The “Theology” Behind Seers See

It’s time for some discussion on the theology behind Seers See.   I initially conceived of this site as providing a biblical framework to interpret the paranormal things some people can see in a way to appeal to those who don’t have or reject a biblical worldview.

Many people have experienced judgement and rejection by Christian church folk  who fear the supernatural or reject supernatural elements in their own sacred scriptures. But I believe those same sacred scriptures hold the key to understanding the paranormal from a spiritual standpoint.

Before this post in Feb, 2013, I pretty much hid my Christian worldview with some vague language. However, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to not hide where I was coming from, and so the language after that post is somewhat less obtuse regarding my belief system.

In addition, my views on the paranormal and the Bible have evolved and continue to evolve as I grow as a Jesus-follower who is the father, pastor, and friend of seers and who is navigating uncharted (for me) territory. So some of the earlier posts may not jive completely with later posts. If you read something that bugs you, please message me, and point it out. I welcome challenges and ask for grace for errors.

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  1. Thank You for this website. Your journey with your daughter has been inspiring! As a seer since childhood I appreciate your truly putting this out and educating the public! I have been more active lately popping on more than off regardless of how busy I am. It’s about time everyone listened to our father and opened their eyes to the truth! Satan and his crew counterfeit all of our Father’s Gifts! Thank You!!!

  2. Ditto to Dr. Barb’s comment.
    I also had the same experience as your daughter since the age of 10 and did not know GOD until 30. I have been spirit filled and is on an intimate journey with the LORD for 24 years. It is a joy to see that there are numerous gifted brothers and sisters of the LORD here.
    I hope you don’t mind; your site seems to me as an analogy of the xmen movie where you are Professor X (Xavier) and this site is the his training school (Institute for Gifted Youngsters) and we are the youngster (students).
    I am blessed that GOD have raised you up to open this site. Now I don’t feel alone. My heart’s desire is to have a group of GOD reverence (fearing) people whom would impart life experience so others would not needlessly grope in the dark to learn about their gift, to bring it to maturity and perfection. I know that it is the Holy Spirit who trains us and teach us to grow to maturity so we can build up the church (as 1 of the 5 fold ministry); but it is also helpful to have mentors guiding the youngsters along too…

    • Thank you and LOL at the X-men reference. But I receive that. In the same spirit, I sometimes kind of think of myself as Giles in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, as I often have young seers contact me for guidance.

      Paul wrote a little essay on spiritual gifts to the Corinthians, 1 Cor 11-14, and in it, he casually referenced “outsiders and unbelievers.” Outsiders means basically those who haven’t been trained in spiritual gifts. This suggests to me there is value in offering training and teaching people to practice and move more clearly in their specific gifting. I hope to offer more specific guidance and training next year.

      I also plan to introduce a forum or (very limited) social network on this site, to better facilitate discussions between visitors, moderated by me. Stay tuned!

  3. That is an excellent idea in spereading the gospel and in perfecting the gift within each earthen vessel.
    May the LORD continually to bless your ministry in every way to equip seers and prophets to perfect their gifting to the glory of GOD the FATHER through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

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