SSM Ep 7: What is Your Decapolis?

Seers See Ministries Podcast Ep 7: What is Your Decapolis?

Another discussion regarding how to live a life naturally involved in the supernatural.

What happens when a Paranormal Investigation gets out of hand? In one situation, the investigators call for a couple of Christians to come and help. You’ll never guess what happened when they arrived… which led Amy to discover her Decapolis.

My wife Amy teaches from a passage in Mark, illustrating her point with an opening real-life account…
Is there biblical precedent for engaging spiritual powers in a secularized society? Did Jesus ever visit a society like modern America to purposely engage spiritual forces? And finally her question for you is… What is your Decapolis?

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  1. Of course, like you said at the end, Amy, the people were probably TERRIFIED of what the deities they worshipped were going to do to them because of Jesus’ “meddling”. No wonder they pleaded with Him to just “go away”…
    Please finish the deliverance story in another post – this was a great listen! Thanks, guys!

    • Thanks! It’s a very interesting story, and I’m trying to rustle her up into talking about it some more. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to record a conversation this weekend.

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