Seers Who Work with the Government Part 1

Some police departments have used psychics and other New Age seers who work with the government to break open murder and other criminal cases.  These occult users rely on communication with the spirit realm, perhaps through their own spirit guides or with ghosts or in reading the different aspects that they can see in the spirit realm, to aid government agents in decision making.

This concept is simulated in TV shoes like the Ghost Whisperer or the X-Files episode “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” (one of the best episodes in that entire series, which face it, is one of TV’s best series ever).

Fear of Governments

More than one visitor to this site has emailed me with questions about the seer gift or spiritual warfare, while expressing reservations in sharing too much information over the Internet, lest a snooping government agency identify them or their seer children for potential government intelligence agencies or government research.

Younglings training to be Jedi.

Younglings training to be Jedi.

To illustrate this fear, think of the Star Wars universe, in which agents of the Republic actively identified young children who were spiritually sensitive and showed potential to manipulating the unseen and mystical Force. The Republic then forcibly removed these children and spirited them off to a secret school – the Jedi Temple – for training and shaping as a secret police force and government spies and assassins. These Jedi children had to give up their families and were forbidden from loving or marrying in forced devotion to the state religion.

Occult America: The Secret History of how Mysticism Shaped our Nation

The Occult History of America

Applying fiction to reality may seem far-fetched, but it’s not.  It’s perhaps not commonly known, but modern governments have often researched and consulted with occult forces for policy decisions.

The American President Abraham Lincoln and his wife hosted seances in the White House during the American Civil War. (Mrs. Lincoln probably drove the practice more out of engaging a popular and stylish past time rather than in actually consulting spirits for policy decisions. Mrs. Reagan similarly used psychics and mediums to consult spirits in assisting with policy decisions when her husband was recovering from his assassination attempt).

US President Franklin Roosevelt also consulted with mystics and psychics as well.

According to some sources, FDR and Prime Minister Churchill both engaged occult forces (via wizards in modern suits?) in developing strategies against the German Nazis, also known for their engagement of occult forces (wizards in SS uniforms?).

After World War 2, American and Soviet governments engaged Nazi scientists in research, including scientists heavily engaged with occult forces.

Former Nazi occult scientists were instrumental in the American rocket and nuclear research, for instance. And both governments researched paranormal and occult forces for their own purposes. No doubt other governments do so as well.

Government Holding Cells for Vampires and other Monsters in Buffy Season 4

Government Holding Cells for Vampires and other Monsters in Buffy Season 4

Art Imitating Life?

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series (and let’s face it, Buffy is perhaps the Best.Series.Ever…. ha) explored these concepts in its Season 4.

In fact, the entire story arc of Season 4 dealt with a covert government program which attempted to harness demonic and occult forces in the creation of an enhanced human-demon hybrid super-soldier.  And while my wife remembers this season mainly because her favorite hottie, Riley Finn, was Buffy’s main flame that season, I found myself wondering how much art imitated reality.

She goes invisible...

She goes invisible…

In Buffy Season 1, the episode “Out of Mind, Out of Sight” also toyed with this concept, in a classic must-see episode (as with most Buffy episodes and themes, a must-see episode more for the social commentary than the conspiratorial aspects).

An unpopular student is overlooked by literally everyone in the school, from students to teachers, and her reality begins to manifest in that she actually becomes invisible.  She is presumed to have disappeared, while an invisible entity enacts revenge on the super popular who bullied and ignored her.

Eventually, Buffy figures out this entity is an invisible girl and defeats her while wondering how many other students across the nation have had this “done” to them, … and government agents – men in black – swoop in and take her away. They take her to a secret installation, lead her into a sterile class room full of “empty” desks, and a visible teacher instructs the class to turn to a page number, and a book on her desk opens up to a chapter on covert assassinations.

Distrusting the Government With the Supernatural

The distrust of government military and intelligence agencies may be founded. Certainly power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so it may follow that if corrupt government officials get access to those who can tap into supernatural knowledge, they could use the supernatural knowledge for terrible purposes, as with the Nazis.  Or they could use them to fight the terrible purposes, as with the Allies’ use of occult forces.

But when “good guys” use occult forces of nebulous agendas for their own “good purposes”, what is to stop the agenda of the occult forces from shaping the “good guy’s” agenda?

What do you think?

Seer Discussion on Social Media and in a Forum

The fear that some visitors to this site have expressed and my own dissatisfaction with the global surveillance state formed by corporate and government partnerships have led me to explore opening discussions on a private social network or an anonymous forum for visitors to engage in discussions together.

Also, I’ll add a forum here at Seers See in a few weeks that will allow anonymous and encrypted discussions.

Would either of these interest of you?

Some users have had some interesting discussions under some articles here, but in the interest of filtering comment spam, I read and approve each comment (even if I don’t necessarily agree with it) and comments under articles written over many years may not be the best way to facilitate discussions.

And while I’ll roll out a forum in a few weeks, I am starting to wonder if this fear of being discovered by governments is misplaced when it comes to Seers who operate from the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God vs Domain of Darkness

Many Christians do not have a clear understanding of what the Kingdom of God is, and thus fall into one or more of these categories

  • Distrustful of supernatural manifestations and label them all as evil
  • Misunderstand God’s creative purpose and destiny for humans
  • Misuse the supernatural
  • Reject the very concept of a supernatural reality

In fact, God and His Heavenly Host are supernatural beings and the supernatural and natural are intertwined, and perceiving this from the perspective of the Kingdom of God is key to both understanding the supernatural and physical realms while using supernatural gifts appropriately and living the empowered lives that God intended all along.

The Kingdom of God is the future dynamic rule and reign of God in action (i.e., as in Heaven), and the Kingdom of God is breaking into the present (on Earth) from the future, slowly but inexorably supplanting the Domain of Darkness, that hierarchy of evil forces, powers, and spirits arrayed against God.  This began with Jesus’ announcement about the Gospel of the Kingdom and with his demonstration of power over demons and sickness. See this for a high level and brief overview.

When Christians do not understand the “now and not yet” nature of the Kingdom, their perspective on a lot of our reality is slightly askew. If the Apostle Paul is accurate in saying that Christians were resurrected with Christ and now sit in heavenly places with Jesus, then God’s call is to start seeing things from Heaven’s perspective.

What’s the Source?

Psychics and mediums who collaborate with government officials are tapping into spirits and forces in the Dominion of Darkness.

This isn’t to say that these spirits aren’t feeding them true information: in many cases they are. But ultimately, their agenda isn’t helpful and in fact, is sometimes difficult to discern. A big problem with using these sources for information is that, while they may have information that is useful, they actually lack the earthly authority to give it to humans, and when they give information (whether its false or true), they are not only in rebellion to the holy and loving God, but they drag their human counterparts into open rebellion also.

Seers and Prophets who operate from the Kingdom of God’s perspective tap into the Holy Spirit for their knowledge and power, with the added benefit of having been granted the authority to do so by Jesus, who sits on God’s throne and who is bringing into subjection the forces and powers of this world through the Kingdom breaking into the present from the future. This is why demons cannot deal with people who address them in the name of Jesus who came in the flesh, died on the Cross, and rose again.

In fact, when a bunch of Kingdom people who are filled with the Holy Spirit show up at a psychic fair, much supernatural activity that originates in the Domain of Darkness tends to shut down. In other words, when the King’s people show up, the squatters and rebels flee.

In Part 2, we’ll look at biblical examples of God’s seers assisting their governments in decision making and policy formation. 



  1. As I was reading this, I was waiting for you to mention the accuracy that God has, as you did. I agree that if you have the proper view on how the kingdom work is done then those things shouldn’t be a fear. Fear is not of God, yet we all have fear at some point. So it comes down to trusting Gods will for your life and praying that his will be done. If God wants me to be taken by the government as a part of his will for my life, as much as I pray that’s not the case, then I give my life for Christ’s sake and not my own. I pray the fear of the enemy does not live in any one who comes here in search of freedom! Thank you for your inspiration!

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