Additional Thoughts on the VFTB Interview Parenting in the Land of Moloch

Derek Gilbert interviewed me on The View From the Bunker (VFTB) about an article I wrote for Skywatch TV magazine.

For links to the interview and the article, click here.

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Revelatory Discussion

I always enjoy talking to Derek (even the times not recorded!), and our conversation covered a lot of ground. We went into a lot of seemingly tangental areas, which always happens with us, and amusingly is probably why he kept going back to basically his first question.  Incidentally it wasn’t one I had prepared for directly, and I had to lay some groundwork to explain the context for the answer, which comes towards the end of the interview.  Actually, a few connections we talked about I hadn’t really thought or written about before. I love those kinds of fireside chats!

Living in the Land of Moloch

The more I think about what I wrote in the article and what we discussed in the interview about our society being the Land of Moloch, the clearer the connection becomes to me.  The worldview clash that Ancient Israel experienced in comparison with its surrounding nations is similar to that of Christians living in America and other societies rooted in scientific materialism and postmodernism.  I’d like to explore this further, I think.

For many today, as then, it’s okay to kill a baby to gain some future benefit; in each case, the justification is basically, “Well, the god requires it to give us a future benefit”, the god in the past being a demon which offered the blessings of prosperity and victory in life, and the god in the present… being basically the same thing. Oh, and also, the same thinking goes, it’s okay to view women merely as tools to pleasure men.  These view are exactly counter to the one God indicates is true: It’s not okay to sacrifice children to gain some supposed future benefit and women are in fact not sex objects, but the imagers of God. (Listen to Derek’s next interview with Dr. Heiser: I bet they discuss this “imagers of God” idea).

Before the interview, I hadn’t really realized just how “pro-women” Jesus truly is, in comparison to feminism founded on scientific materialism and postmodernism.  It sort of came to me in the moment.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on this worldview clash. I’ll be writing more about this thinking down the line, especially in the book to be released next year, “Kingdom Conflict.”

Be sure to listen to the very end. Derek gives a really moving plug for this website and ministry. I was moved, at least. Thanks Derek!


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