Child Seers and their Spiritual Antennae – A Tip for Parents

Many children see spirits. Ok, that’s pretty well established on this site. It can be difficult to parent child seers, especially when you have no idea if what they’re seeing is really there or just their imaginations run wild.

It’s safe to say, parents can often detect when a child is truly terrified of the monster in the closet or under their bed or the shadowy man in the corner.

After all, many seers see spirits better when it’s dark.

And even if you teach your child how to make the dark spirits “go away in the Name of Jesus,” they come back.  Sometimes the children will even see things in public, and react, and it can be embarrassing.

No, your child isn’t insane. It’s not his or her fault you’re blind.

So here is a tip.  

A few years ago, my wife and I sought help from a leader in our church who was fairly conversant about spiritual things.  Let’s be honest, she was an odd duck, but also just naturally supernatural. Our daughter was reacting so frequently with terrified visions of things we couldn’t see, it was become quite disruptive at night in our house.

Demons hate being seen and will terrify those who can see them.

She suggested an analogy to think about.  She said to think of the antennae on an old -fashioned television or radio set.  Imagine the TV or radio is tuned into a distant station.  When the antenna is up, it can receive the unseen signal better. When it is down, the signal is fuzzy or can’t come in at all. The old TVs often would have two antennae up to receive the best signal possible.


Old TVSome seers have a similar thing going on, but in the spiritual realm. She said our daughter, who was probably 4 or 5 at the time, had her spiritual antenna WAY up, and so she was picking up on all sorts of “signals” from the spirit world.

She suggested we pray, and ask that the antennae would be brought down, so she wouldn’t pick up so much.  That seemed weird, but after all we’re talking about seeing spirits.

And the analogy made sense. So we tried it. We asked the Father in Jesus name to lower her spiritual antennae so she wouldn’t be so terrified anymore. And it worked.  She still saw spirits, but not so often and not so vividly.

Now, we believe seeing is a gift, and it’s a good thing. Like all gifts, it can be used for good or for evil or not at all. So we didn’t want the gift to go away completely. But we also didn’t want her traumatized by what she saw.

Our daughter is now 9, and we’re asking the Father to raise her antenna back up. And sure enough, she has become more aware again, but now is older and understands more of the uses of this gift.



  1. I google searched , Seer and Child… and this is the first page I found.

    I believe my (almost) 4 year old is seeing.

    And I believe she is being frightened by what she sees at times.

    Thank you for your post…. I will keep reading into this.

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