I See Gold Sparkles and Gold Dust

“I saw gold paint dripping down the walls,” she said. And later she added, “I see gold sparkles.” And she motioned with her fingers like rain from heaven. I looked around and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Another time, a different teen said, “I saw gold dust falling from heaven and shooting out of the vents.” (The fans that blew air in those vents were not on).

No one else reported seeing these things.

What are these seers actually seeing?

Seers see things in the Heavenly Realm

Let me back up. In my local church, I volunteer as a youth pastor. In both of these contexts, and many others I’ve not specifically mentioned, we were concluding a worship service, where we asked the Father to engage us as we worshipped.

And God moved.  Heaven broke into earth. The Holy Spirit descended on us in a thick, heavy way. Words fail to describe what we feel when Heaven invades the Earth. It was like being under a waterfall, but without getting wet.

Some people have a hard time accepting this concept, but that is exactly how Jesus said to pray to God:

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

And the Bible concludes with Heaven descending to Earth, visibly and unstoppable.

The metaphor I use to describe what happens when we worship God is this: a portal between our realm and God’s realm opens. There are numerous accounts in the Bible of a portal, window or doorway opening between Heaven and Earth, sometimes with angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth.

Certainly, Christians have open access to Heaven at all times, so perhaps the better metaphor is this: it releases the heavens to descend through the open window that already exists.

Attributes of Heaven

I think of Heaven as another dimension, where God lives.  The culture of Heaven has several characteristics, including

  • God is worshiped, honored, and celebrated.
  • Music and art are uplifting and not degrading.
  • Beautiful physical features everywhere.
  • Perfect health. No pain, no depression, and no demons.
  • God’s Presence is everywhere.
  • God’s will is done.
  • Everyone is celebrated. No one is put down.
  • Heaven honors who we are, not who we aren’t.

When physical descriptions of heaven mention gold, I doubt they mean the kind of gold referenced by our Periodic Table of Elements. But “gold” is a useful descriptor for what they see.

Gold Sparkles and Gold Dust

So when God is invited and engaged through worship of His people, Heaven may descend in some way. When Heaven descends, the attributes of Heaven invade the Earth. People are honored. People get a glimpse of how God sees them.  Sickness is healed.  Aspects of Heaven’s atmosphere manifests.  The gold sparkles and dust that some seers and sometimes non-seers notice are… well, I don’t know.

My interpretation is this: Seers brains are already wired to pick up things in the spirit realm, and in this case, their brains are picking up and trying to interpret some aspect of the heavenly realm in the spirit – spiritual blessings, spiritual gifts, the presence of angels, the Breath of God, the Love of the Father, the Presence of Jesus, the Wind of the Holy Spirit… something from Heaven is invading Earth.

The brain picks up on that something in the spirit realm that is beautiful and interprets it according to its physical and chemical limitations. Whatever it literally is… it’s wonderful.

Let’s land on the Breath of God for a moment.

When God Breathes on Us

Think of a newborn baby in the mother’s arms. A newborn has little receptors in his or her nostrils that react to CO2. The baby’s eyes can only see about 12 to 18 inches away.

When a baby rests next to his or her mother’s breast to feed, the mother’s breath from her nose will hit the baby’s nostrils. The CO2 receptors pick up the breath and triggers the baby’s own breath response. Thus the baby learns to breath.

At the same time, the baby can see just far enough to gaze into the parent’s eyes – the distance from the mother’s eyes to a feeding or snuggling baby. The baby is also next to the mother’s heart, sensing the beat, as the baby did during his or her fetal development.  This aspect of feeding, breathing, heart beating all creates an unbreakable bond between infant and mother.

And when fathers bottle feed, a similar bond is created.

This is a picture of what happens when the Father engages us during worship. His Breath gives us life. His Spirit feeds our spirit. His heart beat reassures our emotions.  Worship engages every aspect of our being, building intimacy with the Father.

Those who can see in the spirit realm then pick up on heavenly aspects of this intimacy and it looks golden.



  1. Mention of falling gold dust makes me suspicious. I remember way back a woman I worked with showing her rosary that she had at Medjogore and most of the beads were turning gold plated. I think that the enemy may use seers gift to lead them and others astray. He is the ultimate deceiver

    • Andrew, I agree. I’m a seer and I’ve always seen what I call glitter among other things. The enemy is very aware of people with these blessings & will try to deceive & appeal to you. There is a very distinct feeling though. The enemy creates anxious feelings and paws at your thoughts while the Lord is like being emerged in still water & your message is clear. You won’t have difficulty receiving it. If you don’t understand, don’t ask to! That’s the best advice I have for developing seers.

      • Can you help ? Since I can remember I’ve seen dripping water, that always falls a few feet in front off me. I’ve had some terrible scary experiences I’ve never been near anything like a Ouija board, but when.I was very young my mum went on one. Unfortunately it told my mum my grandma would be murdered on this day, lucky that didn’t happen. But what did happen we started having serious problems. My.mum turned to the church. Who came and blessed the house. But it made the situation terrible. Then Christmas eve me and my sisters woke up to a beautiful golden picture on the wall. It was a seen from a nativity but in the foreground was a man.who we think was JESUS when je was a grown man. The picture looked like a projection it was bathed in a beautiful golden light. We opened the curtains trying to make the image fade. We decided to go and wake our parents. When we returned the picture had gone.
        Jump 30yrs on me and my family are still having problems. I’ve been attacked in my bed. I still won’t sleep by myself. But I always seem to see lots of water before something happens.
        But I also see static that looks like shadow. But recently I’ve seen golden static patterns., been so strange. What is it I’m seeing. I’m a Christian and never looked in to anything but I’m worried about son who.is 12.
        What ever is bothering me also goes to my sister’s houses too.
        My mum was told she’d brought a demon back with her that night. But can they really attach them self to a family…we went on holiday it even came there it was the first time my husband saw anything. But one morning on holiday I’d open the caravan.door to the front room and it was pouring with water…I never said a word to my husband..then one day on the beach he said can you Believe our luck we rent a brand new caravan and its haunted..I turned and said you know? He said something sat at side of me last night the bed dipping down I was terrified. Why would it follow us on holiday,??
        How can I protect my son and my husband,?
        The over day my son got up for school to get ready he came downstairs. He ran into kitchen telling me something is scampering around upstairs. I have two dogs and thought it was them. I went to the bottom of the stairs. There were my two dogs looking very uneasy and barking just focus upstairs. I told my son it was a rat and sent him on his way to school. But I know I DON’T have rat’s. After my son had gone I asked JESUS to help me and prayed. My hair was standing on its end.
        I wouldn’t go upstairs until my husband came home from work. I felt very threatened.
        My mum paid a few people in the passed. I went to a physic fair with my.mum. we walked in this man came up to my mum and started massaging her shoulders saying she’d got something attached to her back. It was upsetting and stressful the things they told us. Then this lady walked up to me and said you need this. She handed me a velvet pouch fill of precious gems. I asked her why I needed them? Because its touching you. I knew something was happening I was having terrible dreams of been raped by something. I also remember waking up in the night and feeling something stroking my back. I remember turning around expecting to see my mum and there was nothing there then I turned over and the stroking continued and I fell fast to sleep. She told me to put them in sunlight and keep them with me. She wouldn’t take a.penny for the stones she said I needed them.
        A few years later when we all hit 15 ,to 19 things got very bad. I’d broken my arm.and needed surgery. I had the surgery and that night I saw a figure at the bottom of my bed it looked like it had a towel wrapped over its head. I told my sister she decided to put sea salt around our beds and threshold that night we woke up to what sounded like a wild injured animal running up and downstairs. Then it pushed my sisters door opened that banged against her bed. We heard her scream.we ran in to her.and she was shaking.. we heard the running up the stairs we locked the door . It was hammering at the door the handle was going up and down we were screaming.
        We couldn’t understand why our parents didn’t hear us. We listened for hours it running up and downstairs. It sounded like a wild animal hurt in some way. We told my parents and we ended up asking the church for help again. But nothing worked. It always came back.
        If you have any advice how I can stop my family living in fear please…
        I send you good wishes and God bless you all, for your help x

        • Dear Nina,

          I know what u are talking about. My 8 yr old Daughter has seen them these “dark shadows”, felt the stroking of hair, they are wandering spirits n they need prayers, thank goodness hers were kid spirits. But Pray to Jesus to ask his angels to come n protect u. We all have Guardian angels. Google the archangel michael prayer n ask for the precious blood of Jesus to cover u n family n the house for protection every morning n night. He will hear yr cry for help. Ask for a Catholic priest to come bless yr house n tell them abt yr issues. On the first Friday of the month, burn blessed incense n in scenes yr house , Bless it with holy water n make a sign of the cross on all walls of the house with blessed sea salt n blessed oil n leave them at the dark corners of the room n use dried sage to clean yr house. Most importantly, have faith n know God is with u if u have been saved n Baptised. If u believe in Jesus, call upon his name wherever u are, the name of Jesus is powerful and u can call on Him. if u have been Baptised u will not fear the dark n spirits who come. Pray the rosary, “Hail Mary” she will come to yr aid n intercede for u) the Rosary is a weapon against the dark forces as it is a prayer that reflects on the mysteries of Jesus’s life on Earth , most importantly ask God to protect u n family against the evil one. Ask God to forgive yr sins n repent n do not deal with Yoga/ occult/ witchcraft n anything that is not of God.
          Throw out things that is of any animal ( elephants/ owls) etc that u have brought back Fr travel ( Bali ot Thailand) or suspicious as spirits attach to them.

          Hope things get better for u n family. Will pray for u n lift yr petitions to God.

          God bless!

  2. Nina,please pray Psalm91 Fr the bible too.

    May God bless u n protect u. The Holy Spirit wants me to tell u this. “Do not be afraid my child “

    God bless!

  3. Lady your faith is everywhere, trusting in all sorts of heathen gods and praying the rosary etc. Jesus Christ is the one you pray to and yet you use his name in vain. You believe in the power of his blood yet you deny the power and put other gods before him. The Bible says in Mathew in one of the last chapters that when Jesus was seen by Mary Magdalene and the other Mary(mother of Jesus) It was clearly said a few verses before that Mary and the mother of Jesus…. They bowed down and worshiped him. Jesus is the risen savior that died paid the full penalty for our sins and nailed us to the cross with him on that day. so there is no more remission for sins. Mary cannot pray and intercede for you because Jesus has already done it so you can be reconciled to the Father through him. Please read the Bible and understand the finished work of Jesus. The Bible says that he is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. Please the ten commandments speak of Love the Lord your God with all your strength, all your soul, and all your might. Your putting other gods before Him who died especially to give you a relationship with him. Wake up religious people or you will go to hell for making Mary your god. with your hail Mary mother of God. No she is not the mother of God because Jesus already existed before the world began. The Bible says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word is God. The same was with God in the beginning. The same one, came and dwelt among them and they received him not. Jesus came for his people and the Jews being in darkness understood him not. Don’t be like that and be in the darkness. Mary cannot save you or intercede for you. It is a Catholic lie. They lie because they are in the darkness, they understand not. They do not have the keys to the Kingdom if they pray to idols and lead many to sin just like the priests that live in darkness and are leading many to hell. Please wake up to the truth only the truth will set you free.

    Jesus said; I AM the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, NO ONE can come to the FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.

    It does not say with the help of Mary or Saint Teresa, or Saint Fatima etc. Stop being Blind and ask God to forgive you of your disobedience to the commandments and his word. Thou shall not have any other gods before me.

    Ask him right now and turn from your sinful way or you will never see the light of his glory no matter how religious you are. Pray and ask him to forgive you and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be your personal Lord and Savior and ask him to baptize you with the Holy Spirit, and obey his word, for it is the only way, you can enter into Heaven. He will write his words in your heart and mind he will be your God and you will be his people, you will be his sheep and not his goat.

    • Very well said my sister very well said praise ye the Lord hallelujah praise ye the Lord glory be to the Lamb of God oh Hallelujah

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