Spirits and Fear: How to Test the Spirits

I’ve been taken to task for promoting a “spirit of fear” in some of these posts, and yes that was a pun.

I don’t mean to promote fear-mongering. Although it can be terrifying to see spirits, or to witness someone who sees them, and confusing to parent children who see, I intend to promote a healthy understanding of these entities, not stoke fear. These things cause enough fear without me adding to it.

The fact is, these entities have agendas which may or may not have our interests in mind. Someone asked me how do we test the spirits? How do we know if a spirit means us harm?

The answer will sound “religiousy” … but it’s not meant to be religiousy.  It is, however true.

If you want to know how to test the spirits, keep reading.

Understanding Reality

The fact is this: the Creator is Love. He is Truth. (I’m using the masculine gender, but that’s a function of the English language… “It” and “She” don’t really work either.  God transcends gender, although “He” appears to be the closest approximation when trying to relate to Him as a personal entity, not a force. God is an entity with intelligence and emotions… God is not a “force.) God is Love. God is also Truth. And so any spirit that counters that balance is actually an enemy.

The ancient Hebrews understood that God was “Two Persons”, one you could see, and one you couldn’t.  They are both doing things in the Hebrew Scriptures, but recognized as a single God.  There was also the “Spirit of God” running around doing things, but the “Two Powers of Heaven” are pretty clearly evident in Hebrew scriptures. Two powers, but one God. I’m not talking about one good, one evil… both of these Powers are good and make up One God.

Evil spiritual forces and powers chose to rebel for their own purposes, and the Hebrew scriptures assign blame for much of the evil, oppression, and suffering that goes on in the world to these entities.

There’s a reason things are so messed up, after all.

Perhaps the clearest example of the Two Powers in action was given by an ancient Hebrew prophet who was a government official in the city of Babylon. In the vision, he saw God’s throne, and he saw a man coming to the throne on “clouds of heaven.” God gave the man authority over the nations. The text indicates this man was also God.

Jesus of Nazareth is well-established as a real, historical person. Ancient documents such as Roman government records,  Jewish historians, and of course Christianity’s historical records all attest to Jesus being an actual man who taught a new way to live and whose followers thought was God in the flesh.

In fact, Jesus declared himself many times to be God, and the historical records indicate he performed many miracles including healing people’s bodies, hearts, and minds to prove it.

What Demons Hate

Coming on the Clouds of Heaven...

Coming on the Clouds of Heaven…

Jesus ultimately was killed for stating unequivocally that he was one of the Two Powers in Heaven…, the one who would be coming on the “clouds of Heaven” to rule the nations.  Jesus declared he  would ultimately judge all the evil spirit entities that roam the earth and have influenced nations and people.

You can read it for yourself. I’d suggest going to the Bible and looking up Psalm 82, Daniel 7, and reading the entire book of Mark. It’s not that long, and don’t worry about understanding all the details. Just get the big picture of what’s going on. Here’s a hint: read it like you’d read fiction… just let the words impact you. It’s not fiction. But read it like it is.

Anyway, ancient Christian authors declared that Jesus, who embodied Life, Truth, Love, and the ultimate Way to live, had defeated the spirit entities that roam the earth when he died on the Cross and resurrected. Incidentally, historical evidence  points to the fact of Jesus’ resurrection. His body literally disappeared, despite being guarded by Roman soldiers. Hundreds of people saw him walking around, eating, laughing, and talking with people after his body was brutalized, tortured, and killed in public. His resurrected body had supernatural abilities like walking through walls at will, and yet he wasn’t a ghost: people touched him and he ate food.  And those hundreds spread the word that Jesus had risen.

Demons hate that.  Many other spirit entities hate that as well. Heck, even “alien entities” who pretend to be from another world hate that.

How to “Test” the Spirits

So here’s how you test those spirits… here’s how you can tell if a spirit is evil or not.  If they deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, died, and rose again, then they are not from God. They have their own agenda in mind, and cannot be trusted.

If a spirit confesses that Jesus came in the flesh, died on the cross, and rose again, then they are from God. That’s it.

This works.

You don’t even have to believe it, or be a Christian, it works.  If you’re speaking to  spirit entities, just ask them, “Did Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross, die, and rise again?” If they deny it, they’re bad news. If the say yes, then they’re an angel from God.

Real Life Example

I was interacting with a spirit once, and I asked it, “Are you Jesus?”

The spirit said, “Yes.”

A man who was helping me through this situation advised, “Jesus isn’t afraid to use his name.  Ask him to use his name.”

I asked it again, “Are you really Jesus?”

“Yes. I am he.”

“Say your name. Say you died on the cross and rose again.”

Silence.  It was really creepy.  We prayed against it and made it leave.

I must add that this entity looked like an angel of light. It wasn’t. Angels from God won’t deny that Jesus came in the flesh and died on the cross.

If you want to know if a spirit is from God, then this is the way.


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