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Last year, in a series of posts, I postulated on the dearth of government seers, particularly in the United States, where I live. Given the political turmoil in the United States right now, I thought it worth looking at this concept again, with some additional comments included here.

Powerful governments -dare I say all governments, actually – need supernatural guidance from the Most High God, the uncreated all-powerful being who demonstrated his true nature through through the person of Jesus Christ and who delegated to humans dominion over the earth.


In the past decade or so, I have hung out online with a lot of Christians (and non-Christian gnostics) who tend to see the current ecumenic, economic, and political move towards globalism as an evil, antichrist agenda of the Illuminati, or aliens, or principalities, or bankers, or Satan or whatever.

The popular media calls these people extremists, but most journalists write from a framework that causes them to reject supernatural and/or conspiratorial causation. Because of the differing worldviews, extremists is a complete misnomer that utterly misses the mark, but such is the state of the “establishment” media.

Anyway, a lot of people hold that American presidents have been evil, under the sway of a hidden government that controls everything, including who gets (s)elected as President. Different groups view this hidden government as the military-industrial-banking-credit complex (close to my opinion), Masons, occultists, aliens from another world, or spiritual powers and principalities (also my view).

Some insist that America’s highest leaders sacrifice babies, either for real or symbolical in hidden groves, are mere puppets, and that Masonic rituals undergird much of the pomp and circumstance of America’s transition from one president to the next, rituals that are meant to somehow usher in a New Age or One World Order, by calling on spiritual powers (ancient gods). They deny that Americans actually elect their leaders and that the elite pretty much manipulate everything.

Trumped by a New Paradigm

Naturally, the election of Donald Trump guts much of the extremes of these perspectives, but many of these people have already meshed this election with their worldview. It’s been interesting to watch.

In the last couple of years, God has highlighted to me Romans 13, discussed in one of last years’ posts (linked below) and in my most recent newsletter (have you signed up yet?).

According to Romans 13, although God has delegated to powers and principalities the ability to influence governments, ultimately, government leaders are God’s servants. God’s sovereignty -which the Father has given to God’s Son, Jesus Christ – trumps all others.

Yes, the pun is intended.

In the last year, my eyes have been opened to ideas that have really undone – or at least called into question –  some of my previously held spiritual conspiracy theories.

For instance, in this series (linked below) on seers and governments, I complain that there is a dearth of seers who have advised US Presidents. But one prophetic seer this week mentioned on his own blog that President Clinton had a “spiritual sensitive and highly prophetic” (my phrasing) spiritual leader advising him on multiple occasions. For that matter, this Christian Pastor also advised the CIA paranormal unit. That was news to me.

In retrospect, I remembered that the Attorney General under President George W. Bush was also a Christian who was spiritually sensitive and full of the Holy Spirit.

While I was heartened to learn that a few who understood spiritual things of God Most High were advising at the highest levels of government, I wonder, do they understand the Kingdom of God Mindset?

The Kingdom of God Mindset is discussed in my book, Peace in Your House: Spiritual Cleansing of Life and Land, where I teach how to apply Jesus’ mindset on an individual and family level. But the Kingdom of God Mindset can be applied in all walks of life, from doing laundry to working for an employer to leading the most powerful nation on earth.

In other words, God has lots of good advice regarding just about anything, and that includes running governments.

Well, anyway, here’s a recap of that series.

Seers Who Work with the Government

Part 1

In Seers Who Work with the Government Part 1, I talk about the fear many with spiritual abilities like the seer gift have of governments, and I conclude the post with talking about what the Kingdom of God is. The Kingdom of God Mindset is hinted at, but not developed in this post.

Update to this post

The fear I mention in the post prompted some of my subsequent efforts to secure this site with encryption and moving my email service to an secure firm in Berlin, with Germany’s rigorous privacy protections (the Germans have a heightened awareness of the dangers of an overly intrusive police state government…) For information on the service I use, go to

Also, it prompted me to start the Forum. I decided against using the Diaspora social media network. For those less concerned about privacy, you can join my Facebook group.

Part 2

Seers Who Work with the Government Part 2 is one of my favorite and perhaps one of the most practical and (to me) profound posts. I am challenged by its conclusions, even today, more than a year later.

I love the Bible, and I look at some biblical examples of seers who worked with governments that were not loyal to God, including some nations that the Bible considered the worst of all times in comparison to ancient Israel (particularly when Israel turned to them for help, rather than turning to God). The seers were loyal to God, but the governments were not.

And the conclusions of how seers and prophets loyal to God assisted these pagan rulers are both profound and applicable to Christian seers and prophets today.

Part 3

In Seers Who Work with the Government Part 3, I ask some questions,  draw some conclusions based on the previous posts, and issue some challenges.

(In rereading them, I also noted that I challenged myself to write something about dream interpretation, which I never did. Okay, okay, I’ll get on that).

Part 4

In CIA, Remote Viewing and Seers, I respond to some criticism that governments really aren’t interested in the paranormal. Yes they are.


Please pray that God brings Godly and talented people who understand the Kingdom of God Mindset into advisory roles in human governments. Pray for Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. Pray for Francoise Holland and Theresa May. Pray for Malcolm Turnbull and Justin Trudeau.

And I ask that you pray for the new President-Elect in the United States, Donald Trump, particularly as he forms his government and tries to navigate the many challenges of transition and governing, in addition to the other leaders in the US Congress and among the States.



  1. There were a lot of dreamers and prophets that said Clinton would win the elevtions. And that Obama would delay the elections and stayed in power.

    It’s a pity that we as Christians are so divided. That we listen so bad to our Lord and make our “prophets” a big joke to the world. That they do not want to take us serious any longer…

    • I agree… I have been flabbergasted by the many “predictions disguised as prophecies” from a certain segment of Christians, especially regarding conspiracies regarding President Obama. Part of me wants to begin cataloging “false prophecies”… but then that would mean focusing my mind on things below and not on things above, and therefore wouldn’t be very edifying. I suppose I’ll stick with Paul’s advice in Col 3 and Jesu’s direction to focus on the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, not false teachers.

  2. Question, why would governments need seers in order to have access to God’s wisdom? Couldn’t they simply rely on the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit’s guidance which all Christians have?

    • God has provided different gifts to different people. Some people have gifts of leadership and administration – generally this would include government leaders (hopefully). Other people have gifts to receive clear messages from God or can perceive things in the spirit realm. Wisdom would entail people in leadership receiving counsel from those who can perceive spiritual things – as well as receiving counsel from those who are gifted in finance, or foreign relations, or domestic policy, etc., etc.

      The Old Testament example is of course Israel, which had a king who was an effective leader, and the prophet, who gave the king the messages he was hearing from God. Why didn’t God simply gift the king the message and bypass the prophet?

      Perhaps the king was so busy that he didn’t take time to hear from God, or he had so much on his mind (being a king), he didn’t hear clearly from God. Perhaps the prophet (being a prophet) took more time in devotion to hear from God.

      Certainly, the Old Testament describes many times when God gave kings messages directly, but required a prophet to reveal what the messages actually meant.

      I think God likes us to be in relationship together and in community with each other, each bringing our gifts together to help each other out.

      Modern examples include many US presidents, for instance, who certainly prayed and spend time in the Bible, but also consulted with religious leaders who (in theory) spend more time than the President does praying and trying to receive wisdom from God.

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