Generational Curses: Part 3

In part 1, we examined God’s opinion on generational curses. In part 2, we examined scientific and gnostic/monist explanations, before turning our attention to the nature of the spirit realm. In this post, we’ll look at the spiritual causes of some generational curses, including Freemasonry, and end with some ideas to break them.

Spiritual Causes of Generational Curses

Some people make oaths and enter into covenants with spiritual creatures –  not demons, but more powerful entities, such as territorial spirits or princes or rebellious Watchers. These people chose to devote part of their lives and in many cases even their descendants to the influence of these spiritual creatures, who by nature are immortal.

If a descendant breaks the covenant the ancestor made, the covenant grants the spiritual creatures permission to wage horror on the descendant.

This horror can manifest as a generational curse.

The manifestations may take many forms. For instance, a demon aligned with the spiritual creature might be assigned to the family line. The demon is a spiritual creature that influences by constraining thinking or triggering persistent problems. A sort of “cloud” of negativity or sin can be woven in the spirit realm, which influences and shapes events surrounding the descendant almost like a magnet.

Even if the demonic assignment is broken and the spirit cast away, the spiritual negativity persists for several generations, constraining decisions and thought patterns, shaping events subtly. As descendants are shaped by this spiritual cloud, they are pulled like gravity towards certain repetitive sins or disasters are drawn towards them.

Generational Curses Impacting Christians

A couple of outcomes may happen when descendants of those who have made covenantal oaths to other gods enter the Lord Jesus Christ through faith. If the wicked spirit is still around, it may ignore the salvation in favor of obeying and receiving authority from the demonic covenant it’s operating under, while being empowered by any continued sin. This authority and power is based on the covenantal ancestral oath by the human ancestor with another god and continued sinning.

If the actual spirit is no longer present, the spiritual “cloud” woven by that spirit and the covenantal oath can still influence the family, even if the all members of the family are in Christ through faith and have submitted their minds and actions to the rule and reign of the Lord Jesus.

In these siutations, a prayer renouncing the oath or vow or covenant of the ancestor can be useful in breaking these curses and assignments and reshaping the spiritual atmosphere over the family.

These kinds of prayers tend to be very specific, and being specific is helpful when bringing a petition to the Lord. 

I recommend appealing to the Lord quite specifically when attempting to break the curse or reshape the spiritual atmosphere, even without using specific renunciation prayers.

Freemasonry and Generational Curses

Many of the generational curses I’ve helped free people from relate to Freemasonry. 

Freemasonry dates back at least to the building of the great cathedrals of Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries. Some Masons (and others) insist it started with the building of Solomon’s Temple or even the Tower of Babel.

Masonry is a gnostic religion: salvation is achieved through works and uncovering secret knowledge.

Freemasonry is extremely common in the West, but much of it is shrouded in mystery because it is a secret order, and its followers are forbidden to discuss its beliefs and rituals with those who are uninitiated. Additionally, higher-ranking Masons are forbidden to discuss the rituals of the higher levels with lower-level Masons. 

Freemasonry uses the Bible and symbols associated with Christianity, but it is incompatible with biblical Christianity. My friend and mentor, Reverend Kathleen Christopher, wrote an informative post on Freemasonry at about the same time I was working on an early draft of this post. She does a better job giving an overview, and I recommend reading her post here before continuing.

Freemasonry is syncretistic: it mixes Christianity (and other religions) with rituals and the worship of other gods. The Old Testament chronicles that the Hebrews also practiced syncretism, by mingling the rituals of other gods with their Covenant, leading to disasters for their descendants. In the New Testament, early Church leaders warn against mixing the worship of demonic gods with following Jesus. 

As Masons move up the ranks, they make solemn oaths to other gods. Whether or not the initiate actually believes in the oaths, there is spiritual power in them and the effects of the oaths can be transmitted either through personal participation in it or through direct lineal descent from a participant.

Among the pledges and oaths they take, Freemasons seek blessing from a certain powerful god and his subordinates, and Masons in turn pledge over their descendants to this deity and to the service of the Lodge. There are curses which accrue if any of the Freemason’s descendants should break with or walk away from the Lodge. 1

Many communities in the United States have Masonic lodges and temples assigned to them. I suspect territorial spirits over these communities are linked to these lodges and empowered by the rituals therein. 

No doubt, most Masons view their participation as something like Rotary or Kiwanis: they want to serve their community. But negative spiritual consequences actually can ensue and accrue over generations from moving up the ranks and making oaths and entering into covenants. 

The only covenant we need to enter is the one between Jesus and the Father, through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. 

Breaking Generational Curses begin with Repentance

There actually is value in renouncing and repenting for the sins of ancestors. The Prophet Daniel actually did so when appealing to God for when the Exile would end. Daniel was not the cause of the suffering of his people: he was the victim of his ancestors worshipping other gods in violation of their Covenant with Yahweh. But Daniel went ahead and repented for them while asking for when the Exile would end.

If you believe you’re the victim of a Masonic generational curse and would like some renunciation prayers, send me an email, and I’ll send you some.

You can also review the information here. These prayers can be an aid to prayer, but if you are a believer in Christ, you may not need them. 

As explained in Peace in Your House, believers have power and authority, and they need to walk out this power and authority in their actions and thoughts every day. Changing the spiritual atmosphere in a home and over a family doesn’t come from a single prayer, but from a lifestyle change of embracing the Kingdom of God Mindset

You can petition the Lord yourself, outloud and in private, to break any curse operating over you. Take time to consider what might be operating over your life, write them down, and then enter the presence of God. Believers are seated right now in heavenly places and have unfettered access to the Father. 

Begin with sincere repentance. See this post for more on that. Then release the Kingdom in your life. The Kingdom is God’s rule, and God wants to you to step into his rule in every aspect of your life today. You have been set free from the enemy and that freedom can be released into the physical realm. 



  1. Thanks to Ken Fish of Kingdom Fire Ministries for some of the research he has done in this area.

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