You’re Not Alone: My Favorite Comments

Seers Aren’t Alone

One of the common themes from people who write in or make comments on this site is that they are relieved they aren’t alone in their ability to perceive the unseen realm, even if they don’t understand what they are seeing.  So I thought I’d offer some snippets from some comments and emails I’ve received, to let seers know, you’re not alone.

A Double Blessing

Also, I’m blessed by these comments… that the readers have found the information on the site a blessing.

While I receive frequent emails and comments, I’m not always as responsive as I intend to be. But I’ll eventually reply to them all! I hope reading some of these snippets will be an encouragement.

By the way, all the comments and emails I receive are my favorites. These are just snippets from a few. (Fellow Grammarians: All snippets are pasted from original comments or emails, so insert a (sic) when reading where appropriate!).

Snippets of Comments and Emails

Thank the Lord that I found this site. My 17 year old daughter is a seer. We’ve stumbled along with her since she was born, trying to help her….  By the way, when I showed my daughter this site, she burst into tears. At first I was horrified and so worried for her. Turned out she was saying “I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy!” over and over. What joy we’ve found here. She’s staying home from school tomorrow so we have time to really digest this site. -M.

I have so much to say that I don’t know where to start!  I’ll try to make this as short as possible, and I’ll start off by saying thanks for this website…. -K.W.

…But thanks so much for this site. It shows me how not nuts I am! -M.C.

Awesome!!!!! I love the way you described how the brain works in such a way. I can’t Thank you enough for opening up this website. It has dramatically changed the way some of my friends see and act around me. Being a seer is an amazing experience and I cant imagine living without, “Seeing.” – Jake

I’ve never heard this term before, but I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog… -R.R.

Yes you are not crazy, Evangeline. Hope you grow in God’s Word and use your gift for the glory of God. ~ A fellow Seer. – JJ

I have tried the suggestions, and it seems to be working! I am actually managing to get a proper nights sleep now without any night terrors. I do have quite a lot of questions. I should add that I’ve considered myself to be atheist … So all of this does not make sense to me, and really makes me feel like I am insane! I’ve experienced so much that it is causing me to reassess my beliefs (or lack thereof)…. S.A.

I see and have been seeing my whole life.I have never been understood and have been called crazy,mental and a few other words that are not to good.I am 45 years old am still being challenged… -K.

I literally stayed up all night and woke up early to continue reading everything I could on this site. This is by far the most accurate and helpful site I’ve ever crossed. I have been struggling in spiritual warfare lately as demonics have attacked me… T.

Seeing runs in my family. My 5 year old has been seeing since birth….  – M.B.

I am sooo glad I found you and this website… – N.B.

And of course, not everyone is supportive.

I have wondered around your site a fair bit, from what i believe there is a lot of scaremongering going on. SEERS have a gift from god and are to use it for the greatest good. – L.

This “gift” is not edifying the work of Christ. It’s demonic in nature. Your chasing down a rabbit trail of deception. – F.M.

That’s fine. My intention is to provide a framework to understand this gift/ability, and while my worldview articles don’t get many readers, they would help the critics understand how the spirit realm interacts with the physical and why some people can see this interaction. The act of changing perspectives is what repentance is all about, and sometimes only God can grant repentance. Some of my good Facebook friends strongly object to my perspective, and they know I appreciate their concern.

But let’s end on a positive note:

I have been SEEING demon spirits since I was 5 yrs old. The church is not so accepting of this gifting though and makes it seem more like a curse which leaves people feeling afraid and rejected because they do not understand why or what to do with it. Great idea for you to make this site and the more information the better. It is a gift from God and not to be confused as anything other than that. – Tiffany




  1. Thanks for this site. I have been a seer since I was a child. I also have dreams and visions that come to pass about the future. I have no people in my life with the same experiences. I looked to the word of God and found people, but not in my life. I also can feel what people feel, hear in the spirit realm, and sense others emotions or turmoil even if they are miles away. I have been places in my dreams that I know were real places. Anywho, thanks for the site.

  2. Wow this is an amazing site! i have seen stuff all my life, and didn’t know other people didn’t! before i came to the Lord i would have said i had ‘mediumship’ gifts which i utterly reject now, as i have given all these things to the Lord. The Lord has given me these gifts to help me stay as free as possible from the evil in this world, which of course comes from the Pit of Hell. Satan makes the things of Evil, and the so called ‘supernatural’ very attractive, so we have to be very careful! In reality its just Good and evil, The Creator of the universe, versus the Devil, who is weak and knows his end is near! Jesus said ‘you are with Me or against me’,no middle ground no grey areas!..There is a place called Hell, the Lord has shown me, in dreams and visions,its real we all need to make a decision to follow God before its too late.As you have already said, the Church does not know how to react to the Seeing gift and does not welcome it at all, i see the gift as God warning me and to pray straight away, I have joined hands with people in a large circle, and have known someone in the group has something demonic and have prayed, and its gone.Another time at a meeting two older ladies were struggling to calm down a young woman who was thrashing about, and screaming, i just prayed inwardly and told the Demon to leave her, in Jesus name, and she immediately calmed down. One time myself and some other Women, felt called to prayer walk around the town where we live,i felt a demonic cold spot , and felt like i was suffocating,and it seemed as if time stood still, i was scared and just prayed “help” and the whole thing lifted immediately. I cant do anything without God, and i give Him all the glory. I live in an old victorian house, where there has been a lot of demonic activity over the 30 years i have lived here,(there have been ‘shadow men’ a solid block of blackness, in the vague shape of a human,ornaments have flown across the room, footsteps when everyone was in bed,i was standing in the front window and my husband took a photo from outside, when it was developed there was a demonic little face in the photo next to me which i hadn’t seen.) As a believer now i don’t put up with an Enemy activity in my home, i tell it to leave in Jesus name and it does.

  3. I have to say that this website is a boon to the Christian community. The Word of God is our guide, but it is not exhaustive. Jesus of Nazareth will lead us into ALL truth. I found and read the majority of this website a few years ago before the seer gift really manifested in earnest in my children. It was the Lord preparing me. Because, let me tell you, if He hadn’t I would have really gone nuts.

    I want to add an interesting side note that the majority of seers that I know also have the foundational gift of Mercy. Mercies are the emotions of the Body of Christ, and are exceptionally sensitive to others, spiritual atmospheres, and visualization. The Lord speaks to mercies primarily through their feelings – they will often talk in terms of “vibes” or “feeling right or wrong”. If you don’t have this gift it can be difficult to believe that it is bona fide, however I have found that I can usually trust the feelings of my friends that are Spirit-led Mercies much more than my own feelings, especially if I’m in a spiritual jam. This particular seven-fold list of spiritual gifts that is found in Romans 12:6-8 are gifts that my partner in ministry and I have found every human on earth is BORN with. There are other lists of gifts (manifestational, ministerial, possibly appointed) that we acquire at salvation, but not with foundational (often called “motivational”) gifts. Every person – non-believer or believer – is born with at least a couple of these. They are what make us ” tick”, as it were. Mercies are often diagnosed bi-polar when their gifting isn’t balanced by the Holy Spirit, but really, it is just an unbalanced gift of Mercy. Only the Lord can balance our gifts properly. Many times, Prophets and Mercies make a great duo because they compliment each other’s gifts. Understand the foundational gifts, and you understand not only yourself better, but others around you, and how to help them.

  4. hi,
    ive been looking at your site for a bit
    see im kinda worried ive always had dreams that come true later in life
    usually its stuff with my own life, my house burning to the ground, my mom getting cancer or me being forced into homelessness ect..
    but lately my dreams have turned into more daydreams/visions and they have started showing me things that dont just have to do with me..

    i know i need to do something but i cant control this gift/curse and anytime i tell anyone they dont believe me.. (my dad still wont accept i warned him years and years in advanced about my moms cancer)
    im kinda lost and looking for someone with similar ability’s to help me understand mine

    • Your not alone. I knew my grandmother would pass 3-4 years before she did from cancer. I also knew the exact day my sister would pass. I knew the exact year the devil would try to kill me when I was in elementary and it happened when I was 25. I knew that our 44th president would be special and he ended up the first black president. There are so many things. Your not crazy and your most definitely not alone. Sometimes it will feel like a curse but it is a great gift to have. Keep warning people and sooner or later they will believe you when various things come to pass. Ask God to send you a confidant so you can have someone to confide in that will understand your gift. We are preparing an event to help those with spiritual gifts and those whom see. Maybe search in your area for a group or event that will offer support or consider going to church. Good luck your not alone use your gift and ask for help through it. When your warned dont feel crazy take it as God giving you a heads up.

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