Dr. Heiser’s Unseen Realm Presentation

Dr. Heiser Presenting

Dr. Heiser Presenting

My friend Jason and I were fortunate enough to attend “The Unseen Realm: A Day with Dr. Michael S. Heiser” on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Maranatha Community Fellowship in Plain City, Ohio.  The organizers, my friends Oscar and Jeanine Cazares, have made the slides and audio available. I had to reduce the quality of a couple of the presentations, due to size restrictions from my web host, but hopefully they’ll all play well.

Dr. Heiser’s website is here. Also, I recently reviewed his released books, Unseen Realm and Supernatural.

Enjoy all 4 sessions and the Q&A! To be honest, my brain was pretty fried by the Q&A, and it’s remarkable to me he was still going strong!  I asked a question in one of the Q&As that made him laugh and reply “You must have wanted this to be on the recording.” Yep.

Session 1Supernatural Worldview in the Old Testament – Overview Slides (PDF)

Download Session 1 by right-clicking and selecting “Save as” or “Download Linked File.” 


Session 2Supernatural Worldview in the Old Testament – God as Man in OT Slides (PDF)

Download Session 2 here.


Session 3Supernatural Worldview in the New Testament – Jesus and the Gospels (PDF) Birth of Jesus slides (PDF)

Download session 3 here.


Session 4Supernatural Worldview in the New Testament – Acts and Epistles,(PDF). Also, Q&A part 1.

Download session 4  and Q&A1 here.


Q & A Parts 2 & 3

Download Q&A Part 2.

Download Q&A Part 3.