Yo-Kai Watch – Teaching Children to See and Harness Demons

The other day, my wife asked me to watch a show on Netflix called Yo-Kai Watch. This concept originated as a Nintendo game and is not a cartoon series running across the world, but in the United States, it’s on Disney XD.

You can buy the Yo-Kai Watch at stores like Wal-Mart which carry children’s toys. It’s not really a watch. It’s a plastic wrist band that’s suppose to confer a special ability to the wearer.   Someone bought my son one, and he brought it home, unbeknownst to us. He learned about the Yo-Kai Watch on Disney Channel commercials and from his friends at day care.

Yes. Disney. So it must be safe, right?

Well, for those who don’t know Japanese, Yo-Kai (also spelled yokai) are a class of spirit beings from Japanese folklore, including ghosts, demons, and monsters.  For our purposes., a ghost is the spirit of a dead human, a demon is a two-legged earth-bound evil spirit, and a monster is a four-legged earth-bound evil spirit.

A Yo-Kai Watch, then, would be a device to be able to watch demons… or to see spirits.

But surely, the children’s video game, toys, and Disney Channel television show isn’t about seeing demons, is it?

My wife noticed that our 6 year old son was watching the Yo-Kai Watch show on Netflix, and immediately realized this was basically a bold and basic lesson spiritualism from a pagan perspective.

The complete breakdown of this includes 28 pictures from the first 15 minutes or so of the pilot, resulting in an article too large for one post. So, I broke it down into a series of articles, starting here.

Here is the opening title sequence (later changed to remove the farting demon, but this one is on Netflix).

“Gera gera po” is the name of the song, and it translates as “giggle giggle” or”Ha ha haaa!” The jokes on you.

Let’s breakdown the spiritualism lesson beginning here.



  1. I am a seeer Christian and I would like to share recent experiences I have had with Fallen Angels pretending to be Gods Holy Angels. I could see and interact with them 24/7 and I was amazed and really believed they were good angels because they were so kind and they would illustrate biblical themes as well as put on “Light Shows” to entertain me with their talents. They could appear as men with wings often as “shadowy” with light around their faces. They would create environments to make it appear as though they were in water. They could morph into animals such as wolves, dogs or horses in very endearing ways. One was blonde, blue eyed and very charming. They would make very elaborate beautiful visions using their own bodies. They can light up any part of their body separately and their eyes can be used like laser beams. They would blow light out of their mouths which would become fairies or beautiful lights. They were in no way ugly or scary to look at as they were always smiling. I tried to cast them out on occasion to be sure but it was unclear to me because they always returned growing in number. After months of only kind behavior one became ” sexual” in nature and I was horrified and shocked. I am still in shock that I fell for it but I really did and I had felt so blessed. I am a long time christian but only a seer for 3-4 years and I honestly wish I never became one. Fortunately Christ is my savior and I believe he has forgiven my ignorance but I desperately want to get the word out about Fallen Angels being here now so others can ignore their false visions and not become a victim. They are extremely clever and willing to invest a great deal of time in grooming you to trust them. May they burn in hell! Please spread the word because This is just one example of what they can do.

    • Also I believe they gave me a false vision of Jesus as a King on A black horse that was life size and holographic. This made me feel very secure that they were Holy Angels but they were not. I honestly don’t know how I could have known. Be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves!

      • Yep, I hear you sister! in Revelation Jesus comes on a white horse and has a white robe with ALL of His angels and saints with him. Definitely they tried to play with you but you put an end to it and tell them to leave in Christ Jesus Name. We seers should not entertain these dubious entities at all. My favourite words; “Get the hence in Jesus Christ name.”

        One day I saw another entity about 6 foot tall looking as if it was entirely made out of clear light blue water with slight waves running through its body. It stood at the doorway with one foot inside, looking this way and that as if it was attempting to see how it could sneak in. It had no hands or feet and on its shoulder was a squarish bag with a long thin strap (was it there to steal?). One of my weaknesses is a delayed reaction to certain things. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In hindsight I think it was some kind of water witchcraft voodoo! When I told Holy Spirit what I discerned He said “why didn’t you turn around and ask it WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”

        Our Ruach Ha-Kodesh is MIGHTY. He is the Lord of Armies. Call on Him for protection and He will answer, I promise. I too wish I hadn’t become a seer and prefer to focus on getting a job and standing on my own two feet, getting married like normal people for goodness sakes! I know how you feel Marcella. I feel so shy about opening up about these things but let it be part of the collective testimonies of seers of Yeshua. At least my testimonies might help someone, someday.

        God bless fellow seers!

    • Hi Marcella,

      Thank you for sharing your story and being so honest as to the things you’ve been through. As always, Satan is a liar and a deceiver, attempting to use our naivete and lack of experience in certain things against us. Quite rightly Yeshua said “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” As for me, I am quite skeptical and irritated for the most part of the supernatural world apart from Yeshua. You see, I don’t believe any entities other than those Yeshua allows us to be involved with do us any good.

      I’ve had 10 years of experience being a seer. The genes were always there for the most part because we are spirits in a body – however my mother was a visual and auditory seer. She used to hear why certain things were happening in her life until she asked God to stop it. Apparently this passed down through the female line not only was I unceremoniously initiated to the spirit world years ago, although God healed me I STILL remain a seer and hearer. My second sister is a seer, as well as my first niece. Although the men in my family discern spirits somewhat, we ladies got it full blast and its NOT going away! Mum is now a waste of time to talk to, so my sister’s and niece speak to each other and seek out

      As always, I’ll give an example of what I experienced. One night I was having a shower, this was like 8 months ago and I was crying and angry about my life and this intense feeling of being stuck and not being where I want to be as a woman in my thirties. All of a sudden I heard an electric sound, a static like sound like electric waves hitting water, and a transparent being about 6 feet tall emerged out of the “ether” as they call it. When the entity came into contact from water from the shower the water spray started to look like straight electrified lines! In a split second before I knew what was going on, it kissed me on my right shoulder and receded back into invisibility. I was puzzled but not scared, but I brought the experience before Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit). Another time when I went to bathe I didn’t get the sense that anyone was there, but I got the sensation of four “electric kisses” on the back of my neck.

      I continue to put it before the Lord because these are the Last days and I don’t want any sexual attack from any entity. I use anointing oil and holy water before I sleep. Surely I put EVERYTHING I see, hear or sense before the Holy Spirit. At ALL times if I sense anything strange I am able to call YHVH Adonai, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) name and if its evil it ends right away! I think you should also do so. I am a Believer and a Hebrew, I never did tarot, consulted psychics, believed in any entity equal to Jesus, did Satanism or the like. Remember Galatians 8 that if anyone preaches any other gospel, even if its an angel, let it be accursed!

      Again I am long winded. God bless you fellow seer and continue to seek Jesus Christ!

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for posting about this. When I first saw the demo of Yo-Kai watch on my 3DS I knew immediately that it was about demons. It didn’t take more than a second of watching the trailer to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, there are many who aren’t so acute to the wiles of the enemy, so it is great that you have made this site for those searching. I hope that just the title of this post alone will bring many people here to see the truth about things like this. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. What is your take on Pokemon? Do you think it is the same message as Yo-Kai watch? Instead of demons, they are monsters, but you collect them and do battle with them. Maybe the message is not the same or at least not as overt. I know that my kids like to play the pokemon games and have watched the TV series online as well.

    • Thanks Steve… to be honest, I haven’t examined Pokemon all that closely. I know that some people see bad messaging, but I think it’s buried and not as overt. Our son also sometimes plays with the cards to a limited extent (he’s really to young to play according to the rules) and sometimes watches the show, and while we find it somewhat annoying, it doesn’t seem to be overt training in the occult, you know? Sometimes I thought I should be alarmed when I saw the cards, but really didn’t pick up anything spiritually. Using “fire power” isn’t much different than using a “force push” while playing Star Wars.

      I don’t really have a problem with a lot of role playing games… I played some as a kid (although my Dad forbade a certain franchise…), and I think a lot of the fears over some of the games were overblown hype, whereas the games actually taught good decision making, problem solving, and promoted using the imagination.

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