CIA, Remote Viewing and Seers

My recent series “Seers Who Work With the Government” garnered some interesting feedback. One question that comes up is simply, “Come on. Are governments really and truly interested in seers? Do they actually believe in paranormal and supernatural abilities like being able to see beyond the physical realm?”

As a matter of fact, they do. The US Central Intelligence Agency recently released 92,000 pages of research into remote viewing over about 50 years. Hat tip to one of the writers/teachers I follow, Dr. Michael Heiser, who blogged about this at his UFO Religions page.

Here is a link to a 12,000 line Google Doc of the documents released, including links to open them directly.

Some interesting titles include

  • Ministry to Study Psychic Powers, UFO’s for Future Industry
  • Unclean Spirits: Possession and Exorcism in France and England
  • Analysis of a Case of Haunting
  • The Aspr as Mediator Between Two Cultures: The Physical and the Spiritual
  • Healing through Spirits
  • Examining Psychic Phenomena
  • Psychic Studies Might Help USA Explore Soviets
  • In Search of Modern Merlins: Psychics Gain Wider Credibility
  • Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research
  • Galactic Federation Headquarters

Look through what the CIA collected and researched into for yourself.

By the way, I’m not joking about that last one. In fact, a large number of these documents deal with UFO and alien phenomena.  A materialist interpretation of alien phenomena holds that aliens are visiting from a technologically-advanced world, or perhaps another dimension.  Many researchers have noted that aliens-human contactee literature tends to reveal that aliens are vicious and demonic, perpetrating the most cruel experiments and behavior on their human victims.

It’s far more likely that aliens are actually spiritual beings that can manipulate matter and energy in a way to appear to be aliens from another planet.   They are, in fact, demonic entities masquerading as aliens.  So, it shouldn’t be surprising that using spiritual practices to “remote view” or peer beyond the cosmic veil would result in people perceiving aliens phenomena.




  1. Amazing… Read some of this stuff. But this is de-classified and what I read 30 to 40 years ago. Can you imagine what’s the status of these things today?

  2. A remark about the UFO’s. I think you are right, but they are also man-made with human beings inside.

    Tesla lived from 1856 – 1943. Even Einstein admitted Tesla was more intelligent than he himself. The problem with Tesla was that he wanted to give his inventions to everyone for free. He invented a flying saucer among a list of many other things. It is all about scalar energy.

    Scalar energy is energy that’s free around us. But you cannot measure it, so in Tesla’s time nobody wanted it. But powerful countries use scalar technology, predominantly for their weapons. Among them the USA, China and Russia.

    The science about scalar technology is mostly hidden. You only scratch the surface of the knowledge available on the internet. There are even other hidden / secret sciences only used by powerful governments.

    So I am sure UFO’s are real with real humans inside. With scalar energy they can go faster than light, anywhere the military want them to go.

    Long time ago I studied elektrotechnics at a famous university, with a lot of Maxwell equiations and waveforms, but never crossed any scalar waves. I am not going to try to explain it here, but as you have time, you can do interesting experiments by building a generator yourself.

    What I guess is that in this endtime (I strongly believe the Tribulation to start this September) the UFO’s are being used to explain the massive disappearance of many people (Christians) on the earth. The UFO’s are a cover-up and people are told that the aliens took all these people away.

    In short: I think the UFO’s are both manmade and demonic entities as well.

    • I agree most “alien crafts” are probably manmade. The Germans had flying saucer technology back in World War 2, which both the Soviets and the Americans imported in the post war years.

  3. Small remark: Sometimes I use Remote Viewing, but it is a lot easier to use seeing (as a seer.) Never encountered “aliens.”

    • Of course, I don’t really believe that “aliens” are visiting earth from another world. But a lot of people do believe this.

  4. They are demonic . Not from other World’s . I have always been a see seer and honestly always thought something was wrong with me . Until I read your book Doug ,well let’s just say my mind is blown ,no one has ever explained the things I have always and still do see and hear . I worked in the medical field and have always been afraid to tell people any thing as they would think I was nuts . So I have keep this to myself all my life . My son is also a seer and some of my grandchildren . I have always felt this was a curse but there have been times in my life through the unseen realm there’s been Divine intervention to literally warn me and put people out of harm’s way . I don’t want to go through much on line . But these aka Aliens are indeed evil ? During a vision which was like stepping literally in another realm in 2011 I saw things the Holy Spirit was with me and told me clearly they are liars and deciever do not look at them . Often I have seen these things in a wide awake state usually during Bible study

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