What do you see on Halloween?

Halloween is approaching. For those sensitive to the spirit realm, especially those who see it clearly, I’m curious: what do you perceive?

Will you let me know in the comments below or in my MeWe group?

My views of Halloween continue to mature.

Here are 2 articles I’ve written on Halloween over the years, and astute readers may sense a shift in views on it.

My own seer daughter is extremely sensitive to horror films and demonic Halloween imagery. They trigger fear in her and it takes considerable reorienting of her mind – for instance through worship – to bring dynamic love (peace) and dispel the fear.

Peeranormal on Halloween

Next week, on the Peeranormal podcast, we’ll be discussing Halloween.

Dr. Heiser, the host of Peeranormal, sent out five academic resources discussing the history of Halloween, Celtic feasts like Samhain and related concepts.

I haven’t read or studied them yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how my views continue to be shaped and maybe challenged by this material.

Additionally, I’d like to hear from you, the seers and sensitives:

  • What do you perceive during Halloween?
  • Why are you seeing or sensing whatever it is?
  • How much is your opinion or worldview regarding Halloween shaping how you understand what you are perceiving?
  • If you’re a parent, how do you instruct your children on this holiday?

Comment below or on the relevant threads in my MeWe group. You can click that link or join MeWe at MeWe.com and look up Seers See Ministries.



  1. I look forward to seeing the responses! I’d be curious to also know if anyone commenting had different perceptions as a child versus an adult. I hated Halloween as a kid. For me, it’s like the whole month of October feels like Halloween. It’s not just one night. I don’t feel good about “Harvest festivals” either. That’s just my opinion, and I respect others may feel differently.

  2. As the matter of fact I just saw a dark spirit floating about in my kitchen this morning as I was coming around the hallway. I actually haven’t seen a dark Spirit for quite some time. Jokingly I tell my wife , as she is a Seer as well, maybe we can get some of them to do the laundry or perhaps mow the lawn.

    • Could you describe what it looks like? Can you see through it, large or small, change shapes? I’m new to understanding and would appreciate trying to understand how others see. Thanks

  3. Yes, it’s like a person with a black or dark grey comforter on over their head that reaches the ground. No it doesn’t change shape although there’s many shapes similar to how people have many shapes, tall like 7 foot down to 4 foot , some are wider some are thinner. and various in between. But please plug into your local Christian Church where you can find the love of Jesus. Then you may qualify to find out more about the spiritual world, through them as it is written in the Bible.

  4. I know the love of Jesus. My (Baptist) church doesn’t believe in this or many other supernatural aspects of the Bible. That’s why I asked here. Thanks for the response.

  5. Hi am Yusuf Muslim known as Joseph in Christian
    My own experience coming across Halloween inside my nightmare are demons and we can also called them witches. The main reason they appear in Halloween form is that they don’t want you to recognized them and they just don’t come if they don’t have message or mission for you thanks

  6. Greetings Friends . Hoping you are well and filled by THE HOLY SPIRIT. When I was young, I did enjoy Halloween. The candy, the costumes, the adventure of going out. These things appealed to me. But later, I noticed how much mischief occurred that night, how much trouble. I had been aware of a definite presence Halloween night, but did not understand it. The presence is Evil. Seeing shapes dart across the sky, so much spiritual activity… To be sure GOD’S angels were also present. It was busy! Beloved, Stay Strong In THE LORD And The Power Of HIS Might! Resist the Devil and he will flee from you. GOD Is Merciful . GOD Bless You.

  7. Unbelievable messages here, source runs on positive energy best. What I see Halloween is kids dressing up & looking forward to free candy, in the human construct called society that is in such chaos these days, our kids could use a fun positive celibration. For those who believe in God, God did not create anything bad in the universe, just mans easily corrupt mindset is all it takes to keep chaos alive & well. Trick or Treat.

  8. Greetings Friends. This is a reference to not just Halloween, but who I am in general. GOD Is The Center of My Being. Without HIM, No Thing could exist. HE Is Triune: FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT.
    HE (THE SON) Is Coming Again To Judge The Earth and Soon! Those who Believe in HIM Will Live: those who do not believe will perish, some immediately, all ultimately.
    Halloween has become another excuse to disregard GOD for the pleasures of the world.
    So choose Whom You Will serve: As For Me And My House, We Shall Serve THE LORD!

  9. How do i feel about Halloween? BIG. HUGE. SIGH. You sure you wanna open that can?? It used to be my favorite holiday. Mainly bcuz i love sewing and taking whatever design i have in my head, & actually creating it. I made all the costumes, my kid’s, myself, and even the neighborhood kids costumes. I loved every minute of it. I have always seen into the spirit realm, since i can remember…i grew up in a lot of fear bcuz of it, bcuz i didnt understand & nobody taught me about spiritual warfare. Like a soldier with his weapon, but he had no clue how to use it, or even that he had a weapon.

    The idea of dressing up and going to get free candy never bothers any kid, it was the evil costumes that i can always do without, bcuz thats what i see in the spirit realm…demons mostly. That “seeing” intensified greatly 12 yrs ago, to the point where it was afflicting my children & husband (bcuz of something i said). They eventually became very fearful. When you see a 200lb. man, who’s tough as nails, cry at 3am bcuz of what he saw, you get a little angry, & it was time to do warfare…for my family. I knew it had to be me. After the Lord showed me what i was really dealing with in my own home (demons, not human “ghosts” in my house), i wanted NOTHING to do with anything that was related to IT! Especially Halloween.

    For 10 yrs we quit celebrating Halloween. I gave up my designs, my costume making. I educated myself and my kids on the shocking history of Halloween, as you mentioned above. A year ago my kids and i went thru a great loss. Desperate to see their smiling faces again, i opened that door back up and suggested we should just go do something “FUN”…trick or treating. They couldnt believe their ears. It is a decision that i greatly regret. I have tried to see it like i used to, an innocent night of dressing up & getting candy, tried to ignore the evil aspect of it all (like i used to)…but i just cant! Once you see things differently, there is no going back to the way you used to perceive them, no matter how much time has passed.

    As for my passion of design, well…theres others things to create than just costumes.

    And as for your question as to why am i seeing whatever it is. Well that varies. Sometimes i see a demonic spirit attached to someone, whether its just a black shadowy mass, or very detailed & vivid. Thats when prayer & Godly intervention is needed. Other times the Lord allows me to see the enemies plans, either against myself or others. Other times its just a case of knowing/seeing what demonic spirit is at work in an area or person. They can sometimes be warnings to stay away, other times theyre JUST THERE & i dont know why, but in every situation to pray, pray, PRAY!

    Ones who see, are called to pray on a level of warfare, not to sit idly by and just watch!

    So “Halloween”, STILL disgusts me. I just cant see it any other way. God has allowed me see for a reason, He’s placed the seer anointing on me & Im not suppose to perceive that holiday any other way, but evil! No matter how much its sugarcoated! Im glad October’s over. Bring on CHRISTmas!

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