Handicapped Children Who See Spirits

“My handicapped child… is a seer”, an email I received began. “He has severe spastic CP with no purposeful movement from the nose down. He is 18 and has normal intelligence but can only blink for yes. We were originally told that he was profoundly retarded but it didn’t take long to see that he wasn’t…” 

The mother said when he was three at bedtime, “we sometimes noticed that he smiled at things behind us. He even laughed pretty loudly when no one was in the room with him. When I asked him if he was talking to someone he blinked yes and gave us a look like, “Can’t you see them too?””

Much later, another seer confirmed that their son could see quite clearly in the spirit realm. The seer added “the four biggest angels he had ever seen were at the four corners of our property. He also saw that angels were walking through our house all the time.”

They were interacting with their son, who from time to time sees and talks with Jesus in his dreams. 

I have spoken to a shocking number of parents of handicapped or disabled children who see spirits.

Many Handicapped Children are Seers

I’m overlapping the terms “handicapped” with “disabled.” In these categories, I generally include children who are mentally retarded, hard of hearing, deaf, speech impaired, visually handicapped, orthopedically impaired, other health impaired, deaf-blind, etc. Disabled, or “differently abled” children have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments. This isn’t a comprehensive description, but hopefully you understand what I’m talking about.

God has granted many handicapped children spiritual gifts and abilities.

As their gifts and abilities are ignored or not developed, they may fade, as with “regular” children.

Autism and Seers

One of my European friends with autism shared on our old forum, “to me it looks like many people with autism have seer capabilities but lose them while they grow up. Because almost all of us, autistic persons, try to recognize patterns to stay alive in the social jungle of unwritten behavior and regulations. And copy them as much as possible, although we shall never understand them. Being a seer simply does not fit, so we neglect it until it has been disappeared.” 

A great many children on the autism spectrum seem to perceive quite clearly entities or things in the spiritual realm. Perhaps the same wiring in their brains that put them on the autistic spectrum makes them more perceptive to spiritual things. 

A Difficult Question

Why would God give spiritual gifts and abilities to children (and adults) who have handicaps that prevent them from using their gifts for the Kingdom?

What good is the seer ability in a child whose intelligent mind is trapped in a body rendering him nearly incapable of communicating what he sees? 

Moreover, many people write me pleading for help in “acquiring” the gift of seeing spiritual things so they can engage in spiritual warfare. (If they do something to acquire it, isn’t it no longer a gift, but payment for services rendered?)

Why would God give spiritual gifts to those who can’t even engage in spiritual warfare? 

Such presumption!

God’s Rule and the Handicapped

Let’s define terms. The Kingdom is the dynamic rule of God. It’s the activity of God’s government. God rules completely in heaven; God’s government is on earth, but not fully on earth yet.

And a spiritual gift, as this post explains, is really a grace endowment, not a payment for services rendered, and God gets to choose which abilities he endows in whomever whenever he chooses.

Is God ruling in the bodies of handicapped children?

No. But for that matter, God isn’t fully ruling in my body either – with its scoliosis and degenerating discs and my near-sighted eyes and missing kidney.

But this is the body I have, and I can use it to the best of my abilities according to God’s rule.

The same goes for children (and adults) with handicaps and disabilities, albeit their lives are much more difficult than mine. 

When the Lord Jesus returns bodily bringing the Kingdom in its fullness, then their imperfect mortal bodies (and mine!) will be made perfect. 

The World’s View of Handicapped Children

The other night, I had dinner with my cousin who has Down’s Syndrome. He has such love for others and a hilarious sense of humor.

The world currently says it would have been acceptable for my aunt to have aborted him for his Downs (or for any reason up to and after birth, in some states).

Op-ed pieces in major US newspapers and influential bio-ethicists in the US and Europe openly recommend aborting or killing newborns with handicaps or disabilities.

The world reasons, since life will be harder for them and especially their parents, what’s the point? Abort and live a better life!

Well, if there’s one thing our society doesn’t value, it’s sacrifice to serve others. And this goes for children with any handicaps or disabilities.

In the world’s economy, they are last in value. 

In God’s economy, however, they are first. 

In Luke 14:16-24, Jesus gives a parable regarding those invited to participate in the Kingdom of God. The ruler invited the privileged to participate, but they rejected the invitation. So he invited “the poor and crippled and blind and lame.” 

God invites children and adults with handicaps and disabilities to participate as they are in God’s government on earth

The least in the world are the first in the Kingdom of God.

Many seers have either rejected their ability or refused to use them according to God’s active rule. They were too busy going about their own business.

So God has invited the handicapped and disabled to help run his government. And knowing God’s judgment, they’ll do so spectacularly.

Handicapped child and adult seers are God’s eyes and ears.

The seer mentioned in the first paragraph.

It’s contingent on those of us without handicaps or disabilities to cooperate with what God is doing. Teach them about the spirit realm and the Kingdom Conflict, and invite them to participate, to take their parts and to operate in their gifting. 

Remember, the purpose of this gift is to bring more of the world under God’s rule, starting with your life and home, then the local church, and then the local community.

Yes it will be more difficult for handicapped children to communicate what they are perceiving in the spirit realm, because basically everything is more difficult in a world not designed for those with handicaps and disabilities.

As parents, pastors, friends and neighbors, we must equip people with special needs to use their unique gifts and abilities according to the role God has granted them, not according to the role society has bound to them. They are God’s gift to us, and God has granted them gifts for us, and we get to serve them as we’d serve God and as God serves us.

Help them take their place in God’s Story. 

God has granted gifts to the handicapped and disabled. Can we, as the servant in verse 22, reply, “Sir, what you have commanded has been done…”?



  1. Thank you for believing me and our son. My husband and I had only been believers for a few years when God called is to adopt two special children. We have always encouraged our son in his gift. Thank you for your help and your book. It’s helped him do warfare as he’s grown.
    I encourage everyone to share this article.
    My thought on the abortion front is that the evil one wants to stop people from seeing God in the faces of these precious people. DS people so often show the love of God in their personalities! Satan wants that too stop!
    I’ll also day that adopting special children is a gift God gives you. If you feel that calling, follow it. Steel yourself to do God’s will. It is worth everything you go through to rescue these gifts from a heartless system.

  2. Thank you very much Doug, as this is our life we have a child that’s 27 in diapers can’t walk or talk. Well equipped with loving spirits.

  3. Hello there! I was particularly touched while reading this blog entry. There is always a tenderness in the heart of God for such as these who suffer limitations in the body in the now but through whom God can work within for His glory and use for His purposes in ways me cannot know or see. I feel deeply that the prophetic gift of seeing (nor any other) is not meant to be used without the application of love for God and others. It is easy to be lured into wanting to form some sort identity for ourselves on the basis of having this gift, which you mentioned elsewhere, or wanting to wield it because it promises power and, possibly, a name for self-validation to set ourselves apart from others.

    Perhaps it is the unassuming nature of those who in childlike faith and humility receive this gift and use it for the love of others who have the blessing and loving smile of God upon their lives whether or not they may carry an infirmity of body or mind. The reason why I feel for them is because of the people I have encountered in my life and my personal experience with suffering which has taught me that the love of God is intently so on those of us whom the many tend to overlook or avoid. May God increase the love in your heart for those you minister to whether or not they have the gifting and no matter what shape or size they may come in, without regard for whatsoever the state of mind they have or however they are in the way they are physically formed.


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