“I see spirits too!”

My daughter came home from a day camp today with an odd story. At least, I would have thought it odd a few years ago.

One of the camp counselors bonded with her, apparently, because she came home so excited and talked and talked and talked (remember, she’s 9) about this camp counselor.

And she added, “Plus she can see spirits!”

I said, “What?”

She said, “Yeah, she said, ‘want to hear something creepy? I can see things no one else can see.'”

My daughter wasn’t shocked, and said, “Like spirits?”

The girl was surprised and said yes.

My daughter announced, “I see spirits too!”

Well, we talked a few moments about the wisdom of announcing that to the world, but she assured me she didn’t announce it to the world, that they were talking softly.

I wonder what possessed the counselor to tell my daughter this secret. (Yes, the pun was intended). Does she tell lots of people? ¬†Does her youth pastor know? I’m intrigued. So tomorrow, I’m taking my daughter to the camp, and will meet this counselor… maybe over the next few days, I can get to talk and ask her.

Seeing ShadowsI met a young woman at our church who grew up in Africa. She joined our adult small group (where we discuss different topics). Somehow the topic of demons came up, and she said that where she grew up, Zambia, the demonic walks almost unchecked due to rampant witchcraft. ¬†Curses and spiritual warfare are widespread, and at night, it’s not unusual to see “shadows” walking about. It sounds like silly superstition, doesn’t it? But some of her stories were harrowing, and the experience of my seeing friends and daughter tells me… it’s not superstitions. Dark powers do roam the planet with hidden agendas, and they are terrifying.


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