Rising Need for Ghostbusters and Exorcists

A slew of recent news reports highlight the increasing demand for spiritual house cleansings, exorcists, and “real-life ghostbusters.” But is there a better solution?

This recent Wall Street Journal article is an example. “These Real-Life Ghostbusters Will Help Sell Your Haunted House” (behind a subscriber wall) was in the Real Estate section and examined “real-life ghostbusters.”  Home sellers hired these ghostbusters to clear houses on the market of unwanted spirits and other paranormal activity. Author Katy McLaughlin describes psychics, ghostbusters, and paranormal investigators who sometimes charge hundreds of dollars, so a home can be clear of haunted activity and thus easier to sell.

That’s so American… spend hundreds of bucks to hire someone to do what God has commissioned you to do yourself.

And then there’s this article from Fox8 in Cleveland, that also describes a “dramatic spike in demonic manifestations and possessions around the world.” And thus the need for exorcists.

Or how about this article from a television station in Indianapolis that reports requests for exorcisms are at an all time high. The article quotes Father Vincent Lamppost, a Catholic priest and one of the few Catholic exorcists in the United States, as saying,

“I don’t have any special powers or ability from a faith perspective. The power resides with the person of Christ.”

He’s exactly correct.

The priest doesn’t have any special powers: he knows who he is, who Jesus is, and what the enemy spirits are. This knowledge empowers him to engage successfully in the spiritual conflict we’re engaged in.

But you probably don’t need to hunt down some exorcists to clear your life and land of demonic influence.* You do need to get trained, however.  You need some knowledge.

The truth is, God has commissioned you to do set your family and home free of demonic influence, and to continue living free of it in God’s shalom.  In addition, Jesus has commissioned his churches to release trained believers to do this.

It’s time Christians step into their authority and power and demonstrate the power and love of Jesus Christ, the true light of the world, rather than allowing psychics and others such a powerful influence in our communities.

I cover these ideas step-by-step in my new book, Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land, a spiritual warfare manual that is designed to inform, equip, empower, commission, and release you to do this.

This book is also designed to help churches start spiritual house cleansing teams as an outreach ministry.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars hiring psychics and you don’t need to call a priest.

Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters.

Get the book and get equipped. More information about the book is here.


*It’s true that some people are highly demonized, and in these very few cases, it’s useful to get help of those who are more experienced in these things. In Chapter 15 of my book, I interview some veteran spiritual warriors and their stories – especially the ones not included in the book – are amazing. But they became veterans by first getting the right knowledge and then applying it to kick out the demonic influences in their own lives and the lives of their friends. In the book, I recommend taking your home back in a community of like-minded believers, and in the vast majority of situations, you won’t need a “trained exorcist” to help you.



  1. If anyone wants to talk about there gift, im available @ 401- 390-5457 my name is Mark. Im a christian and Jesus is Lord. Ive had this gift for sometime and would love to compare notes and learn anything new to serve my King and Lord Jesus Christ. Till then, ill tarry and read my Bible and becareful everyone. The devil is looking to destroy our families, friends, marriages, and our Pastors lives and families. Pray for yourselves without ceasing. Pray for your families and friends and your Pastors and elders of your congregations. Take spiritual authority classes and read the Bible everyday. There are audio Bible apps on your phone that are free. Listen in your car driving to work or at work. Dont be hesitant to boldly go to the thrown of grace and ask God for what u want and need. Theres saying and theres asking. Faith is so important. All of you takecare. If you all dont know please buy also the book by Kenneth E. Hagan “” THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH””” Great Great book.

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