Analyzing a Seer’s Testimony Part 1

This is Part 1 of analyzing the recent testimony from a seer. You can read her complete story here.

We’ll look at the mention of ghosts, specifically the ghost of her grandmother, who passed recently. Here’s that portion of her testimony:

I was informing him  [ed: her school counselor] of how just a few day prior I smelled something burning in my deceased grandmother’s bedroom. Then I saw her appear at the foot of the bed. She looked concerned and started to walk out of the room slowly. I followed her to the living room where she stood by my grandfather who was sitting in his recliner watching television. She placed her left hand on his left arm and looked at him sadly then faded away.

Ok, first the smelling part. I’ve blogged elsewhere an account of when our daughter smelled Jesus.  Seers can perceive activity in the spirit realm beyond just something hitting their retinas, or the vision centers of their brain.  It can affect other senses as well.

In this account, she smells something burning. If this was really a spiritual sense and it coincides with seeing a spirit in the image of her grandmother, that could indicates the spirit came from somewhere burning. The spirit touches her grandfather and looked sadly. All of that is chilling to me.

I tend to discount stories of spirits of humans that roam the earth (ghosts).  I tend to think ghosts are demons who impersonate humans for whatever reason.

In the Bible, God provided the ancient Israelites with guidance regarding contacting spirits of dead humans (see Deut 18). God doesn’t say anything about demons impersonating humans, suggesting that it’s possible for ghosts to interact with living humans.  Creepy.

I’m not convinced what the student in the account above really saw was her grandmother. But it doesn’t really matter. My counsel is always to not engage spirits in conversation.  To a ghost, if you have the authority and power to do so (the authority comes from being a follower of Jesus and the power from the Holy Spirit) you send it to Jesus; to an unknown spirit, you tell it to leave and go where Jesus wants it to go, in Jesus‘ name.

If you don’t have the authority, use the power with caution, …such as only if it’s attacking you.

I think it’s interesting she speaks openly to her school counselor about seeing things in the spirit. I think that’s a good way to get institutionalized, and I don’t recommend it.



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