Analyzing a Seer’s Testimony: Part 2

This is Part 2 of analyzing the recent testimony from a seer. You can read her complete story here.

Part 1 is here.

In the testimony, she writes.

When the bell rang I stood outside my class waiting on my friend to meet me there. As each student in the halls passed I saw something stuck to them. It was a black mass the same one I saw in my counselor’s office but on everyone. It was like it grew out of them like hair and strung from them so it cannot leave.

So this black mass that’s stuck on people.

What on earth is that? Many people have commented to me that there’s a weird “spirit” on that high school.  What does that phrasing even mean?

What follows is speculative (granted, a lot of things on this site is speculative, but the next section is even more so).  It could be there’s a territorial spirit over that high school is able to influence those under the authority of the school administration. A lot of weird behaviors go on at that school… there are members of covens and legalistic religions who attend, rampant drug use and over 10% of the Freshmen girls are pregnant. In fact, the homecoming and prom dances are known for students having sex on the dance floor (this year’s homecoming dance, the administration left the gym lights on, presumably to avoid those behaviors).

So the default position of students and teachers would be to fall under this spirit’s influence, then? What does that look like, metaphysically? I don’t know. Can curses and spells take the form of quantum vibrations that attach themselves to the victims, and those curses then influence them somehow? Is that what she is seeing on those students?

And what about those vibrations allow an image to strike the retinas? Or do these images strike all of our retinas and the brain chemistry of seers differs in such a way that they can pick up aspects of the spiritual realm?  But why did this student see these things that day, and not every day? Is the Holy Spirit at work?

She apparently thought so:

There was a select few who had the light that was very bright and shined like the only star in the night sky. It was magnificent to see that the Lord was within these individuals and with those people it would spread (hopefully) to everyone.

The light… I know lots of spiritual traditions view “the light” as a good force. I’m here to tell you the light is more than a good force… the Light is a Person, and that person is… Jesus! Learn more here.
And because she’s in a relationship with Jesus, God makes His home in her heart, which allows her at times to feel the heart of Jesus, which is a heart for justice and freedom against spiritual oppression… so she felt the urge to “take on” those dark entities or the manifestation of the curses or whatever the dark mass was.
Her first attempt to pray was rebuffed. Her second was not.

I walked to the graphic arts room to catch up on my work. My teacher (we’ll call her Mrs.S) was grading papers and there were students, like always, also catching up. I set my stuff down on a desk and went up to talk to Mrs.S when I noticed the same ugly mass on her too. Mrs. S always has light around her but not today.

May I pray for you?” I asked fed up with this mass. She looked at me in shock but replied yes.

I asked the Holy Spirit to come and I watched her facial expressions change from anger to happiness then to anger again. I asked for God to bring her peace, for him to take this and make it better for her, I asked that he just deliver her from the evil around her. She proceeded to inform me that she felt better that she felt a relief and she could breathe again.

Booyah! Holy Spirit-directed prayer is huge.  I’ll have to do a post on what that looks like… if prayer sounds boring to you, then you’re not doing it right.
Her conclusion about the value of living as a home for the Light of God:
I guess I realized that no matter how much darkness is around if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart you will shine brighter than any thing!
My point of this little analysis of her testimony is this: seers have a role to play in the world. They can identify where the Light of God is needed and can activate that knowledge through prayer.


  1. Doug, “if prayer sounds boring to you, then you’re not doing it right”… Lol, love it.

    By the way, I don’t think the link to part one at the beginning of this post is working…

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