See the Unseen

This morning, the Sunday sunrise hit my cup of coffee through the window and illuminated the steam in a beautiful way. I called my children to watch the steam curl and move with infinite grace.



Coffee and Me

I drink coffee nearly every day. For me, drinking coffee is an experience I savor. I enjoy the sound of the beans going into the grinder, the aroma of the brew wafting through the house, the gurgle the draught pouring into my cup, the heat warming my hands, and the first too-hot sip.  I enjoy it all.

I don’t recall a time so thoroughly enjoying the steam though, and that’s because I don’t often sit my coffee cup in an area bathed in sunlight.


I found myself contemplating the motion of the steam, and thought about how I go through my daily coffee routine and miss such an amazing view, simply because the light is wrong when I normally drink from a mug.

And it struck me.


When the Light fills the Seer, the Seer can see what only the Light sees.

The Light is Jesus Christ. God is Light, and Jesus is the Light of the World. When we are filled with His Spirit – the Holy Spirit – we can begin to perceive the divine… we become the Light of the World, shining the Light of the Father from within us.  This is because, when you come to God through faith in Jesus, God makes his home inside you: you become the House of God, a living Temple of Light.

That state begins transforming us.

For most of us, that doesn’t mean overtly or immediately sensing the spirit realm from God’s perspective or perceiving what God is doing all the time, but for seers, it can certainly mean that,… and more.

When seers aren’t filled with God’s presence, they can still see the spirit realm, but their perception is flawed and can deceive them.

To see in truth, see from God’s perspective, and to see from God’s perspective, you need to be filled with his presence, and the avenue to that is to learn about Jesus, who was the perfect imprint of God on the earth, and who will fill you with his Spirit.

So for my friends who are seers, I’ll leave you with that: when you are filled with the Light, you’ll begin to see what only the Light sees. 





  1. I have also found its true that at a certain time of the day when the sun is setting (or rising) and the light is shining a certain way, I am able to see in the spirit more. It may be the scientific aspect of how the light hits my retinas combined with the way I’m wired as a seer. It also is affected during worship when the lights are at a particular setting and even during different types of weather. When it’s really humid or foggy outside it seems to cause clarity in my seeing or an increase in seeing spirit. Just thought I would share the similarity. Not to mention, sometimes spirits do actually resemble steam. Like a cloud of steam passing by in the shape of a person. So in the same way you were able to see the steam coming from your coffee better when the light was on it just right, I also think that’s the same for seers seeing spirits. I mean it’s sort of hard to see the white smokey type spirit form at night and when it’s extremely bright they are often unseen due to the almost transparency of them. When the lighting is affecting how accurately I see them, I usually notice them only when they are actually moving. If you think bout it, when the lighting isnt exactly right on your coffee, you don’t notice the steam either unless it’s movement happens to catch your eye. Then you know you’re seeing the steam, even if it’s not as visible to you at the moment. This is just my experience though. It was my first thought when I saw the coffee pic. Very very similar to me!

  2. You are very expressive and precise in your writing, and I just sense that God has really gifted you, not just with the seer ability, but with joy and exuberance for the things of God. That’s pretty awesome.

    Very interesting observations about how light impacts your spiritual acuity.

    Have you ever tracked what you eat, and then noticed if your ability to see increases or decreases afterwards? I have a theory that eating healthy and natural foods over a long period of time would improve the mind’s ability to pick up on spiritual things, whereas eating processed foods high in chemicals and sugars would numb it.

    • I know you have mentioned the pineal gland a few times in other posts. How it may be connected to the wiring of a seers brain and such. I believe that to fit in accurately with your theory of healthier foods affecting the ability to see. I have seen a lot of things about processed foods and most of all flouride being the cause of a calcified pineal gland and that also being the cause of those who used to see as children, no longer being able to see as adults. As they continue to consume these things over time, their brain function in seeing has a constant shell being formed over it (calcification). Which brings me to the government. I believe they are aware of this and therefore the fda must approve these foods even though they know how terrible they are for the body, as a way to keep us weak. As well as flouride being pushed into ever drinking water supply! It’s also what is sprayed on all of our fruits and vegetables. Healthier eating is definitely going to affect the seeing ability. Not just that but also buying a water filter to filter out the wrong chemicals could be of some use!

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