Seers and Cell Phone Batteries

A History of Our Seer Child’s Cell Phones

For a couple of years now, we’ve allowed our pre-teen spiritually-sensitive daughter a cell phone. When my wife and I upgraded, we gave her one of our used iPhones. She promptly cracked the screen.

Eventually, my dad upgraded and gave her his iPhone 5. She eventually cracked that screen too. To be fair, it was already cracked, but boy, did she do a number on it.  We told her that we weren’t getting her any new devices until she could demonstrate she was responsible enough to own one. (Amazingly, her phones still worked just fine, but the cracked screen was annoying). No, this post is not really about a seer and cracked screens.

So, she spent the last few months saving every penny she could and working hard around my parents’ house and my in-laws’ house to earn extra money. (Grandparents, it seems, have more grace when it comes to giving her money for housework than her mother and I do).

She saved enough and recently bought a used iPhone from my wife’s best friend with her own money. It’s in really good condition. (She’s starting to understand the value of money, so that’s a win!)

Our Seer Child and Cell Phone Batteries

An interesting phenomena has followed her. Every phone she has owned experienced challenges holding a charge, starting with the slider phone we first gave her. For instance, her cell phone would be fully charged, but within a few hours of being around her, the battery would quickly lose its charge. I’d adjust the settings to make sure various battery-sucking options weren’t turned on, but it didn’t seem to matter. She’d literally hold the phone, and see a charge go from 67% to 5% in mere moments, as an example.

The same phenomenon occurred with her tablet and laptop. We suspected this wouldn’t occur with her newest, latest phone, because our friend takes good care of her devices.

My daughter bought her latest phone from our friend mainly because she wanted a phone with a clear screen and plenty of memory for selfies. Also, she really did hope to have a battery that would last longer than a few hours.  However, she immediately complained that her fairly-new phone suddenly dropped its charge.

Until recently, her mother and I assumed the batteries were the problem; maybe because the phones and laptop were used. Or perhaps because our daughter is a little distracted at times, and she simply forgot to fully charge her phone. But we’ve both observed the phone – from her old slider phone to the various iPhone’s she’s had – suddenly drop a charge while in her hands.

Initially, we assumed there was an issue with the phone. But, our worldview has shifted, and we now think the issue is with our daughter, specifically with how she physically interacts with electronics.

Seers, Electromagnetics, and Radio Frequencies

Our mindset shift regarding this issue really began when a visitor to this website wrote in and mentioned this:

I have noticed through my life, that when I allow my ‘gifts’ to work, that I seem to cause a lot of disturbances in electromagnetics. I mess up radio frequencies, that made army basic training “fun”. I also drain batteries very quickly. A phone that usually only needs to be charged each night for the average person, needs to be charged 3 times as often if I’m using it.

I had never heard of this observation and it had never occurred to us that our daughter’s issues with batteries in her phones, tablet, and laptop were related to her gifting to perceive things in the spirit realm. The more I thought about it, the more the observation began to make sense.

Electric Auras and Batteries

We all have an electrical current running in our bodies. We all transmit an electrical field and interact with the earth’s magnetic field to a varying extent. Some people can see this field, which in some circles is called the “aura.”

In my office, certain radio stations only come in when I’m sitting in certain areas in the room, especially if I’m sitting close to the radio’s antennae. Certainly, many of us have experienced similar phenomena.

Do seers impact electromagnetic fields to a greater extent? I’ve written elsewhere that I believe many people who see into the spirit realm actually have their brains wired differently, but perhaps they also interact differently with the electromagnetic spectrum. Does this cause cell phone and other batteries to deplete quickly, or otherwise interfere with electronics?

Is the ability to perceive in the spirit realm related to a person’s electromagnetic field, i.e.,  “aura”? I bet it is.

If you are a seer, please comment about your experience with batteries.


  1. I have had opposite seems my batteries last longer than usual. But I do remember when my life was not lived well by me that I did have a few phone that would never stay charged

  2. I dont so much have a problem with phones but i used to have a problem with my internet, the speed was really slow and it shouldn’t have been since i had upgraded to wireless and i know the speeds of it are much faster than what i used to have, and i know i prayed about it but i didnt see an instant result as far as i know, but one day my internet speed changed and it was really fast although that level of quality didnt last the whole time since it happened but its at a standard that is not like it was before this, and i saw in my brain a line of energy over an inch long that was glowing it was a godly spiritual energy and i could tell this energy being there like it was made my internet better, that was what my discernment gift showed me, so what im saying is peoples internet connections being slow can sometimes be a spiritual issue that has a supernatural solution.

  3. Hi seers!

    I’ve had issues with phones all of my life adult life, didn’t own one until I bought my own at 26! In fact, if there is a new IPhone or such, most likely I won’t have it because I’m neither a phone nor a watch person naturally, they get destroyed in some way….. I’ve cracked my mothers phone screen, most of my phones disintegrate within a year or so. The lights in my bedroom flick on and off regularly at certain times and when I take out the bulb and put it in some other part of the house it works just fine. The phones for me are metallic body because they will last longer, especially if they fall. Even when I have money I won’t buy IPhones because they are very expensive in my country and won’t last around me. Although I’ve never experienced batteries running down too soon (apart from a used Samsung my sister gave to me) these issues with lights, phones and personal watches are familiar to me.

  4. Hi again seers!

    Another thing about electronic equipment with me is this. I HEAR music vibrating from electronic equipment all the time. By this I mean the fan in my bedroom, the microwave, anything that vibrates with electricity. This started when I became a seer and continues today. I don’t have to be home to hear it, if I go anywhere and I sit for at least five minutes the fans and even the air-conditioning units start a musical resonance. Last night I put on my fan and settled down to sleep and all of a sudden my fan stopped and I realized it was unplugged! It is possible I didn’t plug it in securely…..but I don’t think so! Once, while using the internet, listening to “Hagmann and Hagmann report” I’ve heard arguing going on in the spirit. When I asked the Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) what it was, He said “Lucifer doesn’t want you using his internet!”

    Also, the more in Ha-Ruach (the Spirit) a seer is will make one realize the television is a portal for the spiritual realm all the time. Talk about sitting, watching a movie and seeing the shadows of the actors channeled into your home and speaking. Its awful and although I don’t fear watching tv, it does not hold much appeal to me, never did. One more thing is you won’t have a good relationship with electronics if you’re a highly sensitive introvert person (hsip) as I found out. That’s what I am and through much prayer and thanksgiving the Ruach Ha-Emet (Spirit of Truth) is revealing more of who I am to me so that I can have more peace in my life and understand how I feel the way I do and why I understand others the way I do. Thank you Jesus Christ, your blood was shed for my sins on the cross of Calvary. You’ve given me victory over every mystery through your powerful Holy Spirit. Thank you!

  5. Hey folks, my husband and I decided to test just how much difference there was in battery drain in my phone vs his. Mine drained at three times the rate his did! (I’m the Seer) My Fitbit also drains faster, but at about one and a half times the rate his does.

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