The Toddler

One day, when my daughter was 8, she was playing outside by herself, and I was in the house watching TV. She came dashing in, frantic. “Dad! There’s a baby  walking down the street!” I sat straight up. “What?

Small Group House Cleaners Part 2 of 3

Part 1 is told here. Part 2: The Real Ghost Hunters I find the Ghost Hunters shows on television annoying. They aren’t annoying because of trying to discover if paranormal things are happening, but because when paranormal things happen, they get it wrong. Their worldview is completely off.  Yes, houses can be haunted. They aren’t haunted by ghosts (the spirits…

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“It was trying to get in but it couldn’t.”

Evangeline, who posted here and is a seer, was recently sitting in my office while I was working on something. At one point, I noticed she was extra quiet (she is normally pretty reserved).  Then, she casually asked, “Have you ever prayed over your house?” “Yes,” I answered. “Of course.” I went back to work on my project, and then…

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“I think I see spirits.”

Have you every thought, “I think I see spirits?” Do you see things that no one else sees? Do you see figures that hover, or perhaps follow others? Perhaps you see little animal-like creatures or shadows or lights, and no one else sees them? Perhaps you see images that look like a TV screen or a window with lights behind…

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