On the Alien Intrusion of Reptilians, Greys, and other ETs

The documentary, Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception has been released this week in American theaters.  I haven’t seen the movie yet. It’s by Gary Bates, whose 2004 book Alien Intrusion first introduced to me the most plausible explanation for the UFO phenomena.

Countless millions have seen UFOs and experienced encounters with aliens. In many cases, these appear to be spiritual entities masquerading as physical creatures from another world or dimension.

I’ve always been interested in this topic, although I have never seen a UFO, nor has anything my daughter or any other seer I regularly work with ever interpreted anything they’ve seen as an alien or a UFO.  I don’t consider abductees or those who report seeing aliens or UFOs to be seers.

But in most cases, they are still probably experiencing spiritual things, rather than interacting with alien beings.

I suppose within the hierarchy of the Domain of Darkness, some of these beings could be considered “aliens”, because they were created and destined to work in the spiritual realm, but have left that to interfere with our physical world in ways that violated God’s order. But I’m equivocating a bit.

I do recommend Gary Bates’ book (I believe there’s an updated version since 2004) and encourage support for this movie.

This reminded me of a message I received a couple years ago on the Seers See Forum, asking about the alien intrusion of reptilian people, alien grey, draconian, and other ET’s. Here’s the question:

I recently saw a conversation regarding a reptilian people, the greys, ETS, draconians. Can anyone give me insight into this terminology and the belief system behind it all? Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

The rest of this post offers an answer to this question, but it’s not simple nor comprehensive. Also, I do not endorse any of these conspiracy theories.

It all starts with really distorting something in the Bible (don’t a lot of bad ideas come from distorting the Bible?)

The Reptilian Theory

Genesis 3 tells of the Serpent who came to Eve and tricked her into eating the forbidden fruit. Some people believe this means Eve and all of humanity became enslaved to the serpent.

Among the conspiratorial community, two ideas abound about the Serpent. Some believe that the serpent was a Reptilian – a bipedal reptile alien from another world. These aliens are an advanced species that came to earth to enslave humanity long ago, which Genesis explains in mythic terms because the ancients could not understand their advanced technology.

The Reptilians were actually the good guys and Yahweh, God of the Bible, was the bad guy, because Yahweh kept knowledge from Adam and Eve, enslaving them.

But for some reason, humans came to distrust these reptilian aliens, driving them from the Earth. Ever since then, these reptilians have worked hard behind the scenes to condition the world into believing they are truly the good guys. Someday, they’ll return in big space ships with their advanced technology and lead us to true freedom, everlasting peace and salvation.

A fictional take on this is Arthur C. Clark’s Childhood End, which is about reptilian aliens who come in giant spaceships and want to free us from believing in a mythical all-powerful God and other superstitions.

The Serpent Seed Theory

Other conspiracy theorists believe the Serpent was a being created by God, i.e., Lucifer, an enemy of God with the body of a Reptile. God put Lucifer in charge of a planet called Rahab, but after Lucifer rebelled, God destroyed Rahab (which became the asteroid belt), and Lucifer fled to the Earth to take over this planet, first by hooking up with Eve.

Yes, many in the fringe believe that Cain is the offspring of Lucifer and Eve, and so a large portion of the human race aren’t actually humans, but sub-humans. (Can you see the seed of racism, here?)

The Alien Savior Theory

Others suggest that Genesis 6:1-4, which describes the Sons of God taking as wives human women, who gave birth to Nephilim, refers to an alien race that created hybrids with humans. The hybrids became the ancient kings, demi-gods and rulers of the nations. Someday, they’re going to come back and do it again, and that’s why people are abducted by aliens, being impregnated to create alien hybrids, and being taught that an alien savior is coming to earth.

The Catholic Church has announced it is ready to baptize any aliens, furthering conspiratorial speculation that the Church is in cahoots with the aliens.

More Ancient Aliens Myths

Ancient myths, especially Egypt’s and Mesopotamia’s, supposedly really explain the Reptilians were aliens who came to Earth to enslave humanity.

Egypt is especially poignant, because they believed that Osiris, a reptilian, was killed by a rebel, who cut him up into 14 pieces, and scattered the pieces about. The wife – Isis – gathered 13 pieces, but couldn’t find the phallus, so made one up (i.e., the obelisk) and used magic (technology) to impregnate herself (i.e., the dome), giving birth to Horus.

Some of the fringe theorists say these are all mythical codes and what really happened is these Reptilians placed 13 families in charge of all human history. These 13 families (Rockefellers, European royalty, etc.) are all actually Reptilians, or perhaps hybrids, or descendants of Reptilians or hybrids.

We can see the proof of this, the theorists say, in both the Vatican and Washington DC, because in both places, there is an obelisk and a dome, and when the U.S. President takes the Oath of Office, he stands by the dome on the Capitol building and looks at the obelisk. Plus, the eye of Horus is on the dollar bill over the unfinished pyramid. The theorists explain that these are codes explaining the Reptilian and/or Masonic conspiracy to rule the world through embracing an alien god.

The Alien Antichrist Theory

For some conspiracy theorists, the goal of the Reptilians is total domination and subjugation of the world, but mainly of America and Europe (because the rest of the world is… well, doesn’t measure up. Again, see the embedded racism?).

For others, the goal is to set up the One World Government and to give birth to The Antichrist. Symbolically, this would be the completed pyramid with Horus in charge.

Some theorists argue that Horus is actually Nimrod of the Bible and one of the first (or many) Antichrists, and he’ll be resurrected/reborn/genetically animated/etc. into the future Antichrist in charge of the One World Government and worshipped in the One World Religion. The Iraq War, some say, was launched so that the U.S. military could recover the remains of Nimrod, to be genetically or scientifically reanimated as the Antichrist.

Some theorists think the Antichrist idea is a construct made up by aliens from another world who want to take over the Earth. These aliens are either reptilians or little grey aliens.

The Alien Greys

The Alien Greys the little aliens with big heads made famous in several science fiction movies. This imagery originated with a drawing by Aleister Crowley of a spirit that manifested to him. These beings are interpreted in different ways. Some theorists think they are simply aliens from another planet, perhaps in league with the Reptilians or perhaps enslaved by them or perhaps opposed to them or perhaps in charge of them.

Other theorists think they either run the U.S. government or are in cahoots with the government, and they (or the Reptilians) abduct humans, experiment on them to learn about human biology. Theorists argue they want to create a new human/alien hybrid.

The reasons vary depending on the conspiracy theory… some people think they want to enslave regular humans; or create an army to exterminate regular humans or maybe just the lesser humans.

Other theorists think these beings are actually human clones that didn’t quite work out. So they are used by the military as a slave race in deep underground military bases. Or perhaps they are in charge of the deep underground military bases. Or perhaps they are working with the military to further the alien/antichrist agenda. I mean, you can find people who believe any these things, and they can explain in no uncertain terms why their take is correct.

Ancient Aliens

A lot of these ideas are spread by the Ancient Aliens television show on the History Channel. This show expounds on various ancient (alien) astronaut ideas that say aliens from another world came to earth, did stuff to humans, set themselves up as gods to be worshiped by the primitive humans who couldn’t understand their technology, and used advanced technology to create ancient monolithic structures (like the pyramids).

Ancient myths, say the ancient astronaut theorists, are retellings of these events by primitives humans, who misinterpreted advanced aliens as gods. These aliens were reptilians or greys or various other kinds of creatures.

Ancient Aliens is mainly based on the ideas of Zacharia Sitchin and (ultimately) Madam Blavatsky (a 19th Century spiritualist/gnostic). Sitchin basically took old Sumerian texts and made up new translations to make them say that aliens (the Annunaki) came to earth to mine gold for the alien planets. He wrote in the 1970s, when most people didn’t have access to his source material. (Blavatsky channeled these ideas from spirits).

Today, everyone with Internet access can see the Sumerian texts and their actual translations online. Basically, he made it up. Dr. Michael Heiser shows how to look it up for yourself on SitchinIsWrong.com

But of course, many conspiracy theorists think Mike is part of the conspiracy. Reptilians control everyone, you see, especially organized religion and governments and the banks and…

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Anyway, I recommend AncientAliensDebunked.com, where you can find an amazing 3 hours long documentary that just destroys the early seasons.

Jason Colavito, a skeptic in all things supernatural, also blasts the program (and many other fringe ideas) on his blog.

Ancient Aliens is still going strong, regularly viewed by many millions of people around the world for about a decade now. This program encourages illogical, paranoid thinking and racism. You only have to look at the newspaper to see how this thinking permeates American life.

The Kingdom of God Mindset

The reason I don’t buy any of this stuff is because I have an altogether different mindset… I call it the Kingdom of God Mindset, as explained in my book, Peace in Your House. 

I basically believe that these ideas – and many others – are meant to condition people to

  • deny free will
  • to become easily manipulated
  • to degrade the value of all humans
  • to lead people away from their true purpose

These ideas of alien intrusion distract from whom God made us to be, the Image of God, extending God’s dynamic peace throughout every aspect of our lives, our communities, the nations, and the universe, through faith in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Yes, we have a real enemy; no, they aren’t aliens from another world. They are dark spiritual powers and seers often can see them. Sometimes they manifest in ways that non-seers can see them too, often in ways that are interpreted as aliens from another world.

But Jesus defeated all of these powers of darkness on the Cross and through the resurrection, and he’s slowly extending his rule and reign so eventually the entire cosmos will someday be completely under God’s rule.

Peeranormal Podcast

One of the reason Dr. Heiser started the Peeranormal Podcast was to help teach people to think about these fringe ideas logically and rationally.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. Mark 12:30

God gave us a mind, and part of worshiping God with all of your mind is to train it, to use it. I recommend J.P. Moreland’s Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power  and Love God With Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul

In one Peeranormal podcast, I said something about the problem with believing aliens are abducting humans to study them is… it’d be simpler to just hack into the Johns Hopkins University Research library.

When you challenge people with some of these ideas, you’ll be attacked. They’ll say, you need to “wake up” or “break out of the matrix” or “get enlightened” or worse.

(Of course, when I talk about people who can see spirits, some think I’m crazy, and I want to retort the same things to them!)

I have researched some of these ideas several years ago when I was trying to figure out what it is seers see, and have some books on the topic written by true believers. It’s is a deep, dark rabbit hole of Illuminati-Nephilim-Masonic-Templar-Hollow Earth-Bible-Code-Christian “Truthers.”

On some level, I get it. When people meet Jesus, and discover the Lord is absolute Truth, some new believers are too quick to reject just about everything they’ve ever learned as false, and then recreate the most fanciful narratives… All this does is marginalize these new believers to being ineffective in the Kingdom.



  1. Also never saw one UFO or reptilian or all the other strange creatures, although I am a seer. Maybe they are spiritual entities or only the product of mans brains/thoughts.

  2. Of course there are more explanations than I just mentioned. It also hlpes that I never watch tv and/or movies so I do not know how all these creatures would look like. I really spend a lot of time in heavenly realms but never saw these beings. So if they really exist???

  3. I saw ufos. The difference between what I see spiritually is I can’t photograph what I see or hear and others don’t hear it. The 3 people I was with saw the 2 ufos and about 10 who did not see them came out and asked very excitedly “What was that sound”. One guy who saw them repeated over and over “it was 2 ducks, it was 2 ducks, it was 2 ducks…” until I asked him “If it was 2 ducks why don’t you just shut up?”
    My friend was seeing ufos in Guatemala every day for awhile and sent me photographs.

    I fell on my face when God spoke to me and the guy with me asked what I was doing. I said I heard God speak to me. He asked “How come I did not hear anything?” I know in the Bible when Paul was blinded his flows heard and saw something or something like that and with Moses, Daniel etc but I did not have any such premonitions or visions that others saw or heard anything.

  4. Hello Marten.
    Actually, I began to research. Many PHEMOMINAL Things; that has happened to me, and are yet; happening to me.

    This is how I found your site: over a year ago.

    I was born with my pineal gland open.

    I also battle in the spiritual realm. Along with: the dreams, visions, claircognence, clairvoyant, clairaudience, precognite, premonitions, and have seen many, many, things: Yahweh has allowed me to see; in the heavenly realm.

    I’m a living witness; to more than just a theory.

    Due to the Holy Spirits; impromptu and the ability to discern. I’m here to tell you. This is very real!

    When I first discovered; things had happened to me. I was not as strong in the LORD , as I am now.

    I never wanted; to come forward. Due to possibly; being ridiculed by many, and of maybe, being locked up. Because, of my knowledge and awareness.

    Due to the instruction, of YAHWEH. I’be been coming out. Slowly, but surely.

    I have to test all spirits: before coming; into agreement; with any of the so called; conspiracy theories.

    YAHWEH, has allowed me to catch these things; evil beings on camera.

    Make no mistake. Our government has every intention of bringing; the dark lord to this system.

    Just a month, or so, ago. I saw: in the spirit. Giant, gaunlty, looking creatures: walking down the streets of places. They were literally, taller than than most skyscrappers.

    It was total darkness outside. You could hear; people screaming, and crying.

    As a matter of fact. I could see my almost 90 yr.old and 85 year yr. old grandparents. Huddled together with a few others. Gazing out of a broken, or glass window. Saying, to one another. “She told us…. This would happen.”

    That’s when; I went to a window and gazed out of it; and saw what I’ve mentioned.

    I could hear. A loud voice; over a bullhorn. Screaming. “DO NOT RETALIATE! YOU MUST COMPLY! I REPEAT. DO NOT COME PUT OF YOUR HOUSES. DO NOT TRY TO RETALIATE!”

    Mind you. In March 2016. I was visited by 2 men. We were above the earth. One were on, each side of me.

    I asked. “Where are we?” Both pointed ahead. I looked. I saw; what appeared to me: like a wave of darkness!

    All across the land. Simutaneously, lights were going out. To total Blackness across the land.

    I asked. ” What is this: A Black out?” Then both said. ” GO AND WARN THEM!”…

    That dream/ vision; followed many others, true physical encounters; and many have followed it. Since then.

    I’m tagged; as well. Mind you.

    These terminologies; I am using; to describe; myself and or; anything: I’m stating: were all revealed by impromptu; of the Holy Spirit;
    leading me: to he truth.

    By searching, the scriptures, quiet time alone; with Yahweh; ans seeking, for years. Ive tried to understand.

    What has happened to me? Why have and are these things; Happening to me? Who am I? What am I? What is my Calling; and My Divine Purpose?

    All of these; lead me here: Today.

    I’ve endured many attacks and I’m certain. Many others have been also.

    I’ve been trying; to finish many books. They continue to sabatage. Any and every thing and relationship : that has to do with me.

    The day of the election I was lead to Joel; and other major and minor prophets. Before and After the election.

    It’s just far too much to explain.

    I know he’s sending me to doffer entry places. I’m in search of. Who and where?

    I’ll know those answers. When I find them…

    The Dark Day Of The Lord is nigh.

    These are satanic individuals. Ive seen them. Trying to attain; immortality and unprecedented powers; GOD-SHIP GODHEAD. Without the acknowledgement of the Divine Diety in YAHWEH; nor giving up their insatiable lust for power.

    The LORD has already judged all.

    The Elect are sealed.

    It began in the Church Establishment and what you’re seeing. As we view the news and all that’s going on. These are sorrows.

    My mission is to Warn All.

    To REPENT and CRY OUT FOR FORGIVENESS, for all of the abominations, modern day, ancient, and geographical; ISRAEL.
    To REPENT for all apostasies, adultries, heresies, idolatries, and those who deny HIM.

    Only then and maybe. He’ll change his judgment!

    We are judged by our own hearts; by whom we endorse.

    Today, during my Sabbath. I drifted into a sleep. The details are somewhat vague.

    However, He knows; what I was meditating about.

    Anyway. I heard a voice say. “THERE WILL BE; ONE LAST BILLBOARD, AFTER THE RED MOON.”

    I’ve always searched for those: whom are like me.

    I know this. Just like in Noah’s time. Is true; in more ways than one. Is exactly, how He’ll surprise Us.

    I pray for US all. Especially the brethren. They I think, will be the most surprised. In His separating the Wheat and the Tares. Smh..

    Just like in Noah’s time. They were judged and already; sentenced to death. 40 years before the flood. Yet once that Ark closed. It was far too late.

    Yes Brother. These things are real. However, our only true Protection will be in In YAHWEH, through Yahshua…

    May our Lord and Saviour give each of us: who see this post. Every good and wholesome, Spiritual Gift and above all. True Godly Wisdom and Discernment: in the Mighty Name of Yahshua /Jesus! Amen

    • Hello Janice,

      You are not alone, there are more people like you, although hard to find. This seer-website is a great meeting point for people like us. (Maybe you know there is also a seer-forum?)

      I do not know if you visited my website last year. Because I terminated it. But yes, I also am busy fighting in the heavenly places, with the help of our Lord.

      It’s quit an experience to see all those angels, demons and other beings/things, not seen by most people. For myself so overwhelming that I shut myself off from it. And only let come through only what I like to see.

      I hope you will continue to stay with our Lord Jesus and follow how He guides you on your special path.

      Be blessed by our Lord,

      • Thank you so much Marten.

        I really appreciate the encourage.

        Yes, I might able to stop these interactions. As well.

        No. I wasn’t aware, of any forum?

        Yes it is very overwhelming.

        At first, I thought I’d lost my mind. Although it didn’t feel like; I had.

        There are just so many things. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me.

        People are not aware of All the evil things that are happening; to them: right in their own homes

        There are so many involved with those satanists.

        They have been tagging and watching me all of my life.

        In August before the election. I was doing my studies and quiet time.

        I will somwtines, doze off.

        I was awakebed by: ” GO SEE AMOS ”

        Naturally, I want to be obedient to our Lord God Yahshua/ Jesus.

        I began to pray and lay hands in the spirit on; whomever: this Amos was.

        I got up and made a cup of coffee.

        Then sat down and opened randomly; and low and behold.

        The Book of AMOS….

        I realized. The judgment of the Church and the Nations. Particularly, OURS; was abut to be judged by God.

        Because of our Hearts…

        We are filled with the Edomite Spirit; and have become : a modern day Babylon and Sodom and Gormorrah.

        He warned.

        AMOS 5…. The Dark Day of the Lord is near.

        Please send me the forum information.

        I’d really appreciate it and Thanks again: for your reply.

        May our Lord and Savior have mercy on us all; and strengthen; all that is weak: in our spirits; to know, accept, and finish our Divine Assignments; in the Mighty Name of Yahshua/ Jesus. So be it. Amen

        Blessings and Much Love..

    • Hi Janice
      I’ve noticed too that the forces of darkness always try to cut me off but it always backfires on them. Deceivers are deceived and when they attack it makes them feel like they are doing something but everything they do is futile.
      Nice to hear from someone who has clarity and is overcoming.

      Darkness is the 9th plague before the death of the first born. It was about 25-30 years ago when I discovered something that has been hidden for almost 2,000 years that I suspect is related to Aaron throwing down his rod before the first plague.
      When I was first a believer I identified with the apostle Paul and for a time Peter denying the Lord and at other times with other people, Saul, Esau…
      An atheist and well known musician, my biological brother, inspired me to write a book. He saw my discovery and said “This is powerful stuff for both atheists and believers” (I see it as a divine watermark and he sees it as a literary device but what is amazing is it was in plain sight in the most read and researched book on earth for almost 2,000 years and no one wrote about it). “If you put it online someone will steal your idea and write a book and get all the credit for it.” I couldn’t hide what God showed me but I started to write a book about it.

      Recapitulating the events leading to the discovery I thought of the angel in Daniel.
      I had been doing good things but had no peace. I decided to hide out and wait for God to speak to me and expected to be fasting 3 weeks if necessary (with Daniel’s 3 week fast in mind). I went to my hidden spot, lifted my arms, determined to not pray or anything until God spoke to me[1}.
      Shortly after I lifted my arms I sensed a burden lift (“from the first day that thou didst give thy heart to understand, and to humble thyself before thy God, thy words have been heard). God spoke to me about something mundane, a task I needed to do for someone in need. On the way miracle working power was happening and I met a person, messenger from God (who claims I was the messenger from God to him). That was shortly before I discovered the unsealing related to Daniels sealed book but not about that vision in that book — just related in time.

      God within a year? or so revealed to me a wonder I am linking you to if you care to read it — a short blog [2].

      What happened was I lost touch with the messenger for many years and found him on FaceBook and he wrote

      “Hi Doug
      … …
      You are a long loved friend not for gotten but longed for. … …”

      and then I remembered Daniel 10:11 … `And he saith unto me: Daniel, man greatly desired, attend to the words that I am speaking unto thee, and stand on thy station, for now I have been sent unto thee. …

      [1] Years earlier God spoke to me and I did not obey and suffered greatly kind of like Israel in the diaspora.

      [2]. http://www.backwardwalk.com/the-backward-walk/. Don’t Bother with the home page. I don’t plan on finishing it until I finish my book.

  5. Hi, I just wanted to ask why you think what others are seeing is not real?
    Many people believe that when we hear from God we have some type of mental illness. Moreover, some believe that God and Jesus Christ are just mythical or based on tales that were passed down from family to family, different communities that were distorted stories therefore the Bible is not true. Even though we know He is real and sent His Son as the Sacrificial Lamb to save us and reconcile us to God. So what is the difference, apart from the obvious, in what we see and what others all around the world have testified to have experienced. How do you explain the metal that has been found in abductees that are not found on this earth. I believe these are demonic entities because many eye witnesses including unsealed Government files, have seen these objects transforming into other shapes and appearing differently to mankind. Furthermore, angels transformed into men as with Lot and the Sons of God who were fallen angels in the Genesis Chapter 6, the Book of Enoch gives account of this in full. It is not a book in the Bible because it was not added even though it is an important account of where the learning of the Dark Arts originated, also where Enoch went, God and His character, the order of some of the angels, thetrighteous of God and the wonders of Him, the blessings of those that follow Him and what happened to some of thr chief angels that agreed to rebel against God. This book was not added because it revealed the full reason of why God wiped everything off the earth apart from Noah and His family. Do you know scientists are mixing Human and animal DNA, where did they get the knowledge to do this? God said as in the days of Noah so it would be in the last days. The book of Enoch gives accounts of what was happening in the days of Noah which caused the flood. They were sinning with animals, what were they doing? Again the book of Enoch tells the whole story manipulators did not want the world to know. It would reveal who they are and who God is that is why they covered this up. Why so dismissive when the evidence continues to grow of these entities, the Government have unsealed the files because they were sealed between 50-100 years which are now being unfolded for avid researchers. Just as we don’t like to be dismissed I thinking is important to look at all the actual evidence rather than conspiracy theories. What about the Hebrew Bible that documents an invasion by these entities? I have done extensive research on understanding the word of God through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth that reveals what it hears, leads us to all truth and tells us of those things to come.
    By the way God spoke about witches, witches wanting to do good, however good their intentions the road to hell is paved with them and God forbid us to practice the Dark Arts. So no matter what the intention, it is a sin to do it and God said it was an abomination. I don’t think God has changed His mind nor comprised or excused any sin including those claiming to be good witches.
    I hope that you will look at all the actual evidence of these sightings, interview the people who have actually experienced these entities. The metals, video evidence that are not hoaxes, as I said I believe these are demonic entities but we must keep our minds open to all truth with reliable and valid evidence. God bless, from a seer x

    • I have specific responses to this comment below.

      Hi, I just wanted to ask why you think what others are seeing is not real?

      I’m not sure what this question is referring to. This whole website is based on believing the eye witness testimony of seers, but not necessarily their interpretation of what they see.

      How do you explain the metal that has been found in abductees that are not found on this earth.

      These claims have not actually been substantiated in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The scientific process indicates the metal found is terrestrial, probably related to government experiments, rather than extraterrestrial experiments. I know the documentaries don’t produce the scientific results but make fantastic claims, but there are actual scientific studies, and the results are mundane, rather than extraterrestrial.

      After all, aliens from another world don’t need to insert metal in people to track or research them. If an alien had the technology to jump through dimensions or across the galaxy, it does not follow that their medical technology would be as primitive as earth’s.

      And if they are spiritual in nature, why would they use human technology to research people? It doesn’t follow. Demons don’t need technology to follow, torment, or attack people. They don’t need to insert chips. The government, however (until recently) does. The government doesn’t need the technology anymore because everyone carries a smart phone, which are always tracked.

      There are other more mundane explanations that make far more sense.

      I don’t disagree with the interpretation of Enoch (see my post here), but this doesn’t have anything to do with aliens from another dimension or star system. The sons of God and other angels who manifested in the Bible are spiritual entities who took on physical form, not physical entities that came to earth from another planet or dimension.

      Do you know scientists are mixing Human and animal DNA, where did they get the knowledge to do this?

      Yes. They got the knowledge from a century of genetic research.

      God said as in the days of Noah so it would be in the last days.

      According to the first part of 1 Enoch (the Book of the Watchers) and hinted by Genesis 5-6, the co-mingling of species did not occur in the days of Noah, but the days of Jared. If you take the Bible and the Book of the Watchers literally, the days of Noah were a thousand years after Jared. When the Lord referenced the “as in the days of Noah”, he referred to the suddenness and unexpected nature of the judgement, which is how the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD actually happened. Recall that when the Lord said that, he was answering the question about when the Temple would be destroyed (not the end times), and he said that generation (his audience) would see the sudden destruction, and that generation – 40 years – did.

      The book of Enoch gives accounts of what was happening in the days of Noah which caused the flood.

      Again, this was in the days of Jared, a millennia before Noah. If you read Genesis 5-6 and the first part of 1 Enoch (the Book of the Watchers) closely, they describe Noah’s day dealt with the results of the Sin of the Watchers: the giants’ destruction of the earth’s resources and humanity, rampant sexual immorality, rampant warfare, and occultism. The sin of the Watchers (the co-mingling of species) however, actually occurred in Jared’s day. The Watchers that rebelled had already been locked up in Noah’s day. Even in Enoch’s day, the co-mingling was not on-going. The locked up Watchers asked Enoch to intercede for them. Their sinning was over; they were being punished. Enoch did intercede but God denied their request. That was Enoch’s day, centuries before Noah was even born. The co-mingling was not ongoing in Noah’s day. It was only in Jared’s.

      Why so dismissive when the evidence continues to grow of these entities, the Government have unsealed the files because they were sealed between 50-100 years which are now being unfolded for avid researchers.

      I’m not sure you read the post clearly if you think we’re being dismissive. As the documentary above explores, the government files reveal that the US government tested on human subjects, not that aliens or demons tested on human subjects.

      What about the Hebrew Bible that documents an invasion by these entities? I have done extensive research on understanding the word of God through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth that reveals what it hears, leads us to all truth and tells us of those things to come.

      What about it? That has nothing to do with the topic above. And the “God told me” argument is dismissive. I’ve done research as well, and wonder how closely you’ve read the research behind the research, or this actual post.

      By the way God spoke about witches, witches wanting to do good, however good their intentions the road to hell is paved with them and God forbid us to practice the Dark Arts.

      That isn’t actually in the Bible. The Bible does not reference “the Dark Arts” or the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Let’s be accurate when describing what the Bible says. It indicates we shouldn’t receive knowledge or power from any spirit than the Holy Spirit, and that good works won’t save you, but only faith in the Lord Jesus, verified by actions based on that faith.

      I don’t think God has changed His mind nor comprised or excused any sin including those claiming to be good witches.

      What does this have to do with anything related to this site? God loves witches and pagans and the Lord died for them so that they might have eternal life through faith as well.

      I hope that you will look at all the actual evidence of these sightings, interview the people who have actually experienced these entities. The metals, video evidence that are not hoaxes,

      Peer review science has demonstrated the mundane (not supernatural) origins of this material. Minds can be programmed. Videos can be faked and aren’t evidence of the origins of what is being viewed. Video evidence is not evidence. But again, I wonder how closely you’ve reviewed the material on this page.

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