See the Unseen

This morning, the Sunday sunrise hit my cup of coffee through the window and illuminated the steam in a beautiful way. I called my children to watch the steam curl and move with infinite grace.   Coffee and Me I drink coffee nearly every day. For me, drinking coffee is an experience I savor. I enjoy the sound of the beans…

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Analyzing a Seer’s Testimony: Part 2

This is Part 2 of analyzing the recent testimony from a seer. You can read her complete story here. Part 1 is here. In the testimony, she writes. When the bell rang I stood outside my class waiting on my friend to meet me there. As each student in the halls passed I saw something stuck to them. It was a black…

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“May I pray for you?” – A Seer’s Testimony and Purpose

The following story may seem incredible to some of you. To others, it’ll be a relief: you’re not alone in what you see.  A high school student sent this to me. Her seeing gift ebbs and flows, like the ability of many seers. Lately, it’s been flowing in a serious way.  I’ve corrected some spelling and minor grammatical errors, and…

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Seers and Spiritual Assignments – What Spirits Look Like

I spoke with a young, teenaged seer last week.  She made some interesting statements, which I’m trying to work out. Another teenager introduced me to this girl for the first time. She said, “She needs to tell you something.” The young woman said that this would sound crazy.