“It was trying to get in but it couldn’t.”

Evangeline, who posted here and is a seer, was recently sitting in my office while I was working on something. At one point, I noticed she was extra quiet (she is normally pretty reserved).  Then, she casually asked, “Have you ever prayed over your house?” “Yes,” I answered. “Of course.” I went back to work on my project, and then…

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School Spirits

Here’s another encounter we recorded, this one from April 11, 2011. She was six at the time. The names have been redacted to protect their privacy. “During ***** class with Ms. ******, I saw Ms. ****** die. I saw hands grab her by the neck and then Jesus took her to Heaven. I saw that in my head. Then I…

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A Child Seer Encounters a Spirit

Here is an account of our child seer that we recorded January 20, 2011, when our then 6-year-old-daughter had an encounter with a spirit entity, in her words. “I was walking in to Grandma’s and I turned around and saw a guy reaching for me. He had a pointy nose and an Abraham Lincoln type hat. His clothes were all…

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Seers can help drive away demons and other spirits.

Because of their seer gift, seers can help in many scary situations. My wife became aware that our daughter could see things that we couldn’t see when she was very young, before her 2nd birthday. I had other doubts, but obviously something in the room would often terrify her.  It had to be an unseen entity, the most vivacious imagination,…

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Why are some people Seers?

Why are some people seers? Here is a thought. This post is mainly for pastors of Christians. Seers are a true gift to any “body of believers”, that is, any group of Christians who attend a church together. If your church is doing something good for God, there’s a good chance the spiritual enemies of God have taken notice.

“It’s right there!!!”

When our daughter was very young, she would often react to things in the room that we could not see. It was unsettling. Frequently, she would ask about the man standing outside our patio door. We would say, “There’s no one there, honey.” She would look at us like we were insane and say, “Yes he is. He’s wearing a…

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When a seers says, “It was nothing. Nevermind.”

When a seer says or gasps something odd, pay attention. Today I had to pick up a vehicle at a rental place with my daughter. She is 8 and a seer.  I was inside the rental agency waiting for the agent to print his paperwork for me. She came in from waiting in our car. She stood next to me…

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