New Seer Forum and Updated About Us Page


I’m announcing a new Seer Forum and About Us page, and some other housekeeping updates.

Seer Forum

First, the Forum. I recently asked regular visitors if they’d like an online community to discuss topics related to seers, and nearly 50% of respondents requested a forum where they could mask their identities. About a fifth asked for a Facebook group. Therefore, I’m launching the Forum.

While functional, it’s pretty generic from an artistic standpoint. I’m not much of an artist nor very technically savvy, but if it proves to be popular, then I’ll spruce it up some.

So, I’m inviting you to join the forum and begin some conversations.  I believe there is large community of l ike minded individuals who want to discuss life as a seer, or living with seers: I’ll be calling this group of people the Seer Tribe. More on this later .

Unlike Facebook, on this forum, you can register an anonymous name to protect your privacy and identity. Plus, unlike Facebook, only I will be hosting this information and will never, ever sell your data to third parties, the government, or anybody else. Using the Forum or any other function on this site gives me permission to contact you, but that’s all.

I value privacy. Which leads me to update number 2.

Secure Site and email

I’ve finally secured this site with encryption. This means data between your computer and my site remains private. I’ll eventually set up a store, where I’ll be selling some resources to help support the site, and also to present this information in a more organized fashion to those interested.  In addition, my email, hosted by in Germany, is also secured with encryption.

Updated About Us.

A consultant I hired encouraged me to update and improve my About Us page. I’ve also moved it back to the menu.

Also, some readers requested more information about the why behind this site.

When our first child was very young, we became aware that she could see demons and other things in the spirit realm. At the time, we had very little understanding of what was going on. After years of research, we have successfully integrated her abilities in our family life and continue training her and other seers in their gifting.

During my research, I noticed there was a lot of information on the Internet regarding the seer gift that pointed to the wrong solutions, talked past the experiences real seers or their parents were having, offered bad advice, or were flat out full of lies.

That’s why I started Seers See Ministries.

This blog/site is meant to teach about the seeing gift, help seers cope with their gift, and to offer guidance to those who parent them, those who are friends with them, and those who pastor them.

You can read more in the About Us page.


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