Seers See into the Spiritual Realm


Seers see into the Spiritual Realm.  Seers are extremely gifted, blessed, or cursed (depending on their circumstances) to see into this world and how it intersects with the physical reality the rest of us experience. This site explores this ability to see into the spirit realm and the purpose of the gift.

We examine the spirit world, the nature of the cosmic conflict between good and evil, and encourage Seers to make a conscious choice regarding their ability. We offer training to both seers and their non-seeing family members, mental health professionals, and clergy.



  1. Dear Master,
    Every prophesy about me from my infancy is that am a prophet, now am an ordained Reverend, i pray, i fast but still cant see anything. Please help me, how can i receive this gift?
    Thank you.

    • Try going through this 4-part series by Jonathan Welton on YouTube, including the activations. In addition, pick up his book, or John Goll’s book, “The Seer”, and work through the activations. An “activation” is merely an action that’s is intended to build faith and release more faith. For instance, Jesus would declare some lame person was healed, and then say, “Now get up and walk.” And he’d sometimes say, “So and so’s faith made you well.” The faith was demonstrated by the action. The action “activated” their faith. God told Jeremiah to go out and see what he saw. He did so, and saw a tree. God prophesied to Jeremiah through the act of seeing the tree. Jeremiah activated his faith in hearing from God by obeying and noting something looked highlighted to him (obviously, Jeremiah saw more than a tree… he saw the ground, the sky, etc., but something about that tree was highlighted to him). This is all I mean when I talk about “doing activations.”

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