Introducing Ruth: One of the Modern Day Seers

I am excited to introduce Ruth, one of many modern day seers I personally know and consider a friend. I have invited her to share some of her wisdom about the seeing gift as a writer on this site.  By way of introduction, Ruth prepared her testimony, which we’ll release in three parts.

Ruth’s story is amazing. It will outrage some. Get over it. It’s her story, not yours.  She’s a seer. She doesn’t see things like most of us do… she sees things far more clearly in fact.

I’m often bemused when people hear or read about seers and say, “Well I don’t agree. This isn’t real.”  In other words, they think seers are insane; but that’s the world we live in. Most people don’t have a worldview to understand the supernatural. Thankfully, Jesus Christ does.

If you are a seer or if you parent one, you are welcome here. You’re not insane. You have a gift. We help you understand what it is.

Like so many seers I have heard from, Ruth also did not have a grid or worldview to put what she was seeing in and… well, let’s just hear the story from her. For reasons that may take some thinking to understand, I call her story…

Seeing the World Ablaze

world on fire

Ruth’s Story, the Journey of a Modern Day Seer, Part 1.


Growing up neither my family nor I had the mindset of what a Seer was. I wish I had context for what I was experiencing. I wish I could have had the information and knowledge I have now about my gift.

I grew up going to a Spirit-filled church but it was a conservative church at that. Nothing was taught on the supernatural realm. This formed my worldview. It was very narrow and black and white. The supernatural didn’t exist to me. So I was left with a battle ragging within myself when I experienced things I couldn’t understand or comprehend.

This led me on the journey of trying to understand and put together the pieces of who I was and why I “felt” what I did.

I ended up leaving Central Illinois at the age of 18 right after high school and traveling to Europe. I was thirsty for truth of who Jesus was and wanted freedom in my own life. At the time I didn’t understand exactly why I left. Now I see God wanted to teach me about my life as a seer and cement my relationship with Him.

My journey led me to Norway where I would live almost 4 years studying for two years and working for two years with a Christian mission’s organization. During this time in Norway I learned I was a “Seer”. For the first time in my life I learned why I functioned the way I did. I was taught a worldview which included the supernatural and the gift of a seer. It was the first time in my life I felt I belonged. I had context to understand my gift and people who taught and mentored me in how to operate as a Seer. I was given tools to break down what I saw, felt and perceived.

The biggest thing I learned was how to use what I “saw” as a seer as spiritual warfare. They gave the confidence to fight back when I felt I was under attack and was overwhelmed. I would pray in Jesus name and contend for my freedom. The more victory I saw the more confidence I gained. As my confidence grew I was able to use my gift to help others.

A Child Growing into the Seer Gift

Looking back on my gift as a seer it started to develop when I was 3 years old. I remember feeling “bad feelings” in an apartment building my family and I lived in.

My family moved into rental house when I was 4. Once again I started to have”bad feelings” and years later my family found out a child was sexual abused in my bedroom in that rental house. I have no memory of that bedroom in the rental house. I just remember feeling uncomfortable.

At the age 5 my parents bought the house they currently have now. The house came with some spiritual garbage. My parents had the house (cleansed) prayed over by their Pastor. I believe that helped but I also believe that not all spirits left.

After moving in I started to experience nightmares and was afraid of the dark. I experienced nightmares mostly every night till was 21 years old.

Two times while growing up I had experiences where I could not move my body and woke up screaming. I had no explanation for why this would happen. Looking back it had to have been demonic. Thankful my mother would rush to my bed and years later she told me she was praying for me until I could move again.

When I was 12 years old I started to hear creepy music in my room when I was trying to fall asleep at time. I started to wear earplugs to drown out the music which worked but didn’t remove the problem…

To Be Continued…

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  1. “I started to wear earplugs to drown out the music..”… I did that too, back in college. Looking forward to read Ruth’s whole story.

  2. Hi Ruth ( and Doug),

    I am rereading your post for the second time. If you are willing to provide “cliff notes” of how to respond to what I am seeing, I would be grateful. I have no one to teach me or guide me. Only my older brother saying, be careful, spirits are deceptive. I think he had a bad experience and won’t talk about it but to say, Spiritual entities are deceptive and have been around for thousands of years. So, naturally, I have some hesitation, as I don’t want to be deceived by the enemy and be engaging spirits that are not of God. Plus,the new age websites are loaded with their explanation of sparkles and blue lights

    • Hey C. Verdad,

      This is part of a three part article I wrote. If you haven’t read all three articles I would. I also wrote another article about seeing demons and Angels. I dive into why one might see spirits and share some of my own experiences. I think this will help you!

      Personally I wouldn’t talk or engage spirits if you don’t know the source they are coming from. If you are unsure than I keep rebuking it in the “name of Jesus” out loud till they leave. Even if you think know where the sprit is from I will still rebuke it.

      I did this was starting out with my seer gift. I often do it now in the present as well. Though I have gotten a lot better discerning spirits. I came normally discern what the source and spirit is and “rebuke it I’m Jesus name”.

      I only rebuke if I feel attached or a spirit is on my home turf. Example my workplace, car, apartment, church or I feel lead to do so.

      I leaned I need to pick and chose my battles or else I will become miserable and open myself up to demonic visitations. I don’t want that.

      I hope this helps!


  3. Dear Ruth,
    I’ve asked God many times but no answer. I can see the low level things. What I can see has been described on this site. They are kinda like deep ocean jellyfish fish things but not exactly. I can just see them and nothing else. No angels or big scary things. Why I’m allowed to see them I have no clue or what I’m supposed to do with this stunted or partial gift I have no idea. If possible can you give me some insight? I started seeing them when I got saved at 29. I’m 53 now. When I was in the Air Force I deployed to Norway twice in the early 80s. Beautful country. Any insight would be most appreciated. Take your time in answering. Thank you.

    • Hello Dannyboy, I lived in Norway it is a beautiful country. Norway has jellyfish if you live along the coast they are prevalent. Anyway what came to find is that “maybe’ your gift is not fully developed. The things you see are actually in the spiritual realm but just not recognizable. I’m not sure what your back-round is like before you accepted Jesus. The odd shapes could also be some sort of spiritual tie you have to something/someone has that followed you. Maybe you became aware of it when you accepted Jesus. Something that needs to be broken off your life. I’m not sure. Just a thought. I’m not sure I can really answer your question. I tried! 🙂


      • I can relate to Ruth’s story. I do have experienced things since childhood. I have always gone to churches that don’t believe in the supernatural. I still have a lot of questions, but have been working with a wonderful psychic, whom is helping me to come to terms with my abilities. I have really been reading God’s word through open eyes and mind now, yes I feel a lot closer to Jesus and understand things better. God is still working on me. He knows what we need and how to get that help to us. Had I of talked to my pastor about this, he would not agree with me..Yet every time I go to church, either the pastor or associate pastor will preach about the same thing the psychic and I havs discussed. Then it is like God, asking me, did you hear that, see that, so you understand now.

        Thank you, Doug for the articles, they are helping me, at least.


  4. Hi Ruth, I’m not sure if I’m a seer or not but I do see things that are supernatural. I was saved by Jesus in 2014 as I called out to him saying if you’re real, please help me. I was suffering with postnatal depression at the time and felt like I had no will left in me to carry on but that hurt because I had my baby whom I loved and I didn’t want to harm myself and leave him with no mam so I called out to God out of sheer desperation. After I prayed, I got into bed then the atmosphere in the room changed and I could see balls of light appearing from nowhere and shooting across my bedroom, I was petrified and went to stand at my front door out of fear. My baby started crying so I went to comfort him and he was looking around as if he could see something. Prior to knowing Jesus I was into supernatural, mediums etc not in a big way but I kept feathers believing they were from angels and bought weekly spirit and fortune magazines etc. Since being a little girl, I had feelings like you described when entering homes etc as if there was something bad there and I’ve always been scared of the dark and had really bad nightmares that I still remember. I also had an experience when I was 11 at my nannas of something holding me down in my sleep and later found out a young boy had been murdered in that room by his stepdad. Sorry for going on I just wanted to give you information on my background. Anyway after calling out to God and seeing lights, I decided I needed help and when walking past a christian church with my mam, she said to go in. I hesitated but went in and spoke to the pastor who prayed with me and came to my house. I threw anything away that God wouldn’t like and stopped looking at horoscopes etc. I started attending Church every week and was baptised. Prior to being baptised I had a nightmare about a demon chasing me and I hid in my dream to pray but then I woke up in my bed and was being held down, I couldn’t move and wouldn’t dare open my eyes then I felt the hot vapour of breath in my ear and something shouted in the worst voice I’ve ever heard”so you want to know Jesus” I started to pray and within an instant it was off me, as if it’d been picked up and threw off me. It left me shook up but strengthened my faith so praise Jesus ? in all these years that I’ve been saved I still see things. I don’t fully know what it is but I see white,blue,black, red dots,lights,lines, mist or like energy moving (best way to describe it is like water reflected on a ceiling) my son is now 3 and I can’t be sure but I suspect he sees too as he’s often looking at it or following with his eyes but I don’t want to scare him by saying too much, I asked him once what he was looking at and he said black shadow but i don’t want to ask and ask incase i put things in his head so i just pray for him. It would be amazing if you would pray for me please and also if you could offer any advice on what this could be, thank you kindly God’s blessings Lian ? x

    • Hi everyone,
      I’m new on here and a little nervous about sharing like this, but I’ve read almost all the pages and several comments. It gave me hope that maybe I’m with the right group. 2 things…
      1) I have a severe issue having to do with (I think) demons (not from me) and need someone to help me who has insight and wisdom. It began the day my husband passed 11 months ago and happening to me through nearly every person I’ve encountered. It’s destroying my life. Can I call or email anyone for some insights and wisdom (and hopefully compassion) with this?

      2) Doug was the first person to ever mention the multi-colored lights. I used to see them all the time as a child growing up – I don’t know if this is good or bad, but they comforted me in my times of fear. I have seen and had some strange experiences, as well as being taught and guided in vivid dreams, which served me well in my life towards being a good person and following Jesus. Anyway, on some of these things, I went to psychics, talked to many people, and a well known UFO group to understand what I was seeing (especially this large being that approached and touched me while I was wide awake). Pretty much got ignored or no answers. Could anyone tell me what those lights mean, for starters?

  5. Can I please speak to Ruth. Here is my email. [email protected]. Will respond with my phone number. I have had many experiences but have never developed a gift as my family believed it was witchcraft. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ who is my savior. So with that being said I don’t want to send against him and there are so many websites saying our spirits are not of God if they are here in this world. I just have some questions for Ruth.

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