Seers Who Work with the Government Part 3

We’ve noted in Part 1 that seers who work with government officials tend to be in the New Age, psychics, mediums, or astrologers. In Part 2, we looked at Biblical examples of God’s seers who worked with their governments, some of which were in a covenant relationship with God, but others weren’t, and in fact were considered the worst of nations by biblical authors.

This Little Light of Mine. I’m Gonna Let it Hide.

What does this mean for seers and prophets of God today?  Should Christian seers and prophets hide from involvement with the government?

If God has granted them the ability to interpret dreams or see the spirit behind the actions of others, should they refrain from revealing what is going on?

If God speaks to the President of the United States through a dream, shouldn’t he have someone he can contact confidentially who can receive the interpretation from God?

Or should he just rely on a Masonic psychic who consults some demon and a dream dictionary?


Don’t use this book to interpret dreams.

Or should he just rely on Sigmund Freud and say the dream was about sex? Or that his mind was working on overdrive?

Does God actually still speak to people through dreams? Hmm.  I think the next post will explore this concept.

But in the meantime, imagine the mass starvation that would have occurred had Pharaoh ignored the dream that God gave him, as we looked at in Part 2.

What if you share a prophecy or interpret a dream for God, and the government official uses it for his or her gain?

Or misapplies the information? Isn’t that a large enough risk to withhold divine information?

Wrong actions, Nebby K.

Wrong actions, Nebby K.

The answer again is in the Bible, when Nebuchadnezzar misused divine information revealed in his dream. But that was between the king and God. Daniel did not withhold the interpretation because of the risk of abuse. He served the government loyally, despite what the government had already done to his own people.

What about your local alderman or mayor? What happens when God gives your local precinct official a dream? Or your friend who is a police officer? Or your boss at work? Should you withhold the interpretation?

What if you are a seer, and you see a vision of the Spirit of Death over your friend who is a cop? Should you ignore that vision? Or perhaps step out and offer to pray for your friend?

As we saw in Part 2, God sometimes gives direction to His human government leaders in dreams. Sometimes prophets had visions that their leaders used to save lives.

But what about today?

Hide It Under a Bushel, Yes. I’m Gonna Let it Hide.

If a Kingdom-oriented Prophet of God has a vision, for instance, of Vladimir Putin’s secret terms for a peaceful resolution in Ukraine, shouldn’t there be a way to make that knowledge known to Western powers?

Or if a prophet foresees a devastating attack on some embassy or a beach that will kill lots of people, shouldn’t there be a way to let a government official know?

If so, how?

And Then There’s Rasputin

Many problems of course arise from this line of thinking.  How do you prevent a Rasputin from influencing policies?



During the years leading up to World War 1, Rasputin was a mystic who was alone among all the healers and physicians of Russia in that he could heal the Czar’s hemophiliac son. This granted him immense favor by the Czar and Czarina and he greatly influenced government policy.

One of his last prophecies declared if Russia became involved with a war with Germany in 1914, the Imperial government would be overthrown. It was a laughable prophecy… at the time, but that’s exactly what happened.

Was the prophecy from God?

Rasputin not only healed the sick, made accurate predictions, and influenced government policy, he managed to sleep with lots of women in the Russian court.  He was rampant in his sexual deviancy and alcohol abuse.  This debauchery may give an indication from what spirit he derived his power.

And yet, it’s no understatement to say, Rasputin supernaturally influenced Russia, although his last great prophecy was ignored, to the doom and slavery of countless millions.

Rasputin did not operate from a Kingdom of God perspective and it seems likely he did not operate under God’s authority or power at all.

But his mystic power and friendship to the Czarina elevated his influence.

Billy Graham and Rick Warren

In the United States, popularity and worldly success grant certain Christian leaders’ influence over American Presidents.

US Presidents have often consulted popular evangelical leaders like Billy Graham and Rick Warren.  But Graham and Warren aren’t prophets or seers.

Graham was an evangelist who taught a lot of people to “say this prayer”, and Warren is a pastor who wrote a popular book.

Masonic Influence of US Presidents

From the Rothschild Canticles, circa 1310.

From the Rothschild Canticles, circa 1310.

US President Franklin Roosevelt often consulted Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace for supernatural advice.  Wallace had been a Theosophist, practiced astrology, Eastern religions, Native American mysticism and occultism.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, called Wallace the best secretary of agriculture the US ever had because, among other things, he led the nation into exploring biogenetics and and crop hybridization. 1 I’m sure these ideas had nothing to do with his Masonic origins.

Wallace also led the drive to put the Masonic symbols on the Great Seal of the United States on the US Dollar, in hopes of a “spiritual New Deal of the Ages” was coming. 2 It was a prophetic act, but not one from God.

While a Theosophical mystic was influencing the most powerful US President in its history, my question is simply: why weren’t Christian prophets in the US Cabinet?

Many Christians objected to the occult symbols on the US dollar, and FDR placated them by putting “In God We Trust” on it. (He didn’t explain which god, of course). Like many Christians today, these pastors were protesting, not prophesying.

Methinks Christians doth protest too much.  Less protesting please, and more demonstration of the power and love of the Kingdom of God.

Masonic influences over US President, as well as their false, errant, and mistaken prophecies, are well documented elsewhere. These influences continue today.  Just last week, by way of President Obama’s introduction before a eulogy at a funeral, a prayer was uttered to “the Great Architect of the Universe.”  

If Masonic mystics continue to influence the White House, my question remains: where are the Christian prophets?

Prophesy and Worldview

Supernatural Christian Worldview, From SoKM.

Supernatural Christian Worldview, From SoKM.

The risks of government officials consulting Christian prophets and seers for supernatural guidance are many.  First of all, to do so is far outside the worldview – and thus acceptable behavior – of most Westerners (even of most Christians) and certainly of most American policymakers and media hounds.

If two years ago, President Obama consulted a tongue-talking Prophet of God, who warned that the drought in Texas was about to end and projects to mitigate flooding should be funded and implemented ASAP, and he actually implemented these projects, the outrage in this country would have been hilarious to see.

And yet, the prophet would have been correct, of course. Flooding killed several people in Texas this year as the drought came to sudden and unforeseen end… well, unforeseen by all but a few Prophets of God. (One of them announced it would end publicly, and when it did, he received interviews on Texas television stations).

Why didn’t these prophets influence the government? Where is the power of the Church? Why is the Church obsessed with sin, yet devoid of love and power?

New Covenant, Kingdom of God Prophets

It’s important that a prophet understand the difference of prophecy in the New Covenant versus prophecy under the Old. In addition, the prophet must have an understanding just what the Kingdom of God actually is, and its role on the earth today. (11-15-16 Update: they should understand the Kingdom of God Mindset).

In fact, not understanding the New Covenant and the nature of the Kingdom of God lead to incredible errors among Christian prophets and, well, non prophets, for that matter.

As I sit here typing away, I can think of no greater damage to Christianity in the West than Christians who do not understand the New Covenant and the Kingdom. Which, incidentally, is what my first book will be about. (11-15-16 Update: I rolled the Kingdom of God Mindset into the first part of the book on spiritual house cleansing).

Prophesying for Gain

Another risk is simply the prophet who uses his or her gifting for his or her gain, either in fame or wealth or reputation. Prophets who do so aren’t necessarily false; they’re just in error and operating out of their flesh. God has a habit of using flawed people to further God’s rule and reign after all.  Perhaps this was how Rasputin operated? I don’t know.

Prophets and Discernment

New Covenant, Kingdom of God Prophets who influence government officials will become targets of “discernment ministries.”

My cursory glance of these ministries reveal they are great on reason but often low on understanding the New Covenant and the Kingdom: i.e., they have discernment from Man’s wisdom, not from God’s Wisdom.

But that’s a good risk to have. When these kinds of Christians (who do not understand the New Covenant or the Kingdom of God) hurl accusations of false prophet on someone, chances are, the prophet is actually from God.

Charismatic Witchcraft

Actual Prophets of God who do understand the New Covenant and the Kingdom, however, need to exercise the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit, and call out the actual false prophets who are influencing society.

It’s time to cast down the charismatic witchcraft and step into new levels of power and authority. See this 12 minute clip for a hint of what I’m talking about.

This clip, by the way, inspired this 3 part series.

The whole message is here. Want to learn something about how the spirit world works? Want to understand a thing or two about how the enemy is infiltrating the Church in America? Not for the faint of heart.

Friendship: the Best Avenue of Influence

So how does a seer or a prophet actually influence government officials with divine knowledge? YouTube channels? Podcasts? Websites like this? Hashtags on Twitter?

I don’t know, but probably not.

Much of this post is just me working out this topic through expository writing.

I think a first step is simply building friendships and exercising the gifts of prophecy. Study how the Bible treats dream interpretation and begin to practice it.

Study New Covenant prophecy and practice it.

Build friendships.

Take risks. Ask your friends about their dreams, and ask God for the interpretation, if any. (Many dreams don’t have interpretations. More on this in the next post).

As you receive divine information about someone, share it. Test what you share.

As your friends grow to trust that your interpretations and words are from God, they’ll not keep you a secret.

Eventually word will quietly spread.

Next thing you know, when an alderman has a dream about a sinkhole opening up under a major intersection, and he shares his dream with a friend, his friend might say, “Hey. I have a friend of a friend who is this Christian who can interpret dreams.  Maybe this dream is from God. Let’s go and see.”

Then you interpret your alderman’s dream, leading the alderman to influence the council in a way that benefits the community.  And then a few years later, the alderman gets elected to Congress, and overhears a Senator describing a puzzling dream, just who do you think the Congressman, your former alderman, might think of?

This Little Light of Mine. I’m Gonna Let it Shine.

Lion Eating Sun Dream Quote

Circa 1310s.

Christians are given light to spread. This includes receiving supernatural knowledge from God about things they cannot know without God.

It’s time for Christians to learn about prophecy, seeing in the spirit realm, and dream interpretation.

And it’s time for Christians who know about this to cast out those operating from another spirit. Check out the 2nd video above.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a spiritual war going on and it’s time for the People of God to step up and demonstrate the Kingdom with Power and Love.

In the meantime, if this is new to you, understand that the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher.  Take a risk. Be free to fail or to get it wrong.  That’s how prophecy and discernment works in the New Covenant.  And, by the way, that’s how we get good at dream interpretation.

Which maybe is what the next post will be about.



  1. Mitch Horowitz, Occult America, Bantam Books, 2009, page 167
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  1. I see more and more people actively seeking the occult to answer questions about their lives, future, and dreams. Looking for answers in all the wrong places because the Church (not every church) has put God into a box in regards to what He can/will do.

    I was thankful enough to learn more about God and dreams through John Paul Jackson’s ministry ( ). Looking at my dreams through a biblical lens, so to speak, was the only thing that truly made them make sense.

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