When Seers See Angels

We often discuss on this site how seers can see demons and spirits. I haven’t much discussed the idea of seers who see angels. Aside from the main article on “What are Angels“, there are only few of our testimonies that make mention of a seer seeing an angel, including this one and this one.

Seers can see angels, at times.

Biblically speaking, the term “angel” is broad. In the Old Testament, “angel” merely means “messenger”, so it generally means a being with a message or mission dispatched from heaven. A verse in Job suggests that God doesn’t trust his angels: they have free will, personality, and can make decisions that contradict their orders or mission.

In the New Testament, the word “angel” seems to indicate a somewhat broader category of beings created by God to inhabit the heavenly realm than just messenger / missional spirits.

God made them spirits of winds and a flame of fire. Seeing an angel is, apparently, pretty spectacular or terrifying.

Angels were created a little higher than humans, but some (all?) will someday be judged by humans who are resurrected through Christ. In the Kingdom Conflict, angels who are aligned with God are designed to be helpers of humans also aligned with God, that is, those who declare Jesus is Lord, died, and rose again.

It’s popular in the culture to want to trust angels and other messengers who clothe themselves in light. That’s not wise… You can’t trust angels at face value, bereft of a context of God’s Kingdom. However, just because you can’t trust them at face value with no context, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever trust angels!

In fact, in certain contexts, angels are our allies.

God can and does send angels from heaven to help us in our efforts on earth. They can be powerful and terrifying, even to those they are sent to help. God sends angels on missions of comfort, to deliver some message or gift, or a mission of war, and we can also request God send them to help us.

Praying with Authority

Humans were designed to rule the earth as God would rule and reign here. In other words, God delegated rulership of the earth to humans. Having botched that and allowing evil to rule and reign on the earth, Jesus came to show us the true way to live as God would and as humans were designed to. After Jesus resurrected from the dead, all authority of ruling the earth was given to Jesus, and Jesus in turn gave that to his followers through faith in him.

Jesus instructed his followers that whatever they loosed in heaven would be loosed on earth, and vice versa.In other words, the prayer of a Christian can have power along with authority.

Prayer Can Request God to Release Angels For Help

When I’m engaged in spiritual warfare, which let’s be honest, is every day, I routinely ask God to send help from heaven. I ask God to release angels to help in whatever area I’m praying. Sometimes I ask for one angel to come; sometimes I ask for a company of angels.

I’m not a seer, so I don’t know if God releases angels when I ask him to, but I want to recount 2 testimonies about when I asked him to.

“He’s Your Angel”

I was praying before church service with my friend Gerry a few weeks ago. Gerry is a seer.

We were praying for the church service and prayed out loud, taking turns. During my turn, I spontaneously asked God to release an angel with a trumpet to stand on the church, and send out a blast across the city to draw people who need God to our service, so that they could experience God’s presence. I felt a little silly praying that, and when I looked at Gerry, his smile made me feel a little more silly.

“That’s kind of a silly prayer, I know.”

He shook his head. “No it’s not. But you already have an angel with a trumpet. He’s always with you.”

I looked at him, not sure what to make of his words.  I asked how long he’s been there. He said quite a while, …”But you rarely have him blow the trumpet.”


“And,” Gerry added, “He also has a sword. You have him use that even less.”

Double ouch.

Gerry got up to leave the room, and finally added, “You should ask him his name.”

That gave me food for thought.

Five Minutes After Your Prayer……

A couple years ago, I met a young man at a youth conference who is a seer, and ran into him again this year at the same retreat. He has participated in some of the discussions here.

He contacted me a couple months ago, asking if I could call him. I was at work, but stepped out to the parking lot, and did.

Ring WraithHe was under spiritual ttack. Without going into details, he felt afraid of dark spirit, which looked like one of Tolkien’s Ringwraiths or a Grim Reaper, that was threatening one of his friends and which had spoke threateningly towards him. Something like, “Be thankful I’m not coming for you.”

In addition, he heard taunting voices on the porch, but could not see the spirits causing them (although he normally can see very clearly in the spirit realm).

So we chatted, but I was kind of at a loss for words.

So when in doubt, I pray. I don’t remember my prayer now, but I do remember asking God to release a powerful angel to come and fight for my friend. After that, I hung up.

He texted me several few minutes later:

“Just wanted to let you know, about 5 minutes ago, the angel that you prayed would come and heal and protect me showed up! He spoke too! He said, “Sorry I did not come earlier, my brother, for I was out doing my God’s work.”

Later, he told me, “The dude stood there all night. Same place, same position, all night. He watched all of us, all night.”

The “ring wraith” left and he could no longer hear the other spirits.  There were other spiritual implications that occurred with this powerful angel around.

In Conclusion

We have allies. We have friends. And we have authority through faith in Jesus to request those allies to help.

And seers sometimes get to see when the angels show up to help…



  1. Which verse in Job suggests that God doesn’t trust His angels? Even fallen angels obey. Argument between Michael and Satan over Moses’s body comes to mind. Anyhow, great post. At times I pray for angels to watch over family members. Looking forward to more great posts.

    • Job 4:18 – “Even in his servants he puts no trust,
      and his angels he charges with error;”… This is Hebrew poetry, so the “servants” is repeated in the second line: “angels.”

      While spirits are definitely subject to God’s ultimate authority and power, they are given considerable latitude in their behavior, as we humans are.

      Sometimes an enemy spirit has so much power, it can delay a response sent from heaven. For instance, Daniel was praying. God released an angel with the answer, but the powerful spirit over Persia (the empire under which Daniel was living) stopped the angel dead in its tracks (or wings… ha). So the angel requested additional reinforcements from Heaven. Ultimately, it took 3 weeks before the reinforcements sufficiently overcame the prince, allowing the angel through. Daniel, meanwhile, prayed the entire 3 weeks, unaware of the conflict in the spirit realm. I wonder if Daniel had stopped praying after a couple of days, if the angel would have gotten through.

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