Ruth’s Story: The Journey of a Modern Day Seer Part 3

This is the final installment of a 3-part introduction to a new writer here at Seers See Ministries. Unlike me (Doug), Ruth is a modern day seer. I know for some, the concepts on this site are crazy and maybe even dangerous. To them, I say this about Jesus: It’s not as if he were a tame lion.

So we are going deeper, much deeper into the things of God as he advances his kingdom, driving back the darkness.

Please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Ruth’s testimony. And now, at last, here is the incredible conclusion of…

Seeing the World Ablaze, Part 3

world on fire


…Now I see physical shapes and often see a detailed picture in my mind of what the spirit looks like.

Deliverance from Evil Spirits

A major turning point came just before I was 20. I went a two and half year journey with God peeling back layers of bondage and sin in my life (18 to 20). My freedom took two and half years and I learned so much through the process.

Of the biggest things that happen during this time was I was delivered from spirits that had attached themselves to me.

I asked my mentors to pray over me because I didn’t feel I was in-control of my emotions (feelings) or thoughts. They confirmed they had felt the same and I needed a prayer of deliverance. They prayed over me, and I remember something coming out of me.

Fight for Freedom

I fought in that moment for my freedom. I felt a weight lift in my heart and body and in all honesty it was best gift I have ever been given. I remember peace flowing into my heart and Jesus’ love filling the emptiness that had left.

I have never shared this with before with anyone before. It feels very freeing to write this down. I hope this brings hope to anyone else who is suffering. There is hope.

After I was delivered I started to experience awesome God encounters.

Walking in God’s Freedom as a Seer

A few months before my 21st birthday my world had drastically changed for the better. My nightmares stopped, so did the demonic encounters while I was napping.

I had attended a Catch The Fire conference in Oslo where Heidi Baker was the guest speaker with John and Carol Arnott.

Catch The Fire is a ministry birthed out of the Vineyard Toronto Blessing a revival that took place in 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

This is where I first was filled completely filled with the Holy Spirit.

I saw a friend’s leg grow right in-front of my eyes as gold dust fell on top of those praying for her. I laughed and cried and was motionless as Heidi spoke of Jesus’ great love.

That conference ignited a fire in me that not had not been put out yet!

My last two years in Norway were amazing. I saw healings take place in friends as I prayed for them.

I started to use my gift as a seer to encourage others. I had powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit in worship and started to hear angels singing. I had moments where I would smell a sweet fragrance of rose and wood when I was worshiping. I had God-inspired dreams, and gold dust fell in my room. It was as time of renewal in my life and a time I am blessed to have had!

I had an out-of-body experience where my soul left my body and I was taken into the spiritual realm. I went through a phase a where I had visions of Heaven. The spiritual realm has become a source of joy and excitement.

I still feel the bad at the ugly but I know who I am what my gift is. I have the tools and knowledge to trust Jesus and move forward.

Amen and amen. My prayer is, more of you, God, for the Glory of Jesus!



  1. Someone asked my opinion about the gold dust, expressing skepticism. I understand the skepticism regarding gold dust. I held it as well… until it happened to me one night when I was preaching.

    In our youth group, many students were regularly struggling with spiritual warfare, so I felt like they needed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and I taught on that one particular night.

    After the teaching we broke into small groups to discuss it the topic, and some of the kids asked why I had gold glitter all over my face. I said, “What?” Then they all said they saw it.

    They said it appeared during my teaching. It wasn’t there, and then it was.

    I didn’t know… thought maybe I hugged someone earlier who had glitter in her hair and the light was catching it just the right way, and went to the bathroom to look. It was all over my face, and it wasn’t glitter (none of the students had glitter on. And anyway, I didn’t rub my face in their hair!)

    It wasn’t sweat. I don’t know what it was, but I can understand why people call it ‘gold dust’. It disappeared by the end of the night, and several students later that night were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    So, while I don’t necessarily believe every account of it (and I question seeking manifestations rather than a loving experience with God) and would not say it’s literally gold, as represented by “Au”, atomic number 79 on the periodic chart of elements, I don’t know what else one would call it.

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