What Seers Should Share in 5 Steps

Recently, a seer named Morgan left a very compelling comment and some questions related to sharing what she sees in the spirit realm.

I’ve received many questions along these same lines, and so I thought it was time to attempt an answer. Instead of trying to summarize Morgan’s comment, here it is in full:

Ever since I became a Christian I’ve been able to see things in the spirit. I’ve been able to see heaven, angels, demons, etc.. I’ve had visions of things that have yet to come, and I’ve had visions of things based on the end times in Revelations.

When I first became a Christian and I could see things, I thought it was normal, I thought everyone could do what I do, but when I told my sisters who were also Christians, and told our bible study group that were teaching us how to use our spiritual gifts for God, they were so baffled and shocked, as if I was doing something completely unheard of.

Unfortunately, as I’m sure many of you understand, they grew to become jealous and envious because I was doing something that seemed impossible especially after being a Christian for only a few days or weeks, and them being in a relationship with God for years, and yet I was the one doing it and not them, they didn’t understand.

And because they didn’t understand, because they decided to put God in a box, they started to disbelieve me, be fearful, anxious. Using me as their excuse, as their reason to doubt God. My siblings, began to use my gifts as a reason for them believe that they weren’t special. As if what God has gifted me to do suddenly makes them unworthy of what God wants to use them for.

It’s for this reason, that I’ve become a bit reluctant to even talk about what I see or what God reveals to me, because every instance, the enemy has used what God has given me to stir up an intimacy with God, into something that often feels like a curse, into something that I’m unable to talk about because people immediately start to believe I’m either lying, delusional, or that I’m listening to the devil and doing his work.

But reading about all of you who’ve seen things, what do you suggest when it comes to telling people things? Or should I not tell anyone at all?

I need some help from people who understand.

I hear this concern a lot. What am I supposed to do with what I am seeing? How can I reveal what I see without being rejected? Without doing more harm than good?

A Simple Answer?

The answer is big one, and I’ve danced around it for months.

So, now I’m going to attempt to provide some direction for seers  to consider when deciding what to tell people about the things they see.

I have been tempted to offer a simple solution. But like a lot of the discussion about the seer gift, there’s no simple solution that fits every situation.

I am more interested in providing a way for you to think about this problem, a model that is flexible enough to bring to just about any situation in which you are seeing in the spirit realm and want to share with someone what you’re seeing.

In this post, I’m giving an overview of the model, and then we’ll jump in to what it means and how you can apply it.

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This is a work in progress, and ultimately, I may release it in an introductory book I’m working on for seers and those who love them. For now, I’ll call it the…

5-Step Seer Sharing Model

The problem is this: How do I know what seer information I should share with others? Here is a summary of this model. I’ll break out each point in detail over the coming weeks.

1. Understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

You see things others can’t. You’ve been given this ability for a purpose, but it may be unclear what this purpose is.

So first, we’ll look at just what the point of the gift is, and help you to understand just what you’re trying to accomplish with revealing to others what you see. What’s the point of revealing what you see? Why did God give it to you? I’ll offer a grid to think about this.

2. Understand where they are at.

People are all over the place with their understanding of the things of God and the spirit realm. Seemingly mature Christians are often baffled at basic spiritual concepts which you routinely see. Some even react extremely negatively when seers reveal what they see.

Similarly, nonbelievers are all over the map regarding how they might handle what you reveal. I’ll offer a way to evaluate people and situations so you can best choose if and when and how much to reveal, so that the mission discussed in step 1 is advanced.

3. Decide what to say.

Based on steps 1 and 2, you’ll be equipped to select how to reveal what you see, when to reveal what you see, and how much to reveal what you see. You’ll be able to select language that is most acceptable to the people you are speaking to.

4. Act.

Now the hard part. You have to take steps. You have to act. You have to actually speak.

And just like in the book of Acts, the most important aspect of this step is to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. (Get it? The step is called Act, and the model is the book of Acts…)

5. Evaluate.

You’ve spoken. Has your information been received? Go back to Step 2 and determine if you should continue onto steps 3 and 4 again. In some cases, you may need to reevaluate why you are revealing what you see (step 1).

The ability to seer spirits and other things in the spirit realm has a God-given purpose. In fact, the same can be said for all skills and abilities God has graced you with. Have you considered just what the purpose could be?

Bite Sized Pieces

It’s tempting to just put the entire answer out in a single, very long post. But I don’t think that would be very helpful. I want to break it into bite-sized pieces, so you can better digest what I’m trying to offer. So next week, we’ll jump into a more detailed look into Step 1.

By the way, a major aspect of Step 1 is discussed in my book, Peace in Your House. You can order it here, or on Amazon, Kindle, or Barnes and Noble.

Your Homework

For next time, read up on the Kingdom Conflict here.



  1. We are called to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I appreciate your article, Doug, it is helpful. When I started seeing I wanted to share with everyone! To my surprise, that didn’t go over well. LOL. Today, Holy Spirit will give me a check when I am prepared to share and He wants me to be quiet. I love how God teaches his children.

  2. Doug if you like i’d like to share how i discern when to share things and if you want i’ll send you an email about it, if you are interested let me know and i’ll communicate with you more.

      • Well first off i want to say im no where near at the level i want to be in sharing my thoughts on things, but i do have some tips for people that i have found quite helpful, i go with the sense i have of the person’s energy a lot of the time, i find if im sensitive to their aura i can discern what they need to hear from me, also if im unsure about something and i have both yes and no feelings in myself about whether to share what i think or not, i sometimes dont share it as it may not be the time, also i have found that my feelings are not always accurate as the flesh sometimes interferes with the discernment or the enemy can effect things in the atmosphere or in you to stop you from being confident to share, so when i sense i simply want to share, i share it regarldless of whats happening in the energy realm of things and that bears much fruit too, you cant always rely on how you feel to know how or if to share with someone something.

        an experience i had where i didnt think it would be good to share what i saw in someone, was when i saw this man at a church i used to goto, and i saw he or or part of him was in a prison, my impression was that it wouldnt be good to say something like that to him, so i asked god what he wanted to do, and some words came to me, freedom was one of the words and i believe i had to command it, so the next week i spoke to him and addressed the issue of wanting to pray for him, and i just commanded freedom to his body soul and spirit in jesus name, he went away as he had to go, the next week he commented in some way to me that the prayer had helped him.

        mostly i share what i know is true and i have a trust that what im sharing is right to share, i know some people dont accept that these things are the way they are, but i say it anyway because i know its true, i might be blessed to be in a community that is open to spiritual things in some way more than other communites and therefore dont mind being spoken to about these types of things, i find i pray for things for people at times without telling them what i see and wait to feel what to pray when i am able to pray for them either by asking them, or i just pray privately.

        i think and this is my own view aswell as something i think is scriptural in some sense but maybe not in a complete sense, is a lot of the things we as seers see are not for others to know about when we are aware of them, its not always appropiate to share what we see or feel, as the people who are not able to see it dont have a grid for it sometimes, or they dont need to know, for you to pray or do what you have to do regarding what you see or feel, its not a bad thing if you do share, but if you find there is opposition always to you sharing, there may be more going on than just you saying the wrong thing, some people are in a world of hurt and pain and dont want to know about things, some are decieved and cant handle hearing something that is of a spiritual nature like that, whatever the reason people respond negatively, its not your fault, if you spoke out of love and truth to the person or people, sometimes there are things going on that are not even seen by the seer at the time, but i have found my methods such as going by discerning there aura and speaking what comes out of me by what i feel i need to say to them, and just saying whats on my mind because i want to and trust i can share it are quite useful.
        sometimes you are not meant to share, and i know this is hard to know which is which at the time its happening sometimes, but often i keep things to myself not because i dont want to talk about it, but sometimes it just doesnt need to be said and this is the challenge for all those who see, i find often i minister out of what i see and feel, not always sharing but if it seems right i will, sometimes what you see is an avenue for you to minister and the person you minister to only needs to be ministered to out of what you see, not necessarily needing to know, but in saying that i have found it helpful many times to tell people exactly what im seeing even if its “negative” or bad, and the ministry comes from sharing that, it helps that they accept what im saying, and also you having confidence that what you see is true and trustworthy goes a long way to, if you dont have faith that what you see or feel is correct it can be hard to minister out of doubt to someone i think you probably wouldnt if you were doubtful.

  3. Doug, I think you have left out the most important step. When I see something that is really important to certain people, I first ask them if I can tell them. I explain that I have a spiritual gift and I have received information that is about them (notice I don’t tell anyone else, only the people that the vision or vivid dream was about.). If I get their permisison, I tell them exactly the information ireceived and nothing more. This way, they are inviting your gift and not surprised by it. Typically, information from the spiritual world is accepted quite well this way. So, remember to ask permisison to share your vision with those who need to hear it before sharing it!

    • I TRY to always ask as well, I never share that i am a Seer i just go right in ..I have learned that once people know they can get carried away with asking lots of questions so I always ask God to only let me speak what I see and to remove me from the moment and use only my gift

      • Before asking permisison to tell people what I see, I simply say that I am an intuitive and I have a messge that I am getting very strongly from/about them. I then ask if I can share it with them. I have never had someone say no.” But, from their response, I can quickly decides how to phrase the important information I am getting from the spiritual world. This is a very safe process for both me and the person with whom I am sharing insights.

        • Paul, some of your comments are definitely informing my next post! A lot of people go through this “model” in just a few seconds, but for those who don’t have a grid, I’m hoping this model helps.

  4. One additional piece of advice for Seers: You have a choice as to how much you see. You can learn to turn it off and on again. I encourage Seers to gain a compentency with their gift. Control it and use it strategically.

    • I see things in the spirit and have dreams from God of parables or concerning others. I have heard about people turning on and off the seeing like a switch, but I don’t understand about doing it at all, how can you learn to do this and gain control like you said?

      • I pray for wisdom and insight every night. Second, I practiced turning off my seeing when I was very young as I got a lot of negative feedback from my friends when I shared what I saw. I am not sure how I learned to do it, but I did over time. If you see into the spirit world constantly for everyone that you see on earth, it can be an overwhelming amount of negative information. I am not being helpful here I guess. But, the gift of seeing is a large burden I would not wish on anyone. So, controlling it is key to maintaining some normalcy in your life.

        I have also had some mentors over the years that were very helpful in training me how to gain control and even have a compentency with my gift. I am able to do things to help people and bring them closer to God at least for a few moments.

        Turning it on and off is really about knowing what set of eyes you are using. We see with our earthly eyes at times and seers see with their spiritual eyes at times as well. Know which ones you are using and when. Controlling your earthly eyes is most of the battle. We all have our minds eye that interprets what our earthly eyes see. When we read a book, we see letters on a page. These letters do not have additional meaning other than to be 2-D symbols on a page. Our minds eye focuses our eyes on the surface of a page when we read ready only to interpret 2D symbols and nothing more. We can look at people with the same intent and the same focus of our minds eye – to only see what is on the surface. It takes practice and discipline. But it is possible to accomplish this level of control.

        • Hi Paul,

          Also I myself always turn off my seeing capabilities. Otherwise it is too overwhelming for my brains.

          For me it works like the layers in the photo editing programs. Do I want to see demons, then I turn the demon-layers on. Do I want to see good angels, then I turn them on. Do I want to see if there are people within a building, then I turn this capability on. Do I want to see the future for a country or business, then I turn this on. Do I want to see what someone is doing far away, then I turn this seeing on – more like remote viewing. Do I want to see … you get the idea.

          But by default everything is turned off, otherwise I (my brains) cannot handle it and are overloaded.

          I only switch on a layer in prayer or when there is a possibility that it really helps to expand the kingdom of our Lord.

          Many greetings,


  5. I am so glad to have stumbled across this site. I have been looking for other Seers to share with, learn from and connect with. I am a believer and I love the Lord with my WHOLE HEART. It took me years to figure out what I am and what to call this gift, I started with everything from Empath, Physic, Medium and finally when I discovered Seer I was joyed to tears. I was always afraid of the psychic, medium thing because I didn’t ever want to be associated with witchcraft. I knew that i was probably one of the most harmless people one could ever meet.. Over the years I have learned control..I would say what I knew/ felt/ saw with ZERO regard for how that made others feel.. I can recall one time being at a bar (Dont judge me! I know how judgmental Christians can be) but I was pulled toward this woman and even in that moment I was like “right now Jesus? Cmon NOT right now) either way her spouse wasn’t loyal and I honestly dont know what I said to the woman but I remember the thank you’s and the hugs and the genuine love she gave me after our talk and I would always say don’t thank me, thank GOD I am just the messenger for some reason she always stuck with me..Now I receive lots of love when sharing but I have been called the psychic lady (which I don’t like) I know I am rambling but I am truly excited to find you all

  6. Excited to be here. Seer/prophetic gift can be a lonely road and being with like people is really soothing.
    Thank you.

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