”

Magic Harry Potter Wand

Magic Harry Potter Wand

I smiled. “Tell me more.”

She said, “Specifically a magic Harry Potter wand.”

“Really!” I asked what she did.

She said she broke it and burned it in a fire in her back yard.  She also got rid of all her Harry Potter books and paraphernalia, and deleted all the Harry Potter pictures off her computer. “For good measure,” she said.

And then I asked, “How have you slept since then?”

She smiled that great, wide, joyful smile of hers. “Nightmare free.”

The spiritual door was closed.

I said, “You know, of course, that I knew it was Harry Potter.”

She nodded.

Now, I’m not saying Harry Potter stuff is evil or a doorway for everyone.  But it was for her.

When a spiritual leader decides to make something “wrong” or “illegal” for everyone, then it becomes legalism, a control system, and I reject that.

However, we do have an Advisor that knows the Truth for everyone, and He’s available to ask… He informed me of this open doorway in this student’s life, and when she asked Him, He informed her as well.

This student is very sensitive to the spirit world. She sees all the time. There are many avenues that enemy spirits and demons attack her. She has nightmares from time to time, related to other situations and warfare in her life.  She is a scalpel in that she sees precisely into the spirit world, and the enemy hates being seen and tries to blunt her through many spiritual attacks.

But armed with the Holy Spirit and a personal walk with Jesus Christ, she is equipped to handle it.

However,  this was a major doorway in her life and it was closed.  It was specifically a “magic wand.” I don’t know that all the Harry Potter stuff was at fault, and she may have reintroduced some of it to her life, testing to see if it would bring harm, because she really enjoyed this fantasy series.

If you find yourself under attack in a similar way, ask the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus, to reveal what the doorways are.





  1. Hi,
    thanks for this great site and teaching – simple and factual, I like that.
    I am not a seer, but was looking into it just now when a friend mentioned it and I always thought that word, seer, was of the occult/new age etc. but have found now that it is applied to the spiritual gift within Christianity.

    About 8 years ago I did a house cleaning – because as I was wanting to move deeper in obedience to God, willing to eliminate anything that would be displeasing or allow ‘entry’ for the devil into my home, children. I even asked my kids to look around their rooms and decide for themselves what may be displeasing to God or opposite to His Spirit and they brought books, pokemon cards, etc.(so that it wasn’t me being legalistic or controlling as you stated in your story-wise. But of course as mother and parent I would have followed through even if they didn’t find the stuff -LOL just wanted them to think about it and ask God first and it worked and I was surprised what they willingly handed over)
    Note: this was all prompted when I learned about origins of Christmas – which I loved – but realised was not really scriptural to practice. So I laid it down knowing that God couldn’t hold it against me for not doing (so I’m not saying it’s wrong for everyone – but fellow Christians are the most annoyed and disturbed we don’t do it?! Matthew 15: When Jesus is asked by disciples about the hand washing ritual and he explains to them the real deal behind motives sometimes.

    Anyway, all was good on the way to the dump/tip as I headed there laden with demonic, or possible demonic doorway stuff, and I pushed everything off the trailer and rebuked the enemy and praised the Lord for his revelation of cleaning house for Him. While at the tip I got some mulch they were selling cheap for my garden – about 2/3 of the way home I stopped to tie down the tarp better and then drove on. All of a sudden the car was jerking back and forth and the trailer was fishtailing and ended up jackniving on the two lane road I was on with large trees on the side and oncoming traffic. It was so weird and scary. My car ended up at a right angle to the road with front end on the center line of road. The guy following behind me said he thought the trailer was going to flip over!! He looked almost as white as I must have been. I was pretty shaken up and know that it was a direct attack by the enemy and a result of my removing all those things, which must have made the enemy very angry. I believe I had angels protecting me that day because it could have been so much worse.

    Thanks for your stories and sharing, I still haven’t found a church to fellowship in here (Australia) that has gotten this stuff right but sure want to. Just the truth and wisdom, nothing added or taken away.


    • Thank you for your kind comments. And wow, what a story! I would agree, it was a retaliation against your actions but the enemy has been defeated. No doubt an angel was there protecting. I would imagine you had and still have a tremendous sense of peace in your house afterwards. Good luck in your search for a church. We like keeping things simple, truthful, and relevant.

  2. Hello this was a great post for me and son. He is 18 and an adult or trying to be and I try to respect this. I am aware that some of the stuff he chooses to embrace and spend his(my) money on can open said doorways. However as you pointed out above, being authoritative and legalistic won’t introduce the change of heart he may need and it would definitely cause some serious rebellion. Also when I am out of the scope of influencing him, will he jump right back into it or will he have the self governing ability to seek the Holy Spirit for discernment and take action on the HS reply? I brought this up to him and we had some interesting conversations after reading this blog entry. It was really helpful to have someone outside of mom pass this information on to him. Thanks

  3. I’ve been waking up with scratches all over my back. I couldn’t have done it because my nails are short and my arms want reach. I went out to eat last night for my birthday and I had taken photos and in everyone of then you can see a figure standing with me or around me. it was only on me. my friends didn’t have anything on them. I woke up this morning with my back covered in marks and scratches. I’m really terrified and I don’t feel like I am me. I haven’t slept since 2 days ago and I just have no emotions at this point…… I’m just not me. Please someone who can help me please contact me @ [email protected]. i am very scared!!!!! not only for me but for my 2 year old son. He is scared to come to me and look at me….

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