Exactly What Is a Seer?

I think much of what exists on the Internet about people who see in the spirit realm is misinformation based on mainly feelings and experiences, with little truth and no science underlying it

Short answer, a Seer is someone who can perceive the spirit world with his or her own eyes, or in his or her mind’s eye. On this site, I usually use the phrase “seer” when referring to someone who visually can see spirit beings or other things in the spirit. However, the term can apply more broadly.

There are subsets of seers.  Some seers can actually see what God or other spirits “are doing”, or what God wants to do or what will or could happen.  Here’s a blog post I wrote after sort of being surprised by several young seers and the things they saw in the spirit realm.  Much more than “just seeing spirits.” 

A Physical Ability

The ability to perceive into the supernatural realm could be related to brain chemistry surrounding the pineal gland.

This gland is what is activated in the brain when someone prays or meditates on spiritual matters. It’s been called the “third eye”, the “seat of the soul” and much mysticism surrounds it.  Some consider it a gateway to spiritual consciousness by many ancient religions. Western diet and fluoridated water tends to calcify the pineal gland over time, dulling its abilities.  Maybe this is why some can “see” as children, but as they age, they cannot.

Some drugs act on it also, instantly shutting it down. This is why when a seer goes to “get help” from a doctor, and is prescribed psychotropic meds, sure enough, the “seeing” stops.  I know people who interact with God, and once they start on these meds, they instantly find their ability to interact with God blocked. Other drugs radically “open” it (LSD, marijuana) in probably negative ways.

I  suspect the brains of people who see into the spirit realm are wired somewhat differently than those of use who cannot. Their brains are able to pick up on the quantum vibrations that emanate when the spirit realm interacts with the physical realm. It’s an ability their brains have.

So  bottom line, seeing is a spiritual gift or ability. It’s like when a professional athlete says he or she has been given a physical gift. Roger Federer once said he decided his natural ability would only take him so far (to the top 10 of professional tennis players), after that, he had to apply himself and work (becoming the number 1 player for many years and arguably the best player in history).

The seer gift is like that. You don’t have to be a Christian, spiritual or religious to be a seer. Some people’s brains are wired in such a way that they perceive beyond the physical realm into the spiritual realm. They literally can see with their eyes, or sometimes images are cast in their minds that surpass their physical eyes.

However, being gifted in this area should lead to study and applying it for use according to live as God would have you live, imaging him on the planet. Federer uses his tennis ability and skills to bring millions of dollars to the very poor. Seers can use their ability to expose the wiles of the enemy for the Kingdom of God.

Of course, some do not. Some use it for their own profit or to exploit others or for their own agendas.

Seers and Prophecy

Some seers can see events before they happen, or possible events, because time is not static and not set. 1

See this page for more thoughts on that.

The Point of the Matter

God created humans to be the image of God here on the planet, and some of us have greater gifts of leading, or building, or thinking, or loving, or whatever. Some see into the spirit world.  The expectation would be that all of us use our gifts to better the world, as God would have us do.

Since humans have so botched their mission to be “God’s Imagers”, Jesus came restore human destiny and authority and to demonstrate the Way to live.

This site exists to help seers and others to develop a worldview that sees the physical and the spiritual as God sees them, and then to act accordingly.  Start with the Worldview series to begin your journey.



  1. One young prophet who was being pursued by a bad king was hiding in a town. He asked God if the king would come to the town. God said yes. He then asked if the townspeople would turn him over to the bad king. God said they would. So the prophet left town. The king found out, and did not come to the town and the townspeople did not turn him over to the king. This example proves that the future is not set. God looked into the timeline and saw if certain events happened, according to the prophet’s question, then other events would unfold. However, the prophet exercised free will and thus altered the circumstance. Read the account for yourself in 1 Samuel 23.

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