Teen Seer Testimony: Demons at the Homecoming Dance

My friend Jake is a teen seer, and many months ago, he typed out a vivid description of what happened when he went to a homecoming dance. Computer issues led him to believe the testimony was lost (this is called spiritual warfare)… but he found it recently, and sent it to me.

I first met Jake at a youth conference, where I taught on healing prayer and other spiritual gifts. I met many teen seers, including Jake. Since then, he’s commented a few times on this website, and we’ve stayed in touch.

Here’s his homecoming dance testimony:

Seers Seeing at the School Dance

Homecoming Dance, 2014, it was supposed to be the perfect night… Beautiful Date, Sharp looking dress shirt, ironed pants, (Wait I iron my pants? Why would I do? That makes no sense…. Ahhhh Whatever!) Black Leather Cowboy boots, vest. Yes I am totally ready! Bring it on Baby! Or am I? Am I ready to walk through those double doors into the Dark room onto the basketball court, base bumping, lights flying, at least a hundred girls flaunting their bodies in the blue neon lights not realizing what they are surrounding themselves with…

Hello Readers, my name is Jake, (For personal privacy and security I will not give my last name.) All you need to know is this, I am a teen seer and I have a gift. Since I was very young I knew I was different from, “The other kids,” I, “Saw things/See things.” A seer, I love the truth that God supports the fact and realization that, “Seers,” exist. David from the bible, Jacob who wrestled with the angel all night, Saul later known as Paul and his miraculous conversion. Many will probably come into this post going, “what the heck is a seer?” Notice I am already assuming you know what a seer is. If you’re on this site you may have experienced something supernatural. Maybe have a child who can see things. Youth leader, friend of friend, happenstance even… Regardless I hope this post blesses you and gives you a little insight to my life

Let me start with this truth. God is faithful, God prevails, and God will never put you through a situation you can’t handle. Now, back to my original post… to share what I went through at a public school homecoming event. That’s what you want to hear… now, cue the lights! Drumroll please?              Here we go…

(Back to the beginning… where was I… oh yes. Here we are.)

Or am I? Am I ready to walk through those double doors into the Dark room onto the basketball court, base bumping, lights flying, at least a hundred girls flaunting their bodies in the blue neon lights not realizing what they are surrounding themselves with… I stood there in the door almost paralyzed. Not with fear, with disgust. Some ask me how I can be paralyzed with disgust. It’s kind of like watching one of the pet saver commercials, the dog slowly walking, in the arms of the angels playing in the background. It gives you that sense of pity and for me disgust. I saw Girls dancing and in the darkness surrounding them the thoughts of what their date was thinking, (The projections of lust are how I would define it.) Gross thoughts. But that wasn’t all. I saw pain, hate, envy and evil engulfing the whole crowd.

It was dark not just because the lights were off; there were evil spirits everywhere. So much so that I could see the difference in the shades of darkness present. Pigment darkness, (because the lights were off) and, evil darkness where demons and other harassing spirts were. I thought about praying for my eyes to close and that I would enjoy myself without worrying about the situation I was in. Why would I pray that in such a desperate situation? Well its simple… no one else knew what was going on; it was the easy way out. I’m not a cherry picker so I decided against praying that prayer and instead prayed that the spirits would recognize a son and daughter of Jesus Christ. Well they did! And immediately I began feeling thirsty, hungry, and starved. Not for water or food, but for the body of my date, the acceptance of others there. The feeling wasn’t me, the thoughts weren’t me, but the outcome however, was.

Something I have always been told growing up in a Christian home is this. I encourage you to let this next line you read inspire and encourage you. TEMPATION ISN’T THE SIN, GIVING INTO THE TEMPATION COMMITS THE ACTION OF THE SIN. So standing there dancing with my beautiful girlfriend I had a choice. Give into temptation and do something inappropriate, or not give in. I chose the latter. I know this story is really simple and straightforward. The main thing I wanted to get across was that even though I am a seer and can see things others can’t, I still am a normal healthy human and have all the same problems normal people do. I am temped, I fail, I break promises, but I refuse to give into the enemy and let him have a foothold on my life. Jesus teaches me things new about myself every day.

Jesus created me to see these things, for a purpose. What that purpose is I can’t say, but I can say without a doubt, it will be to His glory and by His Power. I will leave you with this saying I came up with. “Let not your past haunt you, nor’ your future contain you.”  For God so loved that world that He gave His only Begotten son, that whoever should believe in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 God bless you, Go and live for His glory!




  1. That is a great testimony, Jake. I never went to a homecoming dance myself as a teen but I imagine that would be what it was like. I like what you said about temptation… Going to remember that line! God bless!

  2. Thank you for writing this, Jake! I know the Lord will bless you mightily with Him in the work and calling He has prepared for your life.

    In addition, He has given us power and authority to bind the enemy, and loose spiritual blessing over those being afflicted. Ask for faith and authority from the Father, and when He gives it to you, say a simple prayer like, “I bind every ungodly Spirit in this room with the cord of the blood of Jesus Christ. I bind you hand, mouth, foot, eye, ear, and deed. You are bound for the season appointed by Jehovah God. I also loose the mind of Christ over these being afflicted – I loose the spirits of peace, freedom of will, adoption, grace, and mercy. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.”. Until I was able to say these things from memory, I just wrote them down, carried them in my pocket, and read them at the appropriate times. That counts too. 🙂

    He has not left His children without weapons… Peace be with you.

  3. Thank you Jake,

    Your testimony is inspiring! As a teen I didn’t see so much as hear voices when I was just about to go to sleep. Always remember that Yeshua God is good and no matter what, in the end Believers win! Thanks again!

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