Our Story behind Seers See

If you’re interested in our story behind Seers See, then keep reading.  Amy and I noticed our daughter saw things that we couldn’t see early on. She was perhaps 2 when it became so obvious we began to wonder what was going on.

For instance, when she was 2 or 3, she pointed to the patio door and asked, “Who that man, Daddy? Who that man, Mommy?” And no one would be there. She’d be scared and run up to us, and point. It was disconcerting.

Sometimes she’d squeal and point to the floor and say a snake was there, or a small dragon, and she’d cry. There was nothing there. Oh, and she had night terrors almost every night.  At first, we thought the Disney cartoon movies we were watching were too intense, and were causing her impressionable young mind to imagine things that weren’t there.

I’ll never forget when we went to Disney World in Florida, how terrified – literally trembling – she was at seeing the glowing eyes in the Snow White ride, as we passed through the “forest.”

Now, look, you might think she needed drugs or therapy. This child wasn’t physically abused; she wasn’t sexually abused. She was a delightful, intelligent, well-rounded and personable child. My wife is a clinically licensed professional counselor who specializes in working with young children who have been abused or traumatized. She is almost uniquely qualified to see the signs, and our daughter didn’t exhibit them.

Early on, we resorted to doing the only thing we could think of: commanding the entities that scared her to leave in the name of Jesus. We taught her to say that also, “Go away in the name of Jesus!” Some nights, she would be screaming that in her room. We’d rush in and she’d be crying and pointing. We added our authority to the command, and just held her, allowing her to co-sleep.

Eventually we understood she was a Seer, gifted by God for His purposes, and enemy entities were trying to blunt her spiritual sight by terrorizing her.  It has been a long journey and we’re still early on (she is now 8 years old). But we have come far, and want to offer hope to other parents and seers in general: Your gift has a purpose and it can help make the world a better place!



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