Field Report from Teen Seers

I’m continually surprised what teen seers report to me that they can see.

I was at a youth conference giving a seminar on how to pray for healing for people.  I asked for a volunteer who felt a lot of pain or was sick to come up, so I could demonstrate how to pray.

Presenting a workshop about the Spirit World at Reverb 2014.

Me presenting a workshop to teen, including teen seers.

A lady (an adult mentor of teens) who had severe back and neck issues came up. While asking her about her pain issues, I was listening to the Spirit of God for guidance on how to pray. I perceived this woman had issues at work, which involved co-workers stabbing her in the back. I asked if this made sense and she agreed it did, so I began to pray against those issues. I said something about arrows in her back, and spoke healing over her in Jesus’ name.  Some relief came, especially emotional, but she wasn’t completely healed of her back issues (side note: several teens approached her that night and prayed at length – like for 45 minutes – and she received significant healing. Those kids wouldn’t give up until healing came.)

Anyway, to demonstrate what it looks like when the Holy Spirit falls on someone, I asked the class (about 60 or 70 teens) what they perceived. Normally when I ask that question as an illustration for prayer, people say things like, “She is swaying,” or “She looks flushed” or  “she is breathing deeply” or “she is trembling” or “she is crying” or “she looks really at peace” …just whatever people perceive with their natural eyes (these are simply physical reactions to when the Holy Spirit rests on someone’s physical body).

The answers I received this time didn’t fit the mold.

Someone said, “I see fire on her.”

I said, “Wait. What?”

“Yeah. There’s fire on her, and all over her.”

I asked the volunteer, “What are you feeling?”

Her eyes were closed, her hands open as if to receive a gift, and she smiled and nodded. “Yeah I feel like I’m on fire. But it’s good.”

“Huh!” I said. “What else are you seeing?’

Someone else said, “When you prayed for the arrows to get out of her back, I saw the arrows disappear.”

I said, “What? You actually saw arrows in her back?”

She nodded.

“And now they’re gone?”

She nodded again.

“When did you first see the arrows?”

“The whole time, like in the spirit, but even when she walked up.”

“Wow,” I said. “What else do you see?” Maybe someone this time will say something like, “She looks at peace.” Nope.

“I see a huge angel right behind her. He’s going to protect her back.”

Ok, at this point my mouth is gaping.

Someone else said, “I don’t see angels, but I see auras. Her aura is blue and gold! It’s beautiful!”

I should have just asked right then and there, “Do you guys see multi-colored dots?!” But I didn’t.

A Field Report

So anyway after the seminar, a couple of the student seers came up to me to share more about their observations into the spirit world. One later shared with me some of the things she sees. Here is what she said:

– Angels standing behind each one of us over the weekend.
– At one point my mom prayed for angels to cover every inch of our house and I can ask them to show themselves and remind me of their protection and I can see them.
– Peoples auras growing and extending.
– And then it’s the stories of the scratches and getting rid of those.
– I can walk around my hometown, look at a house, know how many spirits are in it and why and pray for the people inside.

The scratches. Yes. Two seers have told me they are attacked by demons, usually at night, usually in their sleep. Their only defense is the power of Jesus and the blood he shed on the Cross.  But what a defense!

On her last point, I do caution seers against praying against spirits that are assigned to other people without getting permission to pray. Some people actually like the demons that are attached to them, and have given them “legal” authority to be there. Once the person wants free from them, then a follower of Jesus has the legal authority as well as the power to fight them. Without the  legal right to fight them, …well, they have a fight on their hands, but because they have the power, they’ll probably win.  But the demon will just come back because the legal authority wasn’t broken, and he’ll come back with even more wicked spirits.  It’s like a vigilante with a gun pursuing justice, without a badge… kinda dangerous, and when the vigilante drives the bad guy away, he’ll just return with his gang. Unless the law man is there to keep him away.



  1. In response to praying over authorities that are assigned to other people who like them being there, we can ask the Lord for the anointing and permission (and I usually pray for a covering of the armor of God, the Blood of Jesus, and angelic assistance) to bind those evil spirits for a season & loose good spiritual things on them. For instance, you could bind the spirit of mockery on or in a person, and loose the Spirit of Truth, Wisdom, and the Holy Spirit to minister while their will is freed up for a time. Valuable weaponry: Matthew 18:18.

  2. WOW! … WOW! awesome! Re: Rochelle’s comment – I agree, actually – I’ve said those things. So it’s great to read the confirmation in her response. Additionally, it is a season as she stated – then there are times when people are as Doug stated … liking the demons (possibly w/o knowledge) … and in these incidents I hear “Wilt thou be made whole?” Sadly, I have found that some don’t want to be whole 🙁

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