Yo-Kai Watch – Spiritualism 101 for Pagans Part 3


The main character opens a spirit prison and releases this ghostly character called Whisper. He tells us that a few centuries ago, a monk imprisoned him, but he won’t say why. (Maybe the monk was named Enoch?)

Here, Whisper flat out says that the Yo-Kai are spirits. And although he mentioned ghosts, come on. No human looks like any of the “ghosts” in this show. These are demons.



I love how he adds that some people might consider him an extra-dimensional being. No kidding.




Whisper says that the demons are behind the strange phenomena that impact humans. No kidding. Again, that’s just good theology. Except for the fact that it’s not a good idea to have a demon talking to a kid. Or teaching him about theology.




The kid is freaked out and wants Whisper to go away. Here, they have a battle of wills, which Whisper wins, and he continues his seduction of the kid.




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