Psychics: The Seers See Perspective

“I’ve received a lot of hate from Christians,” the psychic told me, her eyes guarded.

When I thought to title this post, I almost wrote, “Psychics: A Christian Perspective,” but I realized how off putting that might be to psychics who have received something from Christians that they shouldn’t have: hate.

You won’t receive that here.

I do, however, want to offer a perspective from the Kingdom of God Mindset that lays at the foundation of how I interpret what seers see.

I frequently receive emails asking for readings from seers or psychics. Obviously, that’s not what this site is about, but one of those emails last week prompted these thoughts.

In the public arena, a psychic is someone who receives hidden information from extra-sensory perceptions. Where does the information come from?

As described here, those with psychic ability probably fall along a continuum of ability. For ease of understanding, I’ve broken the continuum into 7 categories.

The source of the extra-sensory perception depends on where the psychic is on the continuum. But not all “psychics” receive extra-sensory perception.


Charlatans are great at reading people’s physical states. They are extremely observant and able to detect what their subject wants or needs to hear. In The Wizard of Oz, Professor Marvel is a charlatan.

Once, while staffing a booth at a psychic fair, a young man with yellow eyes came to me for a “reading.” My team, of course, was doing prophetic encouragement but in that environment, we adopted the local language and offered “spiritual readings.”

I told this young man what I told everyone: the source of our knowledge is the Father in heaven, and the only way to the Father is Jesus, so we’ll ask the Father through Jesus to have the Holy Spirit reveal what God has for this young man. I invited the Holy Spirit, asked for a word, and waited.

This man stood perfectly still with a blank affect looking directly into my eyes.

I received the prophetic word, and gave it to him.

He was visibly startled.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear that. I go to a lot of these, and there’s a lot of fakes. They just read your face. I wanted to see if you were fake. Your reading was the most accurate I’ve ever received.”

I followed it up with, “It wasn’t me. God really wants you to know him.”

My point: he was looking to expose charlatans.


An empath is very sensitive to what other people are feeling, to the point of feeling their emotions themselves. They are extremely intuitive. In the Myers Briggs/Keirsey Temperament Sorter, they are extreme INFPs or ENFPs.

It’s a marvelous gift and ability.

They are called into counseling, therapy, or pastoral ministry. Somewhere along the lines, they received guidance to channel their ability through the mask of psychic ability.

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

These kinds of psychics were not trained to use their gifts appropriately. It is not rooted in the pure truth of God’s love as expressed through Jesus, so the help they end up offering others ends up tainted and distorted.

Parents: if your child expresses INFP or ENFP tendencies, guide him or her to get trained to use these amazing gifts for the most good.


These are people who are spiritually sensitive. They pick up spiritual baggage, spiritual entities, and spiritual destinies. They navigate these impressions, filtered through their worldview, to advise their clients.

They don’t see the baggage or entities or destinies, but they do receive impressions, and the impressions are probably accurate. The distortion comes from the incorrect worldview.

It’s important to adopt the worldview that Jesus had, or something close to it, rather than a gnostic or scientific framework when nagivating spiritual impressions to advise someone.


Seers are sensitives to an extreme: they actually see spiritual baggage, entities and destinies, and use what they see to advise their clients. Think of Whoopi Goldberg’s character in the movie Ghost.

The ability to see spiritual things is what this site is all about, so at the risk of sounding redundant: the best way to navigate what seers see is through the Kingdom of God Mindset.

False Prophets

Among Christians who think about these things, there is a ton of bad information regarding false prophets.

A false prophet is not a prophet speaking for God inaccurately or incorrectly. This is a “presumptuous” prophet. 1

A “false prophet” is a prophet who gets his or her information from a “false god” or any spiritual entity not aligned with God. (A “false god” is any spirit that receives worship, other than the one true God Most High).

Basically a False Prophet is anyone who delivers supernatural information from a spirit that is not the Holy Spirit or aligned with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sometimes angels or other spiritual beings aligned with God relay information from God. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about receiving information from a demon or Watcher spirit or ghost who does not have permission from God to speak, and passing that information to their clients. This is a false prophet.

In the New Testament, false prophets told the truth. In fact, all the supernatural messages in the New Testament that originated from a demonic spirit were accurate. Their fruit revealed the source of the data.

While accurate, they were still false prophets: the source of the information makes them false. Again: Woopie Goldberg’s character in Ghost.

Psychics who get their data from false spirits might convey true facts and might appear to help.

But ultimately their fruit, which may be produced much later, will be sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. 2

Illegal Prophets

Some psychics receive supernatural information from God, or they tap into God’s information, but they don’t do so through the Lord Jesus. They climb over the fence and steal Heaven’s resources, and then deliver that to their clients.

They are thieves and robbers, and their actions eventually steal, kill and destroy.

In other words, they may receive information from the Holy Spirit, and then deliver that information, but they refuse to glorify the Lord Jesus. These are illegal prophets.

If this is you, I implore you in love, align with the King Jesus, before whom all in heaven and earth and beneath the earth will be subject.

His reign is pure and true and results in selfless love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. The world needs more of this fruit.

Your loyalty matters. Be loyal to the Lord Jesus. He loves you and he’ll forgive you of all wrong doing.


Someone who receives God’s message for someone else, and then delivers that message to glorify the Lord Jesus, is acting as a prophet or within the gift of prophecy.

Don’t get confused by the “office of prophet” talk in some quarters of the Christian community.

Prophets aren’t supposed to be in the office, but in the world speaking God’s words to others, offering God’s loving course corrections, and bringing God’s life with God’s words.

They are not psychics. They are prophets.

Apologetics: Ministry of Reconciliation

At the paranormal fair, when the young woman in the black dress who had a psychic/medium booth down the aisle came to me for a reading, she did not know I was an ambassador from the Kingdom of God, and a representative of the Lord Jesus.

When I told her that (not in so many words), she didn’t know what to do. I just said I would listen to see if I received God’s message for her.

I did.

I apologized for the hate.

And I told her God loves her. Really loves her. When the Lord Jesus sees her, he sees his little girl whom he loves and died for and came back to life for, so she could live with him forever.

And I cried. And she cried.

I had more from God for her, but that was just for her.

God’s representatives have no business hating psychics. God loves psychics.

God wants them to submit their gifts and abilities to his rule, so God’s Kingdom and God’s good fruit can fill the earth.

God implores his representatives to tell them that, so they can be reconciled God, because God has already reconciled to them. 3



  1. Deuteronomy 17:13
  2. Galatians 5:19
  3. 2 Corinthians 5:18-20


  1. Greetings! Bravo! Wonderfully Done! GOD Bless You And This Ministry! Surely THE LORD Our GOD Speaks Through You! Amen!

  2. I recently was speaking with my uncle of our youngest memories and I started remembering more and more. There is one that particularly interests me. It’s not a memory that is with me always but it always comes back. It’s hard to describe. I’m in a white room or maybe it is pink, I don’t remember the shape of the room if it had one, also i do not remember having a body, there were colored dots, I dont remember the colors specifically but I think it was every color in the rainbow (reminds me of the top of a strawberry poptart), I remember the dots were different sizes. This sounds crazy I know but does anyone know what i’m talking about? I assure you this is no troll. If someone could relate to me on this that would be great. Or have an idea about what it means. Deep down i think no i feel this was before i was born. It’s hard to clearly remember like a movie thats been recorded over. There are pieces that aren’t showing up. As i’m writing this i can remember when i was a baby in a boosted up baby chair with the built in table and i think i’m asking for grilled cheese, pouting over not liking the food i have the details are foggy this is a truly sereal experience. I could type forever so I’ll end it by saying. I’m 18 and my social media handle is Terror Tycoon. I mainly use twitter. I hope someone responds to this.

    • Greetings. Congratulations On Accepting JESUS CHRIST As Your SAVIOR And LORD. What you’re describing sounds similar to accounts I have heard about areas in Heaven. The mention of Colors, the airiness, the shapeless feeling…
      You Will know for sure one day through CHRIST JESUS … Pray. Ask GOD To Reveal The Meaning Of Your Visions.
      GOD Is Merciful. GOD Bless You.

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