Seer Sharing Model Step 1

This is Step 1 of the 5-Step Seer Sharing Model, a tool to help understand what it is you’re supposed to share with others when you see things in the spirit realm. The introduction is here.

Understand Your Mission

The first step of the 5 Step Seer Sharing Model is to understand what your gift is for.

But first, what the seer gift is not for:

It’s not to control others. I know some seers who use their special ability to see spirits, auras, and even sin in others as a sort of weapon to control and manipulate. Wrong! We serve one another. We don’t try to control others.

It’s not to be hip, cool, or with it! Yeah it’s a pretty amazing gift, but it’s not a toy to impress others or make you feel far out. Humble yourselves.

It’s not to be ignored. God gave you this thing for a purpose, and to ignore it degrades you, the gift and the Lord! You are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that you should walk in them.

It’s not to make you feel afraid. Many seers see pretty horrific things, and often the enemy targets you for attack. This all creates fear, but this isn’t the point of the gift. The opposite of fear is love, and perfect love casts out all fear. Perfect love, by the way, is found through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The point of the seer gift is to equip you to prophecy.

The backdrop to understanding your mission as a seer and the point of the seer gift is best understood through the Kingdom of God Mindset. I wrote a lot about this in my book, Peace in Your House. For a summary of the Kingdom of God Mindset, go here. Once you understand the basics of the Kingdom of God Mindset, then you can begin to see the best purpose of the seer gift!

Prophecy, not Predictions

Prophesy is commonly understood to be a prediction about the future. But properly understood, it doesn’t mean a prediction about the future and is often unrelated to making predictions at all!

So let’s back up.

Prophecy is a spiritual gift. Prophets are also a spiritual gift, but prophets are separate from the gift of prophecy, so don’t confuse them. I’m dealing with prophecy, not prophets.

There are many views about spiritual gifts, and many of them miss the mark. Some people even reject the possibility of spiritual gifts at all! Many Christians who use spiritual gifts misunderstand their true purpose.

The purpose of spiritual gifts is to reveal and release the Kingdom of God – the dynamic rule and reign of God – on earth as it is in heaven, and this goes for prophecy.

Prophecy is the highest and most important of the spiritual gifts, and all believers should learn how to prophecy.

So what is it, exactly?

Prophecy communicates God’s heart towards someone or something through speaking God’s words.

Prophecy is to Advance the Kingdom

God is most interested in extending his rule and reign into the entire cosmos, into all lives, and every aspect of everyones’ lives. A prophetic message (or “word”) is God’s message to further this goal in a specific circumstance.

Some people think that, since we have the Bible, God no longer speaks prophetic words through us, and even if God did speak to us, we should include those messages in the Bible. This is silly.

I go into more detail in Peace in Your House, but also in Hearing God, available as a PDF here, but I’ll summarize why it’s silly. God calls people into his family all the time, and this call is an example of God speaking. In addition, four daughters mentioned in the book of Acts were good at prophesying. And yet, none of God’s words that they spoke were recorded in the Bible. Clearly prophecy is a separate category of communicating God’s message from what was written as scripture.

So how does Seeing relate to Prophecy?

You are seeing truths in the spirit realm that are hidden from most people. Often you can tell what in people’s lives aren’t under God’s rule and reign, just by what you see in the spirit realm.

Perhaps you see demons oppressing someone, or a surveillance spirit following someone around, or maybe you see the hidden sin that is controlling someone or the mental anguish someone experiences or the warfare in a marriage or a family or the temptations someone is wrestling with.

Whatever it is you see, you can identity where God isn’t ruling. God’s Kingdom involves bringing the dynamic and even a militant peace into people’s lives, land, and livelihoods, promoting an abundant and true life here on earth.

You can literally see the tension and warfare between the Domain of Darkness and the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom topples Darkness

Your sight equips you with knowledge of where God wants to move. He doesn’t want people languishing under the Domain of Darkness. He wants you to topple it with the Kingdom of God.

Where you may see demons afflicting someone, God sees someone he wants to set free.

Where you may see spirits following people around, God sees someone worth protecting.

Where you may see depression on someone, God wants to bring healing.

Where you may see division in a family, God wants to bring restoration.

You can see the spiritual origins of many physical afflictions in people’s lives, and you can learn to understand what the Kingdom’s response to this injustice is.

This equips you to ask the Lord to receive God’s message for this person in this specific circumstance. We’ll deal with how to do that in the next two steps.

Just remember:

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace, in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. 1 Peter 4:10



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