Seeing Angels that Guard

I travel a lot for work. In the past, often when I would leave home for a few days, my children would get sick. Once I travelled to Australia (from the United States), and my wife, who never gets sick, got very sick along with two of our three kids.

I mean, I travel a lot… Almost every week. And the kids would be fine, and then get sick when I would be gone. Sometimes our seeing daughter wouldn’t get sick, but would have nightmares.

Sometimes no one would get sick, but something in the house would break. The basement flooded every week when I was gone for like 2 months. So aggravating.

I started to wonder if there was spiritual warfare going on.

Protective Covering

The principle is this within families: parents, you have spiritual authority over your children. If there is a father in the house, the spiritual authority flows from him first, then the mother.  If there’s just the mother, then it flows from her.  (Don’t get mad at me. I’m just reporting on the principle. This is how it works).

Somehow, in the spirit/unseen world, when I was present, I had extended some sort of protection over the family. When I was gone, the protection went with me, leaving my family open to attack.

Pray for Protection

My wife began to pray while I was gone, and that seemed to help.

It should be noted, I don’t pray everyday.  I’m aware things like the spirit realm and how God works and I walk with Jesus everyday, but I sort of just incorporate them into my life, without being weird. Part of me wants to pray every day, but, I’m busy and make excuses not to, like … I’m busy. Anyway, that’s a personal flaw of mine and a growth area for me, and not really the point.

So I changed tactics. Before leaving on one of my trips, I started praying protection over my house and family. I prayed intensely. I literally asked God on his throne to send an angel to guard my family to keep the enemy away.

And check this out… the sicknesses stopped. The random basement flooding, things breaking, and so on… it all stopped. But especially the sickness and nightmares stopped.

The Guard is Spotted

A couple weeks ago, when I was gone, my wife’s sister, who has seen spirits all of her life, spent both nights to help my wife with the kids. (Yay for family!)

Anyway, the second night, she randomly closed the door to our kids’ bedroom, which is across the hall from our bedroom.  We normally leave it open (having a daughter who sees spirits tends to foster open doors in one’s house with lots of night lights).  Our oldest daughter asked why, and she shrugged.

My wife persisted… Why did her sister close the door?  Her sister is not comfortable talking about these things, but she reported the previous night seeing a spirit in our house.

My wife was angry… why didn’t she report this so my wife could cast it out, if it was evil? She didn’t feel any negative presences… quite the opposite- there was a protective sense of peace which she attributed to my prayers –  but if a seer sees something bad, my wife is ready to take some authority over it and clean house.

Some Spirits Guard

Some Spirits Guard

Her sister reported that it had long blonde hair and was dressed in an orange/golden shirt, and was a male. He stood in the hallway between our bedrooms. He stepped over and poked his head into our kids’ room, and then walked across the hall and poked his head into our bedroom.  He stood there in the hallway for a time, and then went to check out the kids’ room again.  And then ours.

He was a guard. A sentry. Sent from God. To keep evil away.

Go God! And thank you!  He is most welcome here.



  1. To clarify something, I believe that everyone has a personal angel but this angel she saw was one that she happened to be able to see, either one of the personal angels or one specifically sent to guard in addition to the personal angels, but the latter is less likely in my opinion as personal angels are usually adequate unless it was in response to your prayers.

  2. I am so glad for this post. My daughter is a seer and it has turned our lives upside down. Trying to learn and support her.

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