Are You Living in a Haunted House?

Some people have so many strange occurrences in their homes, they find themselves looking in a mirror and asking, “Are you living in a haunted house?”

The topic of spiritual house cleaning remains one of the most searched topics for visits to this website. Some people are looking for a spiritual house cleansing kit! I can’t bring myself to sell one, but we’ll release an article soon on how to make one yourself.

House Cleansing Tips

Well, check out this article, written by my friend, Reverend Kathleen Christopher.  Kathleen is the Director of Healing and Prayer in The Falls Church Anglican, located in the suburbs of Washington DC. Her article is great. She references a list of good books, including a couple my wife and I have studied and use when engaging in deliverance or the spiritual house cleanings locally.

By the way, you can hear her teach on fleeing idolatry and the demonic here.

Some other resources on this site can be found here and under the Haunted Home menu.

When engaging in a house cleansing, it’s useful to have someone who is sensitive to the spirit realm, like a seer. But if none are available, go after it anyway. It’s your home.

A few other posts I’ve written about first hand experience with house cleanings include:

Personal Update

Some prophetic words teens in my ministry wrote for me.

Some prophetic words teens in my ministry wrote for me.

Things have been a little quiet on the page, from my perspective.  Mainly, I’ve had a busy few weeks, including

  • Graduating from the School of Kingdom Ministry. I highly recommend this for all Christians who want to live naturally supernatural lives for the Kingdom of God.
  • Wrapping up the Spring semester of youth group before taking a few weeks off. (I’m a volunteer youth pastor). The last meeting was the day after my 40th birthday, and many of them wrote prophetic words to me. I’m getting almost daily text messages asking when we start again. These kids love Jesus and they love coming together to worship and grow.
  • Coaching tennis in a youth league, of which my daughter participates. It’s a fun way to spend time with her, away from her younger siblings.

In addition,

  • I went on a two day writing retreat in Chicago.

    The view from my writing retreat.

    The view from my writing retreat.

  • I have had tons of private correspondence with visitors to this site, and it’s an honor to engage people in matters of spiritual significance. It’s humbling, and through it all, Jesus gets lifted up.  #JesusWins.
  • And my paying job has several big projects wrapping up (hurray for having a paying job!), which has consumed lots of my time.

I’m working on a couple of secret projects related to topics on this site and will update you as things move along.  I’ve definitely had my eyes opened to some areas of spiritual warfare.

Get it? Eyes opened? Hee hee.


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