“May I pray for you?” – A Seer’s Testimony and Purpose

The following story may seem incredible to some of you. To others, it’ll be a relief: you’re not alone in what you see.  A high school student sent this to me. Her seeing gift ebbs and flows, like the ability of many seers. Lately, it’s been flowing in a serious way. 

I’ve corrected some spelling and minor grammatical errors, and any emphasis added is mine. The student is junior in high school and tells the story of what she saw one day.  We’ll take a few posts to break this down and analyze, but for now, just read the whole account: 

On my way to school I would see people standing along the sides of the road and I just brushed it off to just being tired. I got through the first few class periods when, in 4th hour, I went to talk to my counselor for the day.

I was informing him of how just a few day prior I smelled something burning in my deceased grandmother’s bedroom. Then I saw her appear at the foot of the bed. She looked concerned and started to walk out of the room slowly. I followed her to the living room where she stood by my grandfather who was sitting in his recliner watching television. She placed her left hand on his left arm and looked at him sadly then faded away.

My counselor was in shock to have such a vivid image from me of the experience.

I then looked up in the corner of the room and saw a black mass; it looked like a black cloud of dust or smoke. I pointed to it and told him what I saw and he questioned if it was a person or a mass and it was just a mass there was nothing defining it.

Might I remind you I am at school so with all the students who are stressed, depressed, angry, etc. This could be following anyone!

After my session with my counselor I went about my day as usual going to lunch then to algebra my 5th hour class. I was writing notes on Evaluating Expressions Using Square Roots. I looked up at the smart board and saw written in red marker “don’t let go.”

My teacher was writing equations not words… I was freaked when it disappeared from the board right before my eyes.

I moved on to 6th hour and had a normal 6th hour.

When the bell rang I stood outside my class waiting on my friend to meet me there. As each student in the halls passed I saw something stuck to them. It was a black mass the same one I saw in my counselor’s office but on everyone. It was like it grew out of them like hair and strung from them so it cannot leave.

It puzzled me a bit. Why were all of these people struck with this darkness around them? Where was the light? What was happening?

There was a select few who had the light that was very bright and shined like the only star in the night sky. It was magnificent to see that the Lord was within these individuals and with those people it would spread (hopefully) to everyone.

My friend came up to me and she had the same gross black mass on her. I asked if she was ok and her response didn’t surprise me. She was not okay and said she felt like she was being held back from things. I asked her if I could pray for her. She has let me do this many of times. We’ve gone to youth groups together and she knew what to expect out of me. Her exact words to answer me were “that’s stupid why should I let you pray for me?” I looked at her in shock and didn’t know how to respond.

She scoffed at me and walked away. Was this her or the mass speaking? Why was it after everyone? Why couldn’t it just go away?!

I walked to the graphic arts room to catch up on my work. My teacher (we’ll call her Mrs.S) was grading papers and there were students, like always, also catching up. I set my stuff down on a desk and went up to talk to Mrs.S when I noticed the same ugly mass on her too. Mrs. S always has light around her but not today.

May I pray for you?” I asked fed up with this mass. She looked at me in shock but replied yes.

I asked the Holy Spirit to come and I watched her facial expressions change from anger to happiness then to anger again. I asked for God to bring her peace, for him to take this and make it better for her, I asked that he just deliver her from the evil around her. She proceeded to inform me that she felt better that she felt a relief and she could breathe again.

The bell rang which meant I needed to go home. I went to my car and got in just sitting there for a moment.

It didn’t seem real…my whole day was just different than ever before..but I truly was the light under the darkness.

I guess I realized that no matter how much darkness is around if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart you will shine brighter than any thing!


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