Seers and the Alien Invasion

Yeah, the post title is correct. Seers and the alien invasion. What the…?

I was trolling a Facebook group that discusses UFOs and “alien” activity, from the view point that alien abductions/sightings are demonically-inspired or government conspiratorial activity.  Someone linked to an article that was titled: “Seers Are the Alien Invasion’s Ultimate Weapons.” That caused my eyes to raise.

Here is an excerpt:

In every world, psychically gifted children are sought out and trained from a very early age. They are valuable resources for their races. Seers serve in a variety of ways. For instance, they accompany diplomatic missions and are used to facilitate understanding between fundamentally different species. Courts use them to ascertain truth. Government forces use them to ferret out criminals and rebellious individuals. Species with gifted seers hold a decisive advantage.

During the Cold War, both sides employed psychics to spy on each other. The remote viewing programs were successful and opened the door to further research in this area. Who can say how far these programs have gone? World powers may have hidden teams of seers at their disposal. For humanity’s sake, let’s hope they do. We need them to compete with Greater Community forces….  1

Psychically gifted children are sought out and trained from an early age…”


I kept reading…
Knowledge, also known as Higher Self or Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature, is the greatest power in the universe. 2



Knowledge is power. Knowledge leads to salvation.  Blah blah blah.

Gnosticism is a dominating philosophical construct in the United States. It’s presented uncritically in movies, in churches, in media… It’s led to thinking that the god of the Old Testament was a grumpy mean god who is mad at us, but Jesus was a good, nice son who stands up for us against the grumpy god. Gnostics present that the grumpy, somewhat idiotic and certainly genocidal schizophrenic god tolerates us because his son likes us. Note: I purposely didn’t  capitalize god or son in this paragraph. Sadly, many streams of Christianity have embraced elements of gnosticism into their theology.

This gnostic view of god is foreign to the Biblical text and the culture that produced it. It reads preconceived ideas about God into the text that just aren’t there, nor were they in the minds of the biblical authors.  The story of the Bible tells an altogether different story. The worldview of the authors is altogether different from gnosticism. To begin a journey of faith that unpacks the biblical worldview, which is the best worldview through which to interpret the paranormal and supernatural phenomena around us, start here.

The gnostic narrative of the bible was developed centuries after the bible was written. I know, I know… Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” says otherwise, but come on. Don’t get your history or theology from movies or fictional books.  Here is a 6-hour series of presentations debunking the history and theology of “The DaVinci Code” – and by extension of Gnostic thinking – by an actual scholar and historian.  (But read the rest of this post before watching it!)

Seers and the Alien Invasion

The source website I found that article argues that there is a galactic federation of planets around us, and our earthly governments are either in league or in opposition to them. Some of the aliens want to establish a control system on the planet.  But the true way to salvation has been channelled to the author of that site by a special alien, and that knowledge will lead to light, love, and so on.

Ok. First of all, the way to light, love and eternal life is a Man, and the way has been made available through faith. Seek to know more about Jesus Christ, not some ethereal New Age Christ-consciousness. If you pursue the Person of Jesus Christ, you have the mind of Christ! 3 If you pursue something else, and veer off into looking at Christ-consciousness, you’ve missed it. It’s not knowledge that saves and renews us, but faith in Jesus.

Is there intelligent life on other worlds? I don’t know. I don’t really care. It’s interesting to think about. But the way to salvation isn’t through an alien. Of course there are intelligent entities in other dimensions, and these entities interact with us in ways that some people can discern and even see… In other words, the spirit world is real, and some people can actually see into it! 

A couple final thoughts.

It’s no new revelation that governments have investigated the paranormal and employed “pscychically-gifted” people for their agendas.  The United States employed psychics and mediums in the White House during World War 2 to achieve demon-inspired intelligence on its enemies. 4  The Nazis that ruled Germany at the time were similarly immersed in demonic and hidden forces to aid their mission. Sometimes, the American Presidents and other national  leaders would often bring priests, clergy, or occultists in as advisers to consult God or occult forces for advice.  Receiving supernatural guidance for military and political purposes is recorded in the biblical text, as well.

One example was during an invasion of Ancient Israel.  The Prophet of God received supernatural knowledge of the invading army’s location, and fed that information to his King. Eventually, the invaders sent a few companies to kill him, to cut off Israel’s supreme information source. The Prophet wasn’t worried about it. He saw an army of angels surrounding those sent to kill him, and actually opened the eyes of his servant to see them as well. A cool passage. 5

But apart from approaching God the Father through His Son Jesus for information, it’s dangerous to appeal to the supernatural for knowledge.  Those who employ mediums who talk to the dead or demonic don’t truly understand the implications of what’s at stake. I talked a little about this in the “What are ghosts” page. These entities have agendas that, apart from the gift of discernment given by the Holy Spirit, humans cannot, well, discern. Apart from the person of the Holy Spirit, we can’t tell when a spirit is lying to us or telling us the truth, and we don’t know what their aims are…

I’m troubled by the confluence of New Age mysticism practiced among some Christians, even Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit. I’m preparing an article on seeing “auras”, which will critically analyze the value in asking someone to read his or her aura… or in taking a Facebook survey that tells you what your aura is…. Hope to have it released in the next week or so.

Bottom line, are you or is someone in your family “psychically-sensitive?” Great. Meet the King, the Lord Jesus, pledge your loyalty and life to Him, and He’ll offer instruction and protection in the use and purpose of the gift. Trust me. He wins. Heck… He already won! 6 (That’s what Easter is all about, you know). The tension in our currently world is just working out the victory, slowly bringing everything into subjection to Jesus. 7  He’s worth your loyalty and life!



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