Child Seers and Excuses

When child seers declare, “Because, mom, I can see things!” it can mean trouble.

Our eight year old pulled that line out this week as an excuse for poor behavior. She was lamenting that she didn’t have any friends. She said no one likes her.  Her mom asked, “How do you know that no one likes you?”

And she pulled that line. She said, “A darkness” surrounds them when they approach her.

My wife and I believe that she is pulling a line, using this supernatural ability as an excuse for being rude to her friends, thus driving them away to not play with her. She can be bossy, we’ve noticed.  We have also spoken with her teacher, who says she is well-liked and other students play with her.

This got me thinking that there is something else going on… something not related to her gift or her friends. I’ve been distant lately, with work and ministry and her younger siblings and other concerns, and haven’t spent a lot of quality time with her. I wonder if this is being reflected in her behavior. So it’s something I’m trying to remedy.

My point is, children who see and are trained in the understanding of what they see may try to use that to manipulate their non-seeing parents. In the case of our daughter, to play the victim. While she’s a victim of her dad not spending time with her, she probably isn’t a victim of darkness surrounding her friends when they play with her.

That said, spiritual darkness can surround people. I asked a teenaged seer about her impression with respect to this situation with my daughter, and this was her reply:

It depends on the person if she’s surrounded by good hearted people then the darkness arround them indicates they are mad.  … I mean you feel vibes from people who don’t like you… I know when someone doesn’t like me by the vibe I get off them their mood toward me and sometimes it’s because they have this darkness around them.  The darkness/evil sees God in her so they immediately tell that person to try and shut her down cuz, ya know, God’s more powerful than the darkness and the dark energy is scared so in a sense yes you can, but not necessarily.

I’ll leave it to you to decipher the teen speak.

So again, maybe she is picking up on something. Or maybe she’s trying to manipulate. Her mom and I believe it’s the latter, and are trying to parent better because of it.


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