“I think I see spirits.”

Have you every thought, “I think I see spirits?” Do you see things that no one else sees? Do you see figures that hover, or perhaps follow others? Perhaps you see little animal-like creatures or shadows or lights, and no one else sees them? Perhaps you see images that look like a TV screen or a window with lights behind it in a wall or in the air.  Do you notice when you see things that you have particularly bad nightmares?

Or were any of these true when you were younger, but over the years, this “sight” has diminished…

You are not insane. You don’t need to see a psychiatrist and you don’t need drugs. In fact, you may be a seer: You may be able to see into the Spirit World.

Much confusion exists around the terms people use when describing the Spirit World, so I’ll take care to define my terms accurately. The conclusions drawn from this site should not be used to diagnose actual psychological trauma. More on this issue later.

What is it I’m actually seeing? 

It’s possible you are seeing spirit beings that I’ll call “entities.” There are many different kinds of spirit entities. Their essence is different from our essence and human beings or the essence of animals.

Our physical reality that makes up our four dimensional reality (height, width, length, and time) is made up of vibrations of energy called quanta. Other dimensions of reality exist next to ours, which vibrate at different rates.  Occasionally, these other dimensions intersect with our reality, or sometimes, they’ll punch through to our reality.  In fact, within your human brain, a small but very special gland exists which allows your mind to intersect with some of these realities: it’s called the pineal gland (it looks like a tiny “pine” cone).  It’s considered the 3rd eye, and exists directly behind the center of your forehead, deep within your skull. This gland is activated when people pray to God or other spirit beings, when they use certain drugs, and for other reasons.  It opens a window or portal into the spirit world’s dimension.

It seems likely that the pineal gland in seers has special qualities which enable them to see aspects of the spirit world that are present in our reality. However, research needs to be done to examine just what enables seers to see into the spirit realm.

Most seers cannot control this sight: it comes and goes. Most seers also recognize that if they tell other people what they are seeing, they’ll be considered insane.

History is full of examples of seers, some of whom were considered witches and killed. Here is one example: The Hebrew Prophet Elisha in about 800 B.C. (verify this date) was in a town that was surrounded by an enemy army in a time period when armies typically slaughtered all the men in the city they conquered, but he was relaxed and afraid. His servant inquired as to why, and he replied there was an army of spirit beings that was on their side surrounding the enemy army. His servant asked to be able to see this too, so Elisha asked Yahweh, the God of Israel, to reveal this army to him. Yahweh did, and the servant saw the army. The next day, the human army had been devastated by a disease, which Elisha credited to the spirit entities.

Are the spirits I see evil? 

Some are. Some are not.  It’s likely that some of the spirit entities you see have an assignment given to them by a more powerful spirit being.  This is why you see some spirits seemingly following people around.  You may be able to detect if they’re evil or not simply by their color. Dark ones tend to be evil, and lighter ones tend to be good. Sometimes you’ll clearly detect angels of light. However, please understand that some evil spirits can impersonate good spirits and will take on their appearance.

Are they ghosts?

Possibly.  See this page for thoughts on ghosts.

Are they angels? 

Some of the spirits you see are probably angels.  An angel is certain kind of spirit being with a certain kind of rank and with a message, whose natural plane of existence is another dimension.  These beings are powerful, very intelligent, and can manifest in human flesh or in bodies of light. Their words are not to be trusted at face value, and should be tested.  Many are loyal to God. Many are loyal to other powerful spirit beings. Some are probably loyal only to themselves.

Are they demons? 

Many type of spirit beings (including some that are considered gods) are considered demons or demonic, but generally speaking, demons are earth-bound spirits. It is likely you have seen demons.

Where did they come from? Demons are not “fallen angels.” Typically, they are less powerful than angels and occupy a much lower rank in the spirit world, but are very intelligent and they crave bodies to inhabit or to attach to. To them, existing without a body is like a human walking through a hot, dry desert in the day with no water and no shelter. They feed off certain negative energies from humans, and will drive humans to emit those negative energies.  Demons actively rebel against God and are loyal to other spirit beings or to themselves. They are powerful and have agendas. Many have assignments. There are many, many demons.

There are many theories about where demons originated. I will present the theory that is most plausible.  Millennia ago, very powerful spirit entities entered our dimensions and began a breeding program with humans. They produced chimeras (animal/human hybrids) and human mutant aberrations known throughout the ancient world by different names: Hebrews called them “nephilim”, Greeks called them “Titans.” They were known as demigods, gods, giants, and were part divine/part human. Some were appointed as kings or gods and were worshipped. They were super-intelligent, and incredibly strong. These genetic aberrations spread across the world, consuming the world’s natural resources, even drinking human blood and consuming human flesh.  Their expansion threatened humans with annihilation. Eventually, a cataclysm was sent to destroy their civilizations, universally known as a global flood.  This cataclysm killed all or nearly all of these aberrations, destroying nearly all of their bloodlines, and humans were able to multiply again. The spirits of these beings were not allowed onto “the other side” since they were not part of the divinely appointed order, and so they were bound to the earth, to roam in rage, every hungry for bodies to afflict and energies to consume: they became demons.

Should I talk to them?

Generally speaking, no.  Spirit entities are often highly intelligent and may have agendas that you don’t understand.  Sometimes they’re just messenger spirits (i.e., angels).  When messenger spirits come and deliver a message, you must not automatically believe it is true. You must test the message and measure it against unalterable Truth. More on this later.

If you are a Follower of Jesus, you do have power and authority to engage certain spirits in spiritual warfare. However, unless the spirit has been assigned to you or someone in your family, or to someone who is asking you for help, it’s best to not engage them until you have been trained. More on this later!


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