A note on my “theology”

I initially conceived of this site as providing a biblical framework to interpret the paranormal things some people can see in a way to appeal to those who don’t have or reject a biblical worldview.

Many people have experienced judgement and rejection by Christian church folk  who fear the supernatural or reject supernatural elements in their own sacred scriptures. But I believe those same sacred scriptures hold the key to understanding the paranormal from a spiritual standpoint.

Before this post in Feb, 2013, I pretty much hid my Christian worldview with some vague language. However, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to not hide where I was coming from, and so the language after that post is somewhat less obtuse regarding my belief system.

In addition, my views on the paranormal and the Bible have evolved and continue to evolve as I grow as a Jesus-follower who is the father, pastor, and friend of seers and who is navigating uncharted (for me) territory. So some of the earlier posts may not jive completely with later posts. If you read something that bugs you, please message me, and point it out. I welcome challenges and ask for grace for errors.


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