Podcast Episode 13: What is a Seer?

I’m relaunching the Seers See Podcast by going to back to the basics with Episode 13: What is a Seer? The episode is available on my Podbean account or at iTunes.

Download this episode (right click and save)

I’m also joining the Fringe Radio Network, and you can subscribe on Spreaker.

Eventually, I’ll drop the Podbean account and go exclusively with the Fringe Radio Network on Spreaker (also available on iTunes).

Okay. Is that enough ways to find the podcast?

I’m already working on the next episode, which will have a corresponding text-based post for those who prefer to read instead of listening.



  1. I have not found a soul to talk to about this so I am also hesitant to speak of it, initially I told everyone like it was normal I soon found out it’s not because no one ever brought it up again and non believers especially don’t won’t to here about the spiritual realm . So I had to learn fast and learn about the power in the name of Jesus Christ to protect me because suddenly I must of been a threat to the dark side and they were coming at me for a while but soon they learned don’t get in my space because the dark and light do not mix amen. Prayer or thinking of God activates the gift at anytime. I have 11yrs living in a situation nobody would ever no and I have gotten used to it and enjoy my closeness to our Creator. So my greatest advice is to rebuke the dark spirits on the name of Jesus and they will flee.

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