When a seers says, “It was nothing. Nevermind.”

When a seer says or gasps something odd, pay attention. Today I had to pick up a vehicle at a rental place with my daughter. She is 8 and a seer.  I was inside the rental agency waiting for the agent to print his paperwork for me. She came in from waiting in our car. She stood next to me and asked a couple of questions about the van we were getting and then was quiet. I turned my attention to the agent.

You know how you react when you suddenly see something that startles you with fear? Like maybe you’re driving and stop paying attention and suddenly you notice a child in the road and you gasp, and veer away from an accident. Or maybe you’re afraid of bugs, and you’re watching TV in your living room with the lights off, and suddenly a big cockroach crawls across your TV screen. It’s likely you’d gasp quickly in a startle reflect. Well, that’s what she did.

She gasped quietly, startled. And then grew silent and still. I looked down at her and she was staring off into space. I asked, “What’s wrong, honey?”  She didn’t hear me. I repeated it, and she said absently, “It was nothing. Nevermind.”

The agent was walking past me to the printer, and no wanting to call attention to her, I whispered into her ear, “Did you see something?” She nodded, but didn’t say anything.

When we stepped outside, I took her outside of earshot of anyone else, and asked her what she saw. She said a cold breeze hit her, and then a spirit passed by.  I asked if it was the air conditioner kicking on and maybe spraying dust in the air, realizing as I said it that the air conditioner wasn’t on in that office and no one opened the door, so there was no discernible breeze. And also, her initial gasp of fear wasn’t faked.

Later when we were driving off, I asked her to explain more, and she said it looked like a mist had passed through her and in front of her and then disappeared.  She said, “It looked like a ghost.” She was referring to how ghosts are portrayed in movies, but, she said, “It was a spirit.”  She didn’t indicate if it was a good one or a bad one, although she did say, “I might need prayer later. That really freaked me out.” That usually indicates an unfriendly spirit of some kind.


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