Seers are Dreamers: Instruction on Dream Interpretation

This page is under construction. But in the meantime, here’s a series on Seers and Dream Interpretation.

Seers and Dream Interpretation Part 1

Seers and Dreams Part 2

Seers and Dreams, Part 3

Seers and Dream Interpretation Part 4


An important post on being spiritually attacked in your sleep.

Sleep Paralysis




  1. Really interested about this subject!! Always been curious about my dreams…a lot of my dreams become deja vu…some end up being a clue or preview to what is to come…some are nightmares. Look forward to learning more!

    • Thank you! Your comment is fortuitous! My next post will be on dreams, and I’ll probably edit this page (finally) similarly. Our entire family has been having crazy spiritual dreams this week, so I guess it’s time to “go there.”

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